Addiction Treatment Services for Men and Women in Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation provides alcohol and drug rehab for men and women that go beyond treating the physical symptoms of addiction. Rehabilitation implements addiction treatment services for men and women which is a holistic treatment approach that encompasses the client’s spiritual, emotional, mental, social, as well as physical needs.

They do not rely upon a one-size-fits-all methodology using “cookie-cutter” treatment plans.

Addiction Treatment Services for Man and Women

Addiction Treatment Services for Men

Rehabilitation takes care and empathetic clinical staff will work with you to develop a customized treatment program to identify and address the contributing factors that have led to your addictive behavior.Rehabilitation. Addiction Treatment for Men, Addiction Treatment for Women

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Men Focusing on the Underlying Issues

To be truly effective and long-lasting, rehab for men needs to take into account their specific underlying issues, many of which stem from an underdeveloped sense of self-worth.

Men often seek fulfillment through work and other activities, but these issues can prevent them from attaining any sense of self-compassion or self-love, even if they are successful in these endeavors.

As a result, they may turn to drugs or alcohol in an effort to fill the void. Treatment can bring the issues to light and even uncover traumatic events that have been repressed since childhood, helping to develop a stronger sense of identity.

Customized Treatment Program Consisting of a Minimum of 10-15 Individual Sessions per Week

As a rehabilitation client, your custom-tailored treatment program will include a minimum of 10-15 individual sessions per week.

Your program may consist of therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy, and Music Therapy, as well as fitness, yoga, massage, and more.

You will have the opportunity to re-engage in activities such as sports and music that you enjoyed while sober.

Men’s Drug Rehab Helps you Connect with Family Members

For many men, addiction leads to strained personal relationships and distance from loved ones.

Addiction treatment of rehab for men will help you learn how to connect with family members and build strong bonds that will provide essential support as your recovery progresses.

The rehabilitation center encourages family members to become involved in the inpatient treatment and aftercare process.

Addiction Treatment Services for Women

Studies indicate that women are less likely to complete treatment in an addiction rehab facility than men, often because they do not feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Rehabilitation is a drug and alcohol center for women that offer a safe and secure setting where women can focus on their recovery.

Their small caring and empathetic staff help to create a supportive environment where clients form strong bonds that often last long after the conclusion of inpatient treatment.Rehabilitation. Addiction Treatment for Men, Addiction Treatment for Women

Addressing Underlying Issues is a Primary Focus of Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Women

In order for alcohol and drug rehab for women to be long-lasting and reduce the likelihood of relapse, it is critical to identify and address the underlying issues that typically lead to addictive patterns of behavior.

For instance, as many as 70 percents of women in substance abuse treatment have a history of physical or sexual abuse that results in low self-esteem.

Other women experience a high level of stress while attempting to balance family and career commitments.

These underlying traumas make it difficult to attain fulfillment and may result in feelings of guilt or shame, leading to self-medication with drugs or alcohol.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers for Women

For some women, addiction is accompanied by a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety.  Without diagnoses of mental illness, it has the probabilities to increases the likelihood of addiction relapse.

Likewise, a previously diagnosed mental health disorder can complicate women’s drug rehab, as medications used to treat these conditions often interact negatively with drugs and alcohol and exacerbate the symptoms.

Some Rehabilitation drug and alcohol center for women provides dual diagnosis rehab that includes medically supervised detox to remove illicit drugs and alcohol from your system while determining the appropriate levels for your mental health medication. Substance treatment will begin only after your mental illness symptoms are under control.

Leading Holistic Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers for Women

The rehabilitation center offers a custom-tailored treatment path that includes a minimum of 10-15 individual sessions per week consisting of holistic therapies such as Art Therapy and Music Therapy, as well as treatments such as massage, yoga, Pilates, and many others. Holistic treatment addresses your physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs to help you develop a stronger sense of identity and self-love.


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