Oracle Cards Vs Angel Cards: 100% Real Review

Are you getting confused about Oracle Cards Vs. Angel Cards? We have provided the differences in the article and hope that this will remove all your confusion.

Here’s a common scenario: you have a question, and you want to know if you will find the answer through the most popular route of all: tarot reading. But then you discover there is a difference between “Oracle Cards” and “Angel Cards,” and you’re not sure which one you should be using. Before you make your choice, it’s helpful to understand the major differences between them.

The Oracle and the Angel are two types of cards used by a clairvoyant. The cards are used to answer questions. They are also a tool to receive guidance from the higher realms. Both methods are popular among psychics and mediums. The Oracle Cards, also known as ‘fortune telling cards,’ are used to answer questions. These cards are an easy way to access higher guidance.

The Angel Cards are used to bring in white light to assist with healing. They are also used to bring in higher guidance.  Both methods are used for the same purpose, to help people connect with higher guidance and bring in white light to help with healing.

The Oracle Cards present you with questions of life. The Answers will help you find answers to life’s questions. The Oracle Cards are based on the four suits of the traditional playing cards. Also, the Angel Cards are based on the four suits of the traditional playing cards. These cards are more positive and uplifting than the Oracle Cards and are used for spiritually guided questions.

Oracle Cards Vs. Angel Cards

Oracle cards and angels cards are both used for gaining insight into our journey in life. They help us inspire us through the messages and show guidance that we need in our life. Oracle is mainly a modern version of tarot, whereas Angel cards are the nature of the oracle deck. Have a look below for its proper details.

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Oracle Cards

An Oracle card is a deck that is used for divination purposes. It is a modern category of tarot. Oracle cards come with a different number of cards. They may have 30, 40, or 80 cards in the deck.

They are independent. Moreover, they make their own rules where they lodge all the readings. There are no guidelines provided to follow with the oracle deck. They provide insight into an overarching theme of focus for consideration and are often considered more “optimistic” than helpful.

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Meanings of Oracle Cards:

Oracle cards are a hugely popular divination tool, but what do the different cards in a full deck mean? The Major Arcana or trump cards are typically the most striking and best known; these cards represent the major forces in your life and are often seen as a reflection of your personality.

As many of you know, Oracle cards are a form of divination often used in psychic readings. The cards typically feature pictures of people, animals, and objects and offer insights and wisdom when a person is guided through their meaning. However, what exactly do these cards represent? That depends on who you ask. Every tarot reader and card collection is different, and each person will use the cards in unique ways.

Oracle deck has varieties of decks. Some are based on animals, some are based on fairies and many others. They provide spiritual details and specific messages to the clients.

Pros: Cons:
  • Oracle deck comes with a few rules.
  • No guidelines need to be followed with an oracle deck.
  • They provide messages for spiritual guidance.
  • They are thematic and easy to interpret.
  • The deck doesn’t provide all the details on life, place, or time.

Angel Cards

Angel cards are one of the decks that connect us with angels. Also, angel cards help to find answers that you are looking for positive messages.

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Moreover, angel cards offer healing, guidance, and messages through our guardian angels that we need in our life journey. They help us see the world in a way that affects our lives and gives us a level of understanding, creativity, and caring. They help to give insight into relationships, careers, and finances while creating peace of mind and confidence through reading.

Meanings of Angel Cards:

The meanings of angel cards can be very powerful. Each card has an inherent meaning as well as a symbolic meaning. The inherent meaning of an angel card is usually the most important aspect of the card, while the symbolic meaning is usually something that is more subtle and requires you to think a bit about what it might mean.

An inherent meaning of an angel card is its direct meaning—what a specific card suggests to you when you look at it. For example, the “The Angel” card in the Rider-Waite tarot deck shows an angel with a wingspan of about 20 feet. Behind her is a large body of water. She appears to be reaching out as if to help someone who is drowning.

There are many types of angel decks. All the decks provide detailed meaning and messages from angels.

Pros: Cons:
  • The deck provides angelic messages and meanings.
  • The deck provides specific and positive messages.
  • Moreover, the deck is perfect for motivation and inspires hope.
  • The deck is not thematic and only provides angelic messages.

Review of the Differences Between the Oracle Cards and Angel Cards

Oracle is a modern version of tarot cards, whereas angel cards are the nature of oracle cards.

Oracle cards predict the future, whereas angel cards provide heavenly guidance and encouragement.

Also, Oracle cards help to gain insight into our life whereas angel cards help to find answers.

Oracle decks come in various deck styles, whereas Angel deck comes in an oracle deck style.

Oracle decks provide many ranges of the thought needed to incorporate while reading, whereas Angels card doesn’t provide this.

Summary of the Differences:

The Oracle Cards and Angel Cards are both sets of cards that you can use as divination tools, to give you insight into the future or to help you make better choices. However, there are two main differences between the two types of cards. The Oracle Cards were first created by a single author (Vicky Wall), while a group of authors created the Angel Cards. Another difference is how the cards themselves are designed; they’re colorful, and the pictures are easier to understand than the symbols seen on the Angel Cards.

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Finale Verdict

So, we hope that you have understood the differences that we have provided in the article.

Among the Oracle cards and Angel cards, you can have both the deck. Both are helpful and provide guidance. But if you want a more visual and modernized deck, we will say go for the oracle deck.

Feel free to buy any deck. Happy Shopping.

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