Dark Goddess Oracle Cards Review

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I’m not typically one for New Age-y things. I’m a skeptic by nature. But when a friend recommended I try the Dark Goddess Oracle Cards, I decided to give them a shot. I’m glad I did because they’ve been incredibly accurate.

I shuffled the deck and pulled out a card at random. The card I drew was Persephone. The corresponding guidebook said Persephone represents “the dark night of the soul.” This couldn’t have been more accurate, as I’ve been having a tough time lately.
I’ve been using the Dark Goddess Oracle Cards as a way to help me through this tough time. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for some guidance.

Dark Goddess Oracle Cards Meanings:

If you’re searching for answers and guidance from the cosmos, you may wonder what dark goddess oracle cards mean. These cards can offer profound insights into the shadow side of your psyche. Understanding these cards’ messages allows you to access hidden wisdom and power. Keep reading to learn more about the dark goddess oracle cards and their meanings.

Dark Goddess Oracle Cards
  • Meiklejohn-Free, Barbara (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Flavia Kate Peters & Kate Osborne

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free is an author and story-teller who is based in the United Kingdom. She’s also a singer, drummer and flautist. She was born and raised in the Highlands of Scotland. All her passion, professional work, and career derive energy from the ancient knowledge of the shaman, seer, and mystic craft. She has been honored to achieve the title of Highland Seer after her spiritual mentor passed away. She has also co-created many popular and classic tarot decks like- ‘Dark Goddess Oracle Cards’, ‘Witches’ Kitchen Oracle Cards,’ and ‘Witches’ Wisdom Oracle Cards’.

Flavia Kate Peters is based in England and has created ‘Mermaid and Mythology,’ a regular column for the ‘Fairies & Enchantment Magazine (FAE).’ She’s also a writer for magazines like Spirit and Destiny, Witchcraft and Wicca, Lightworker, Fate & Fortune and Out & About Magazine. She has also co-created many tarot decks like The Shaman’s Handbook of Sacred Tools & Ceremonies and The Book of Destiny.

Kate Osborne is an editor, creative artist, and writer from Europe. She has previously worked as the editor-in-chief of Kindred Spirit Magazine. Later, she founded Solarus Publishing to focus on her passion of creating tarot decks.

Let’s check out more about Dark Goddess Oracle Cards

Dark Goddess Oracle Cards Review:

This deck is themed around discovering and exploring the enlightening spirits in the darkness. This deck mixes and combines all the Goddesses’ energy in one deck to deliver it to the reader. The deck that lets us borrow the divine power and experience of the Goddesses can help us change our lives for better and find solutions to our problems and answer our questions.

This deck brings about a change and growth in our lives and stirs up the flow of divine energy within us. Avoiding superficiality and bluff, this deck ensures your empowerment and gives you an opportunity for transformation if your reveal yourself to it.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in cards version on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 8th October, 2018 by Llewellyn Publications. It weighs about 14.1 ounces and has a dimension of about 4.25 x 1.25 x 5.75 inches.

  • The deck has 48 cards.
  • The accompanying booklet consists of 106 pages.
  • The deck comes in a boxed kit which has a dimension of 4 x 6 inches.
User Experience:
  • The sturdy cards ensure that the users are comfortable shuffling and using them without the fear of tearing them or wearing them out.
  • The cards are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful.
  • The customers can use this deck as a divinatory natured spreads and readings.
  • The deck is brutal in its quality of honesty and isn’t for the faint-hearted but does the job of tarot reading perfectly.
  • The deck gives of fierce female energy and power.
  • The depictions and readings of the Goddesses were very powerful and accurate.
  • The drawings and presentation of the Goddesses through colorful illustrations are very colorful and mesmerizing.
  • The cards are thick and heavy with nicely printed colored exterior.
  • The cards are based on the concept of female empowerment and Goddesses.
  • The deck has a vast collection of Goddesses from around the world of different cultures and religions, which makes it very diverse and versatile.
  • The cards contain strong stories and auras of the Goddesses and have numerous solutions and answers for the users.
  • The cards may depict nudity and sexuality which is not suited for readers of every age.


This deck might be the right fit to immerse yourself within the power of the Goddesses and truly reveal yourself for gaining knowledge and other solutions and changing your life.

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