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The Starchild Tarot is designed for people completing the 21-day Starchild Tarot journey, while the Moonchild Tarot is designed for people who, like me, are not yet ready to evolve into the Starchild Tarot. To that end, the Moonchild Tarot contains all of the images, spreads, and teachings of the Starchild Tarot. However, it has additional imagery and text for people who are still developing their symbolic language, either because they are very young or old. Let’s check our article on the Starchild Tarotvs Moonchild Tarot.

Starchild Tarot

This deck takes a mild approach to Tarot reading by allowing you to explore new realms and dreamscapes of your inner wisdom and higher self. Each card is loaded with holy imagery to assist you in receiving direction and enlightenment from the Universe and the deeper realms of spirit. This deck of cards is filled with shimmering dreamscapes, mysterious gateways, and luscious pastel patterns.

Pros: Cons:
  • Its cards are easy to hold and shuffle.
  • The box is sturdy, and the card stock has a satin-matte finish.
  • It has an antique-style gold matte gilding.
  • Each card provided a shortlist of descriptions.
  • There is some lacking information.

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Moonchild Tarot

This moonchild Tarot is illustrated beautifully with powerful archetypes and visual images. The illustrations are simple yet sometimes very artistic, the colors are vivid and dramatic, the card borders are very nice, and the card backs are unique. It is both grounding and activating. The deck of the cards is filled with rich symbolism and rush dreamscapes. It included a guidebook that provided clarity and intentions.

The Moonchild Tarot, one of the most interesting Tarot decks I have ever seen.  The cards are, in my opinion, magnificent. The deck really stands out from other decks I have seen.  I admire the simplicity of the cards, the details included, and the colors.

The Moonchild Tarot comes in a sturdy black box with a useful white booklet with a short introduction to the deck, a brief guide to card meanings, and a brief guide to Tarot spreads. You also get a white deck bag, a sturdy black deck box, a sturdy white card case, a glossy black and white booklet, a brief guide to card meanings, and a guide to Tarot spreads.

Pros: Cons:
  • It provided both upright and reversed meanings.
  • It comes with a guidebook provided with journal prompts and moon rituals.
  • This moonchild Tarot learns about Tarot cards spread and astrological correspondence for each card.
  • Its artwork is not bright.

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Review of the Differences Between the Starchild Tarot and Moonchild Tarot

  • The Starchild Tarot is filled with sacred symbology, whereas The moonchild Tarot works with the sacred teachings of the moon.
  • The Starchild Tarot is filled with shimmering dreamscapes, whereas the moonchild is filled with rush dreamscapes.
  • Also, the Starchild Tarot includes 78 cards, whereas the moonchild Tarot includes 81 cards.
  • Moreover, the Starchild Tarot cards are blended with a vintage palette of soft, photographic textures and filters, whereas the moonchild Tarot has layered textures.


In conclusion, I have to say that I still think it’s a good idea to have a read-through of the two decks side-by-side, even though this review has been a long one. It’s really unnecessary to have them both to have a satisfying Tarot deck reading, but if you have a chance to find reading for both, you’ll find a lot of things to delight in, and you’ll also find a lot to compare.

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