Bleu Cat Tarot Deck Review & Guide

Bleu Cat Tarot Deck Review

Tarot cards have been used for centuries to provide insight and clarity into matters of the heart and soul. Tarot cards are a powerful tool for gaining insight into our lives and choices. The Bleu Cat Tarot deck is a modern interpretation of traditional Tarot, blending nature, astrology, and spirituality into its images. This deck was created by Beth Seilonen and was released on October 28, 2013.

Through this tarot deck, readers can discover their intuition and use the power of the cards to unlock their potential. With its easy-to-understand symbolism and stunning artwork, the Bleu Cat Tarot is the perfect tool for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

This blog post will take an in-depth look at the Bleu Cat Tarot deck, including an overview of the cards, a review of the deck, and a comprehensive guide on how to use the cards. Through this

Bleu Cat Tarot Cards Meanings:

The Bleu Cat Tarot is a unique tarot deck that offers its readers a unique and enlightening experience. Each card in the deck is exquisitely illustrated and inspired by the natural world. The tarot meanings for each card are unique and offer readers insight into the unknown.

The card meanings provide a comprehensive view of the reading and can be interpreted in numerous ways, offering insights into the past, present, and future. The Bleu Cat Tarot is a perfect starting point for any tarot reader, as its card meanings can be applied to many different life situations. The Bleu Cat Tarot is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of tarot and better understand their own lives.

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Bleu Cat Tarot
  • Seilonen, Beth (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

This deck is created by the author Beth Seilonen.

Beth Seilonen began exploring what she has explained as “the most versatile genre of art” in 2007 with the release of her first Majors-only Tarot deck, The Theban Tarot. A constant study of how, simply by changing one’s point of view, one’s interpretation and response to a situation presented in the cards can be altered.

Bleu Cat Tarot Review

Bleu Cats Tarot teaches us what we need to go on the right track or get off the wrong one. There are no cats like frank, who are friendly and clever fasting.

The Blue Cat Tarot depicts the cat’s animosity, expressive body language, and overall style. Beth Ceylon’s 78 Modern Tarot Cards are painted in black and white with a touch of blue for style and will guide you through light lifestyles and new ways of doing things through a lifestyle approach.

Bleu Cat Tarot- features and specifications

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.; Box Tcr Cr edition manufactured this deck. It appears in the English language and has 96 pages of cards. The deck comes with a weight of 12 ounces and has a 3.25*2*5.25 dimension of inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • They are larger than regular cards.
  • The box is well-made, with a ribbon for opening and strong magnetic closure.
  • The LWB is well-written and comprehensive, with illustrations.
  • The card stock is strong, with a matte finish on the fronts and a semi-gloss finish on the backs.
  • Its overall quality and value for money are outstanding.
  • The concept, artwork, and interpretation, as well as the enclosed booklet, are all fantastic.
  • The packaging is far superior to that of most tarot cards.
  • The card stock is lovely, as are the watercolor drawings on the cards.
  • The cards are thin and easily creased.
  • It read well, and the card stock is thicker but smooth.


  • The box is well-made and sturdy.
  • The illustrations are delightful.
  • The little book is wonderful, with a lovely slant on cats.
  • The guidebook is written based on a cat.


  • It’s a little too big to shuffle easily.

All in all, Bleu Cat Tarot is an insightful, creative, and inspiring set of cards. It is perfect for any tarot enthusiast with a creative flair. The cards capture the beauty and complexity of the tarot symbols with it’s vibrant colors and brilliant illustrations. The guidebook is very helpful for reading the cards and understanding the various meanings. With its unique and beautiful design, Bleu Cat Tarot is a great addition to any tarot reader’s collection.

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