Mastering the Art of Persuasion: The Top 10 Books You Need to Read

Best Books on Persuasion

Can you remember when you first tried to get the answer to what persuasion is? Persuasion is believed to be a conscious attempt that changes an individual or group’s attitude, belief, or behavior. It can be achieved through written or spoken words and listening. Sometimes persuasion is used for personal gains, such as in politics or sales. Persuasion plays an active role in improving your life and those around you. Persuasion can lead to a positive attitude and motivate you to achieve great things. I will show you the best books on persuasion. All of these books are the most popular and well-known.

10 Best Books on Persuasion

Here is a list of some of the great books on persuasion that you can avail of online:

1. Influence, by Robert B. Cialdini

Influence is one of the best books on manipulation and persuasion that explains why people say ‘yes’ and how to apply these understandings.

Dr.Cialdini is an expert in this field, and his long thirty-five years of research work and three-year program of study on human behavior have resulted in this beautiful book.

This book will provide you with the six principles of persuasion and how to use them. It will also guide you to defend yourself against them. The principles will help you persuade others and bring massive success to your life. It is excellent psychology of persuasion book.

2. Made to Stick Effective for Manipulate People, by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

In this book, readers will discover the framework of ideas that stick and get to know the ways that make ideas stickier or more effective. The Heaths applied the human scale principle and the Velcro Theory of Memory to explain how your thoughts can influence others.

This book will change the way you connect with other people. It will take you through several successful and failure stories of many leaders who have influenced us.

3. Getting to Yes, one of the Best Books on Negotiation by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton

Getting to Yes is one of the best books on influence and persuasion, which has helped many people understand “negotiation.”

This book describes a method of negotiation that keeps the problems aside and focuses on the interests, creates new options, and uses objectives to help two groups to come to terms. It is based on the work of the Harvard Negotiation Project, a group that deals with all sorts of negotiations and conflicts. Readers will get a step-by-step strategy to learn how to negotiate with others. So, you can quickly learn the power of persuasion techniques from this book.

4. Never Split the Difference, by Chris Voss

Chris Voss is a former international hostage negotiator for the FBI who puts forward his ideas and principles of negotiation in this best book on persuasion. His career has placed him in situations where he had to negotiate with many criminals, including bank robbers and terrorists. This earned him the opportunity to be the FBI’s lead kidnapping negotiator.

This book takes you through an adventurous journey inside Voss’s head, revealing the skills and principles Voss followed to succeed in his career. In addition, Voss shares the nine practical principles that will help you become more persuasive personally and professionally. This book will help you to influence the power of persuasion.

5. Methods of Persuasion, by Nick Kolenda

Kolenda introduced a distinctive way to influence other people’s thoughts based on the principles of cognitive psychology. He developed a stage show to show how to persuade others and get their things done using cognitive psychology.

This book depicts the seven-step-by-step process of persuasion called “METHODS,” which is the acronym for.

M – Mould their perception
E – Elicit congruent attitudes
T – Trigger social pressure
H – Habituate your message
O – Optimize your message
D – Drive their momentum
S – Sustain their compliance

This book will make you understand these principles and help you achieve tremendous success in your life. This is one of the best persuasion books of all time.

6. Positioning, by Al Ries& Jack Trout

This best book on persuasion describes creating a position in a customer’s mind that will reflect the company’s strengths and weaknesses and its competitors. In addition, the authors explain how to position a leader in the customer’s mind so that their messages circulate throughout the marketplace.

The book teaches how to capture market share by using leading ad agencies and using your current position to its best advantage. It also shows you the ways to take advantage of your competitors’ weaknesses and build your strategies surrounding them. This is one of the best books on persuasion.

7. Changing Minds, by Howard Gardner

People often try to change someone’s perspective on something important, like a voter’s political views, a customer’s favorite brand, or a spouse’s taste in decoration. But most of the time, they have been unsuccessful in doing that.

Howard Gardner, a Harvard psychologist, describes in this book what exactly happens when you try to change someone’s mind and offers several methods to make that process more effective.

Howard reminds us that our mind doesn’t change overnight; instead, it is a gradual process that can be influenced along the way. This book shows the science of persuasion. So, you can read this book to get genuine persuasion skills.

8. Fascinate, by Sally Hogshead

Why can some people attract us, but others can’t? Why do we remember some brand names and forget the rest? How can confident leaders, friends, or family convince us to change our behavior? Fascination influences all this decision-making. It is more effective than marketing or advertising. If a particular brand or a person can fascinate you in some way, they will always persuade you. This fascination is triggered by lust, mystique, alarm, prestige, power, vice, and trust.

Hogshead has done long research on behavioral and social studies, historical precedents, neurobiology, and anthropology and conducted interviews with thousands of customers to understand why people get fascinated. He says we already use all these seven triggers, but he asks us if we know how to use the right triggers at the right time. This best book on persuasion will answer this question and explain the working principles of these triggers. So, this book will inform you about the principles of persuasion.

9. Words That Work, by Frank Luntz

Frank Luntz is a communication expert who shares his knowledge on how our words can change the path of business and politics and how those words can change the life of other people.

In this book, Luntz explains the ways of using words that affect our decisions to buy a product or cast a vote. He says that choosing the right words can be very critical at times, and if one knows what works and how to use them, one can easily persuade others. This book is beneficial for those who struggle with making decisions in life a lot.

10. To Sell Is Human, by Daniel H. Pink

A US Bureau of Labour Statistics report states that one in every nine Americans works in sales. If that is the case, then more than 15 million people live daily by persuading others to make some purchases. But if we look deep into these numbers, we will find that the other eight also are somehow working in sales, maybe not directly.

Whether an employee is convincing his colleague about a new idea, an entrepreneur is selling his product to a customer, or parents and teachers are persuading the students to study, these are cones under the term’ sales.’ We are trying to move other people all the time, by any means.

In this best book on persuasion, Pink talks about the art and science of selling. He also describes the rules for understanding others’ perspectives and the structure of a message which can persuade more people. The result will transform the way you work. This is a persuasion marketing book.

At present, the whole world runs on persuasion and convincing other people. You must convince customers to buy your product if you run a business. If you have brilliant ideas to share, you need to persuade other people so that they listen to you. All great leaders in the world gained their position by influencing other people. So persuasion is a must to survive in the crowd of the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the seven principles of influence?

  • Reciprocity
  • Consistency and commitment
  • Social proof
  • Authority
  • Liking
  • Scarcity
  • Unity

How do you influence others?

Seven Ways to build influence in the Workplace

  • Build trust with your co-workers. Influence is most often carried through faith.
  • Cultivate reliability through consistency. Inconsistency is the fastest way to ruin your reputation.
  • Be assertive, not aggressive.
  • Become flexible.
  • Be personal.
  • Focus on actions rather than arguments.
  • Listen to others.

What are the four types of influence?

  • Negative influence
    Those with this type of pdf influence focus on their authority, power, or title. As a result, they are often selfish and prideful.
  • Neutral influence
    The actions and attitudes of this type of influence tend to neither add nor take away from what those around them are doing.
  • Positive influence
    A leader with this type of influence adds value and leaves the people you come in contact with better off due to this leader’s actions and attitudes.
  • Life-changing influence
    This is about impacting someone in a way where their life is permanently changed due to what you have done and said.
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