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The Tarot Coloring Book is a fun and creative way to learn about the tarot. This coloring book is packed with major and minor arcana illustrations, allowing you to color in the cards and bring the tarot to life.

The Tarot Coloring Book is the perfect way to get started with the tarot. With easy-to-follow instructions, this coloring book makes it easy to learn about the tarot and begin using the power of the cards to improve your life.

The Tarot Coloring Book
  • Reed, Theresa (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

The Tarot Coloring Book Meanings:

The tarot coloring book is a great way to understand the meanings of tarot cards. It provides a brief overview of each card and a coloring page for each card. This is a great resource for those new to tarot or who want to brush up on their knowledge. The tarot coloring book is a great way to learn the meanings of tarot cards in a fun and interactive way.

About Author

Theresa Reed & Mary Greer

With more than 25 years of relevant experience, Theresa Reed has been working with tarot cards and the art of tarot for many years and has many accomplishments. She’s also recognized as an expert in her field. She’s a presenter at the world’s biggest Tarot Conference called Reader’s Studio. She also teaches tarot entrepreneurs via her popular podcast called Talking Shop. She’s currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

She started her tarot career when she was only 15 years old, and doing readings with her sister for fun later became her lifelong passion and obsession. She also has a keen interest in astrology. She has co-authored the book Tarot For Troubled Times. She absolutely loves helping newcomers and beginners as well as new entrepreneurs in the sector of tarot so that she can help her juniors with her vast experience and share her secret tips.

She also encourages them to confidently reach out to their dreams and go down the path of learning Tarot and Astrology. Her straightforward teaching style has attracted many students, who also benefit and feel empowered by her education. She has been awarded praise as her lessons are deemed brilliant and practical by her students. Along with all her work mentioned above, she also runs a website where she shares her secrets and inspires lost souls.

Mary Greer is another pioneer and a successful figure in the field of tarot. She’s a writer, teacher, and professional tarot consultant. She’s specialized in using personal insights to emphasize hidden creativity. Her techniques are interactive, transformational, and empowering.

She has worked as a ‘midwife of the soul’ for her merits and qualities. She’s also known for founding Tools and Rites of Transformation (T.A.R.O.T.). She’s a renowned and recognized speaker at tarot conferences and a member of many international tarot organizations.

She travels a lot for her work, and some of the countries where she has traveled and lived for her work are- Japan, Germany, England, Mexico, six states in the U.S., and she currently resides in Northern California.

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The Tarot Coloring Book Review

For those enthusiastic about tarot but have no prior knowledge and are confused about where and how to start, this book is the perfect guide for you to become a ‘tarot rookie’ to a ‘tarot rock star’ by coloring and knowing your way through different decks, spreads, and readings. This deck targets the lost audience who’s just started but has been intimidated by the world of tarot. The tarot will help you catch up to a style of tarot that will help you grow and get used to and improve in the future.

The book contains symbols, meanings, and hidden signs, which will help you better understand tarot cards and their formation.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the paperback version on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 1st November 2016 by Sounds True Publication. It weighs about 1.62 pounds and has a dimension of about 8.55 x 0.56 x 11.01 inches.

  • The book has 192 pages.
  • Each page contains all the cards of the original Major and Minor Arcana with symbolisms, descriptions, and walk through.
  • Guiding for coloring and learning the meanings and interpretations.
  • This book is featured on the formation of the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck.
  • Comes with a guidebook for introduction and reference.
User Experience:
  • The deck stays true to its purpose and is great for event children for its simple but interactive approach to tarot.
  • The book gives all the primary information of the Major and Minor Arcana, which is extremely helpful for beginners with no prior knowledge of tarot.
  • The cards, after being painted, were extremely realistic and almost identical to the actual tarot cards.
  • This works as an amazing self-learning tool for tarot, which can help you learn at your own pace and speed.
  • Each page has 1 large illustration of a card and 1 page of descriptions, meanings, symbols, and reverse meanings.
  • The cards on the page are extremely detailed and descriptive of the original for accurate and precise coloring.
  • The pages and cards are crisp and clean, with quality printing and resolution.
  • The pages are thick and very suitable for coloring and also sturdy.
  • The customers had complained that the notebook if made with spiral binding, would have been better.


To get mesmerized by the world o tarot and lose yourself within the divine world of symbols, signs, patterns, and colors which hold deep meanings and interpretations and find your passion with the help of the hidden aspects of the classic divination system, this deck can help you more than one way.

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