Beautiful Creatures Tarot-Review (PROs & CONs)

The Beautiful Creatures Tarot is a beautiful example of how the tarot can be used as a tool to explore and explain the human condition. This deck was designed to help readers get in touch with their inner animal—and hopefully protect them from the real monsters in their lives.

Using the symbolism and imagery of the tarot, we can all begin to understand ourselves and others more deeply—helping us see the world in a new way and learn how to become happier and more fulfilled.

The Beautiful Creatures Tarot is a tarot reading deck hooked with the stunning illustrations and easy style of the author, Jasmine Becket. More importantly, she has created a masterful deck, the ultimate tool for anyone looking to find insight and clarity.

Beautiful Creatures Tarot (1st & 2nd edition) Review

My deck has a lovely color palette, created by the same artist who illustrated the original Beautiful Creatures Tarot. The shading, hues, and silhouetted images are truly a work of art.

We have provided the details with various editions in the article. Check them out below.

Beautiful creatures tarot meanings:

We all know the difference between fantasy and reality, but sometimes we forget that we can never separate the two. We are all monsters; some of us just hide it better. The Beautiful Creatures Tarot by J.r. Rivera and Jasmine Becket is a guide to discovering how you are a beautiful monster and how you can be the beautiful creature you are meant to be. This is a tarot for monsters and dreamers. This is a tarot for you.

Throughout history, the Tarot has been used by mystics to communicate with the divine and provide guidance and insight into our lives. There are dozens of decks available, and each one will have its own unique understanding of the cards. The Beautiful Creatures Tarot deck is a 21st-century interpretation of the tarot, including images of the four traditional tarot suits, Major Arcana cards and Minor Arcana cards. Each card also has a beautiful illustration on the card, representing the card’s meaning.

About Author

The Beautiful Creatures Tarot is a modern deck that was created by artists Jasmine Becket and Jeremy Rivera. The deck celebrates all the world’s beauty and encourages readers to find beauty in everything, even in the most difficult of times.

Griffith. J.r. Rivera is an award-winning author, tarot reader, collector, and Jasmine Becket award-winning international artist.

Both of the authors, by collaborating, combined their text and imagination to make this charming deck.

Beautiful Creatures Tarot (2nd Edition)

Beautiful Creatures Tarot ( Second Edition )
  • Jay R. Rivera (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

This is a revised and updated version of the beautiful creature’s tarot deck. It helps to explore the spiritual and exotic world where all your questions are answered, whether it is big or small, complex or simple, they reply with their utmost love, care, honesty, and clarity.

The deck comes with 80 beautiful cards along with a gilded tarot card (2 extra wild cards and 4 brand new images) that depict mythical and legendary creatures as they take you to a place where all the problems are far behind and restore faith and positive energy in life.

New commentary and new astrology games that prevent you from playing on the cards increase the attractions to children like playful, serious, and friendly creatures that will help you discover the answers you are looking for.

The deck included six new spreads. Now, connect with the various messages in the full-color companion guide. Do not be ashamed of these beautiful creatures. Come to their world and lose yourself in their truth.

The Red Feather published the deck (2nd edition), revised, and expanded on April 28, 2017. It comes in the English language. It has a 168 pages guidebook that provides all the instruction and relevant information and has 80 cards. Moreover, it comes with a weight of 1.95 pounds and has 9*2*6 dimensions.

 Beautiful creatures tarot 1st edition

Beautiful Creatures Tarot
  • Jay R. Rivera (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Beautiful Creatures Tarot 1st Edition is a very beautiful tarot deck. It’s a deluxe edition and looks like a high-quality deck. I love the images in this deck. I really love the illustrations. The images in this deck are stunning. The images are actually very, very beautiful. There are also some really nice, detailed, and interesting illustrations on the cards.

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Beautiful Creatures Tarot- features and specifications:

  • Its features help to clarify all your questions and problems that you are facing off.
  • It features comes with 80 cards with two additional extra cards that depict mythical and legendary creatures.
  • Its guidebook included six new spreads and provided all the relevant information.
  • The deck is sturdy, durable, and has vivid colors.
Pros: Cons:
  • The deck of the card is stunning with vivid colors.
  • It comes in high-quality card stock and is large in size.
  • It comes with a purple border and stock is good that it makes shuffle easier.
  • The deck of the cards doesn’t provide traditional symbolism.
  • As the size of the card is large for a small hand, it is difficult to shuffle.


So, we hope that you have got the details on the Beautiful Creatures Tarot in the article. Feel free to choose this deck.

Happy Shopping.

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