Christmas shopping ideas for your newborn baby

Christmas shopping

Santa must already have a lot of ideas for the sorts of toys to deliver on Christmas Eve. How about you? Toys are essential as they are tools that help babies and children grow. They help use their imagination, develop physical skills, and express their feelings. You can read this article when searching for the best Christmas shopping ideas for your newborn baby.

When searching for gifts to buy, firstly consider whether they are safe. The smaller the child, the bigger the toy is a good rule, as small toys have parts that can cause choking. There should be no sharp corners or loose parts, such as button eyes on a soft toy. Be wary of toys with pull-strings that are safe for older children but can wrap around young babies’ legs, wrists, or necks and cause choking.

You may be unsure whether the toy that catches your eye is suitable for the age of your little one.

Here are some suggestions for Christmas shopping for toys for different ages:

0 – 6 months. Squeaky toys to chew and suck on. Rattles, soft dolls and animals, colored cardboard, and fabric books. Mobiles to string across the cot or in the bedroom where the movement will catch their attention.

6 – 12 months. Nests of cups or cones, tubes, softballs, peg and hole blocks, a wooden hammer or spoon, and toys to bang. (They love that.) Wall hangings to go near their cot.

1 – 2 years. There are cardboard boxes to climb into (so cheap), wooden hammer and peg sets, toy telephones, buckets, water, and sand toys such as spades. Posting boxes. A small pram or trike, simple jigsaws, plastic rakes, toy brooms, drums, xylophones, dolls, and teddies are a bit more sophisticated than their first cuddly toys.

2 – 5 years   Crayons, pencils, and books to color in. Playdough and clay. Cookie cutters. Pictures or stickers of favorite TV characters. Plastic lawnmower. Doctor and nurse kits. Garage and play shop items. Tea sets, clothes for dressing up. Trucks and trains. A magnifying glass. Simple games like dominoes. A bubble-blowing set.

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You will see tempting toys in the shops, so check the recommended age which should be displayed. A packet of seeds for the garden may interest older children and always include a book or two. Always supervise playtimes as it is unwise to leave little children alone with pencils or crayons!

Enjoy this exciting time of the year and have someone babysit your children. Shopping alone will undoubtedly make the job less stressful – perhaps even enjoyable!

Christmas  Shopping– Keep It Stress-Free

Christmas shopping can be stressful when the shops entice you with their attractive advertising as this special season approaches, and you realize just how much spending you have to do. You know that within your family there are people who will be expecting presents – especially your children!

There are alternatives you can put into place. Suggest that presents are just for the children this year or put a dollar limit on the amount spent on each gift. If you want to gift a Christian book, I suggest you check this link: “5 Best Christian Time Management Books Review.”

An idea for the following year’s Christmas shopping can get underway in January. Start a Christmas Club account with a store such as a Warehouse and a supermarket, and put savings away every week or whatever suits your payday. Saving $10 a fortnight or monthly will give you a beneficial amount of money to spend next December.

So, how to handle everything now?

Let’s hope you can find some quiet time in your day to sit down and make a plan. Keep those afternoon sleeps going for your toddler as long as you can. Write down the dates of the get-together. Then list the gifts you need to buy and wrap them first.

And do you have baking to do? 

Set dates aside for this as well. Grocery shopping must fit in when dad is available to look after the children. You will know that it’s much easier to shop on your own.

Decorating your house for Christmas is something older children love helping with. But all these tasks, as well as perhaps managing a part-time job, taking the children to daycare, and keeping up with housework and laundry duties, makes the days stressful.

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When tensions rise, and your voice does, too, try deep breathing. Take a breath for 3 seconds, hold it for three more seconds and let it out slowly for another 3 seconds. Have a break out in the fresh air, and it is helpful if you can fit in a walk each day.

Boxing Day will come, and let’s hope the weather is fine. Take time out and have a family trip to the beach. Merry Christmas!

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