Ancestral Path Tarot Review & Guide

The world of tarot is a mysterious and powerful one. It is an ancient practice used for centuries to gain insight and clarity in many areas of life. The Ancestral Path Tarot deck is a stunningly beautiful set of cards inspired by traditional tarot imagery but with a modern and mystical twist. It is designed to help you explore the depths of your soul, uncover hidden truths, and uncover your ancestral path.

In this review, we will explore the features of this tarot deck and share our experience with readings. We will look at the card artwork, the accompanying booklet, and more. Whether you are already a tarot lover or are just getting your feet wet, we hope this review will provide a comprehensive look into this fantastic and powerful tarot deck.


Ancestral Path Tarot
  • Cuccia-Watts, Julie (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Ancestral Path Tarot Meanings:

The Ancestral Path Tarot is a deck of cards designed to help individuals explore their spiritual lineage and gain insight into their life’s past and future. Each card represents an ancestor or guide from the past and carries a unique meaning. This deck can help individuals discover their ancestral history and learn from the wisdom of their ancestors to unlock their potential. By examining the ancestral energy within the deck, users can open the door to spiritual growth and healing.

Additionally, the Ancestral Path Tarot can be used to gain insight into the present and future, as it provides a glimpse into what lies ahead and how best to prepare for it. By connecting with our ancestors, we can gain valuable insight and guidance to help us make the right decisions.

About Author

This deck is created by the author Julie Cuccia-Watts’.

Ancestral Path Tarot Review

This deck weaves together the diverse beliefs of various cultures to find commonalities of experience between them. It delves into our forefathers’ traditions through mythology to reclaim a personal spirituality that allows us to see the divine in ourselves and others. The Ancestral Path Tarot focuses on the living traditions of all human cultures for us to consider in our worldview. For our consideration, the deck depicts paths carved by ancestors from various eras and cultures.

Ancestral Path Tarot- features and specifications

U.S Games Systems Inc. launched this deck, Crds edition, on September 01, 1997. The deck of the languages is English and has 78 pages f cards. The deck weighs 6.4 ounces and has a dimension of 3.5*1.25*4.5 inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • The illustrations on each card make this deck unique.
  • People with small hands may be put off as the deck is oversized.
  • The creator does an excellent job with facial expressions.
  • The cards are oversized and difficult to handle.
  • Beautifully designed cards with beautiful images and imagery.


  • It has no borders and a matte finish.
  • The images on the cards depict various cultures that are beautifully intertwined.
  • The cardstock is of high quality, and the artwork is noteworthy.


  • Smaller hands may struggle with the riffle.

In conclusion, the Ancestral Path Tarot is an excellent tarot deck for any tarot reader, regardless of experience. The illustrations are evocative and full of symbolism, and the accompanying guidebook provides insight into each card’s interpretation. With its deep exploration of ancestral wisdom and history, the Ancestral Path Tarot is sure to add a new dimension to your tarot readings.

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