Sacred geometry cards for the visionary path review

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If you’re on the hunt for a new and exciting way to connect with the divine, you may want to check out sacred geometry cards. These cards are designed to help you connect with the patterns and shapes that make up the universe. Working with these cards allows you to access your inner wisdom and intuition.

I recently tried out a set of sacred geometry cards, and I was impressed! The cards are beautiful and offer a lot of insight and guidance. I recommend them to anyone looking for a new way to connect with the divine.

Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path
  • Hart, Francene (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Sacred geometry cards for the visionary path Meanings:

The term “sacred geometry” refers to the patterns, shapes, and forms found in nature and have been used in religious and spiritual symbolism for centuries. Sacred geometry cards are a tool for helping us to understand and connect with these patterns.

The shapes and symbols found on sacred geometry cards can be used to focus our attention and connect with the divine. By meditating on the images and meanings of the cards, we can open ourselves up to new levels of understanding and awareness.

Sacred geometry cards can be used for personal growth and transformation. By working with the cards, we can access hidden knowledge and wisdom that can help us to heal and evolve. The cards can also connect with our more elevated selves and the divine.

About Author

Francene Hart

Currently residing in Hawaii, she’s the popular creator of the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck. She’s a visionary artist recognized for her distinct work in making unique art pieces featuring sacred shapes. She has been working on her passion since the 1970s. Now, she conducts workshops on Mandala Art, creativity, and sacred geometry.

Let’s check out more on Sacred Geometry Cards.

Sacred Geometry Cards Review

This divination set is designed for the ones seeking a path of encouragement and guidance to perform a conscious evolution. This is the continuation of the original deck by the author Francene Hart, The Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck. This complementary piece provides the same energy and vibe to its former one.  The sacred geometry portrays its proportions through many natural shapes of animals, oceans, and celestial bodies. The accompanying guidebook entails and details the matter of each card and gives the possible interpretations and meanings.

Sacred geometry works around the concepts of integrated math, science and spirituality and conveys the wisdom of the ancient world and cultures. This deck shows us that art, science, and religion are all the same concepts given and tailored in different languages, but they all express the same truth. We can incorporate these cards with ourselves to gain an inclusive insight in our problems and situations to access a higher level of consciousness. The wisdom that prevails and is provided in the cards can help our life get into a state of harmony with a natural rhythm.

Features and Specifications:

It is available on Amazon in the paperback version in the language of English. It was published on 12th September 2008 by Bear & Company. It weighs about 0.035 ounces and has a 6 x 1.8 x 9 inches dimension.

  • The deck has 64 full-color cards containing the authentic artwork by artist Francene Hart.
  • The accompanying guide booklet has 160 pages.
  • The deck also features 6 oracle spreads for personal and group readings.
User Experience:
  • The cards give enough clarity and information as promised and deliver the readers the things they want on point.
  • The book is not generous with its details but gives valid and informative points relevant to the deck to help the readers.
  • The deck gives off the same vibe as its former Scared Geometry deck and stimulates its basic learning points, too.
  • The cards are very deep, with insightful meanings and descriptions.
  • The artwork is also interesting and cohesive with the vibe of the deck.
  • The journey of starting the cards and slowly getting used to them to mastering them is such a blissful experience for its readers.
  • The cards leave long-lasting impressions and affect their users.
  • The cards are a very successful counterpart to its former deck Sacred Geometry Oracle.
  • The cards all have beautifully detailed and precise artwork.
  • The texts and the quality of the card prints are pleasing.
  • The guide booklet has pinpointed information and details about the cards separately.
  • The cards offer different spreads and readings adjusted with personal and professional levels.
  • The cards give a new perspective and outlook on our life, discussing the origins of our thoughts and the structure of our ideas and desires to explore our minds.
  • They aren’t recommended for careless shuffling as they can bend and are slightly thin.


This insightful deck is a must-have if you want to influence your life through the art of divination and immerse yourself in deep thinking, along with quenching your thirst for curiosity for complex matters and subjects.

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