Autism Symptoms Checklist

Autism Symptoms Checklist .Teen autism symptoms,Certain autism symptoms

There are many symptoms by which one can identify a child as a victim of autism and as this particular development disorder can get very dangerous every parent should have an autism symptoms checklist to make sure that their child is not showing any of the signs.

Early symptoms of Autism

There is an autism symptoms checklist that can be seen very early in a child – when he or she is a mere infant. If noticed carefully a parent can discern these from the normal behaviors of a child. The very early symptoms of autism include:

  • The child does not smile even when it has reached the age of six months
  • After one whole year, the child is unable to babble or to use any sort of gestures to communicate with others
  • Halfway through the second year of his or her life, the child is unable to learn even a single word
  • The child never makes eye contact with anybody

Further signs of Early Autism

There are further signs checklist that can be noticed in a child as he or she begins to grow older and by the age of three develops some of the following behaviors:

  • Is completely non-responsive to other human beings and gives an appearance of being deaf and even blind to the existence of others around him or her
  • Never tries to communicate with another child and shows a lack of social interaction skills
  • Becomes extremely distressed over apparently very tiny reasons
  • Becomes either more active than usual or extremely inactive

Teen autism symptoms

Autism symptoms can also be found in a teenager and it is important for a parent or a doctor to understand these signs in order to diagnose the teen. Teens manage to develop a few communication skills but display many signs of behavioral disorder. Teen autism symptoms checklist include:

  • Having difficulty with puberty and adolescence more than the other teens of the same age group
  • Problems with epilepsy and anxiety
  • Having to cope a lot with depression and negative emotions.

Certain Teen autism symptoms

There are certain autism symptoms checklists that an adult displays and by going through the autism symptoms checklist this can be discerned. The behaviors which are seen in an autistic adult are:

  • Lack of interest in what others say and sometimes real difficulty in understanding what another person is saying
  • No interest in sharing joy, achievement or interest with others
  • Avoiding eye contact with people and wanting to be alone most of the time
  • A tendency to repeat things many times and take back a conversation to previous ones

It is rather difficult to distinguish autism symptoms in a fully grown adult as the person would have developed necessary communication skills over the years and would tend to avoid contact with others and at the same time a simple shy person would want to do the very same.

Therefore it is not necessary that every adult who is a loner or quite incapable of mixing with a group of people is autistic. He can also refer back to the same subject out of sheer interest and not because he is autistic. But in spite of these difficulties in differentiating the signs of normal shy behavior and autism the autism symptoms checklist is always a helpful one.

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