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Queen of Coins or Queen of Pentacles is a part of what the tarot card players call the Minor Arcana in the tarot deck. It’s used in Latin suited card games, including tarot decks. Across Europe, the usage of these cards as a playing item isn’t widespread, and thus it’s primarily used for divinatory purposes. The meaning, interpretation, and symbolism of this card are derived from the original Rider-Waite tarot deck.

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Queen of Coins Keyword

Upright Keywords:

Nurturing, practical, providing financially, a working parent, generous, caring, homebody, good business sense, practical, comforting, welcoming, sensible, luxurious, mature grounded female, businesswoman, high social status/social butterfly, loyal, prosperity, success, financially independent, wealth, luxury, homemaker, the finer things in life, down to earth, organized,  sensible, no-nonsense, kind, welcoming, witch, healer, wonderful mother, down-to-earth, gratitude, social consciousness.

Reversed Keywords:

Neglectful of self, smothering, obsessed with status, dependence, financial independence, self-care, work-home conflict, selfish, unkempt, jealous, insecure, greedy, materialistic, gold digger, intolerant, self-absorbed, disorganized, impractical, chaos, poverty, pretentious, boring, neglect, manipulation, dark magic, bad mother, dangerous, stuck in a rut, envious, ungrounded, overly ambitious, social climber, mean-spirited, shallow, sociopath, possessive, wicked, out of control, under/overweight/ unhealthy, disloyal, cheater, sex trafficking/exploitation/work.

Queen of Coins Description

In the Queen of Coins or the Queen of Pentacles card, a woman is sitting on a stone throne carved with fruit trees, goats, leaves, flowers, angels, and many other symbols representing vast materialism. Her aura, beauty, and charm are also elegant, sensual, and pleasurable to look at. She’s cradling a gold coin or a pentacle with both hands on her lap, carefully. Her body language and loving gaze at the gold coin represent her caring and loving nature and her desire to nurture her wealth and abundance.

In the background, where luscious plants and flowers surround her, it symbolizes her direct connection to mother nature and the proof of her groundedness. In many of the interpretations, a small rabbit is also in the imagery, symbolizing her fertility and suggesting that her life flow is aligned and well.

General Interpretation of Queen of Coins (Upright & Reversed Position)

Upright Meaning:

In a general context, the Queen of Coins or the Queen of Petancels means higher social status and prosperity in the upright position. This Minor Arcana card also suggests luxury, success, and social and financial independence. In the case of describing a person, it may refer to a female young in age, who’s sensible and grounded but also practical and doesn’t tolerate any nonsense. The Queen of Coins suggests that you work smart and steady to acquire the success that you desire. This card is also associated with being a warm and nurturing mother.

Reversed Meaning:

In the general context, the Queen of Coins or the Queen of Pentacles in the reverse position refers to a lack of social status. She thus refers to someone who isn’t well-grounded and very reckless and careless in their behavior. This refers to a person who’s very chaotic and impractical. Her dangerous approach to life and her no common sense often put her in an unstable and insecure position, which is very bad for someone. Alternatively, this can refer to someone who’s manipulative and a sociopath, and selfish in her behaviors. In any case, the Queen of Coins in the reverse position refers to a bad female character who’s anything but pleasant. Her first impression may be charming but hidden underneath is her true wicked character.

Other interpretations of the Queen of Coins in the reverse position are – a careless and negligent mother, a sex worker or a prostitute, a victim of sexual exploitation, a cheating woman, etc.

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Queen of Coins- Yes or No

In case of answering a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question in a reading, the Queen of Coins or the Queen of Pentacles hint at a firm ‘yes’ for your question.

You should be ready to embrace all of yourself and be happy; that way, your inner power will manifest, and your desires will come to life right in front of your eyes. But to make sure that happens, you’ll need to be practical and take a sensible approach to what you intend to do. The outcome of a planned-out thought will always come out positive.

If the Queen of Coins is in the reverse position in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reading, you should move and think cautiously and be responsible for your actions. This applies strongly to matters related to money and romance.

Astrology of Queen of Coins

The Queen of Coins or the Queen of Pentacles is strongly associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Just like its male counterpart, King of Coins, the Queen of Coins is related to the qualities, practicality, endurance, and being down-to-earth.

The planet of Saturn rules the zodiac sign of Capricorn. The element that it’s connected to is the earth. It also is a symbol of materialistic needs. In ancient times, Saturn was the God of Time which was deemed the ultimate enemy of mankind.

Queen of Coins & Some Important Card Combination

The virtues that the Queen of Pentacles generally prevails are down-to-earth, socially conscious, and resourceful. But the core meaning of these cards might change if combined with other cards of the deck. It’s important to be mindful of the changes caused by the cards surrounding Queen of Coins in a reading as it may end up alternating the reading and the message tarot cards are trying to convey.

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  • Queen of Coins & Other Coins:

    In case the Queen of Coins appears with other Coin cards such as One of the Coins or Two of Coins etc., it indicates that money and financial matters will be the principal of the reading as the Suit of Coins mainly discusses the finance and money of an individual.
    Money is an integral and important part of a person’s life, and tensions related to money or financial problems can bring a lot of stress and anxiety. Don’t let the stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed and the pressure of not doing enough paralyze you. You should look into finding creative solutions to solve your financial concerns,

  • Queen of Coins & Other Queens:

    If two Queens show up at the same time in a spread, it’s an indication of certain troubles brewing between your mother or close female friends. The females who’re close to you are also part of the spectrum.
    In the case of three or four Queens showing up in a spread at once is a suggestion that gossip or possibly a workplace drama is on the brink. But you have to remember that getting entangled with gossip and wasting your time away with predictions and baseless rumors can harm your future. That’s why you shouldn’t give in to the temptation of the whispers of gossip and steer clear of the rumors.

  • Queen of Coins & The Knight/ Page:

    Suppose the Queen of Coins shows up with a Knight or a Page in a reading. In that case, it indicates having issues or troubles with a younger male, presumably immature or emotionally unstable.
    Depending on an individual’s circumstances, the male stated here could either be a lover or a child. You should be calm and handle this matter maturely.

  • Queen of Coins & The King of Coins:

    In the case of the Queen of Coins partnering up with the Knight of Coins, this refers to a new chance of a romance blossoming for you. This romantic interest would be of great importance to you in the future.
    Your potential partner is presumably someone from your work or a business partner in the same business or industry as you.

  • Queen of Coins & The Empress:

    If the Queen of Coins pairs up with the Empress, it means that you might have to get ready to pair up and connect with another woman of power soon. This female will be very skilled and will prove to be of benefit to you. She’ll show you new ideas and blossom the creative side of you.
    But at the same time, you have to be on par with each other and form a team to reap the harvest of your efforts. Ego can get in the middle of any partnership and ruin its potential for greatness. So, you both have to keep your ego in check and ready your mind to make sacrifices to achieve something great together.

  • Queen of Coins & The High Priestess:

    Queen of Coins and The High Priestess combined together means that there’s another woman in your life. The suggestion doesn’t necessarily mean an affair or something uncanny. It’s just that someone around you is keeping secrets; you have to watch out for them.


The card symbolizes someone grounded and an ideal mother figure who has empathy, kindness, and just the right amount of practicality so that her life can thrive. The Queen of Coins or the Queen of Pentacles brings out many small yet critical and crucial virtues that we can achieve many things if we adopt them into our own lives.

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