The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Cards Review

Today, I am reviewing the Egyptian Tarot Cards, which I recently purchased from the Brotherhood of Light Store. As a tarot reader, I found the cards to be a valuable addition to my Tarot deck collection. I am going to share some of my observations on the cards, as well as some of my personal experiences with the cards.

Each card in a tarot deck typically has a particular meaning or message for the reader, who can use it as a tool to tap into their own intuition.

The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Cards, drawn by Vicki Brewer and hand-lettered by Anthony Robbins, offers a unique and enlightening method for interpreting the 78 tarot cards that come with the deck.

This article provides an overview of the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Cards.

Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Cards Meanings:

We have all had experiences with tarot cards. Still, few have ventured into the world of the Egyptian tarot cards, a magnificent display of mystical imagery and energy that is sure to awaken the hidden parts of your soul.

The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot comes with a concept representing zodiac signs, chemistry, and magic spells with the Egyptian style.  It is a tarot deck with full-fetched explanations of the court cards.

This sacred deck comes with a wonderful book that guides you through the meanings of each card and the story behind each card. It tells you the historical events and the significance of each card in the deck by exploring each card’s spiritual and psychological depth.

Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot
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Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Vicki Brewer (Author)

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About the Author:

There is not much information about Vicki Brewer in the web source, but. Still, from analysis of this tarot deck, it is needless to mention that he has a vast interest and renowned background in Tarot decks based on Egyptian culture.

Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Cards Review

The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot was created as a supplementary set to C.C. Zain’s book named The Sacred Tarot, which delves into the connections here between the Tarot, the Kabbalah, astronomy, and numbers. Gloria Beresford developed the card deck, which was first issued in 1936 as a monochrome deck.

Vicki Brewer has newly recreated it into a colorful stacked deck. The strategy used for this deck allows for precise interpretation of the Court Cards.

The cards have reversible behinds and measuring 2 1/2″ x 4 1/4″. On each side of the card, there are markings such as the card number, meteorological signs, suit signifiers, and another iconography, as well as what appear to be Hebrew texts.

The Major and Minor Arcana are matched to the 12 astrological signs and thirty-six hyper constellation decanted horoscope in this deck’s method.

The cards alone are interlaced with the celestial element. The Majors depict Egyptian themes, whereas the Minors are medallions, which are not artistic images.

  • The horoscope, chemistry, and sorcery fields are all represented in this set (the Tarot).
  • It also has a distinctive correlation between the Major and Minor Arcana and the twelve constellations signs and thirty-six hyper astrological decanted luminaries.

The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Card set has 78 cards with 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. It is a Tarot deck that was published by US Games in 2010. The item weighs 1.6 ounces.

Previous Users’ Experiences:

  • According to some users, it is a basic comprehension deck.
  • Some readers may find serenity in the hues and sparse pictures.
  • This is not a complete beginner card set, but it may be utilized with only a basic understanding of the Tarot.
  • As a thematic deck (Egyptian), for the design (Egyptian minimalist), as a collectible deck, or as a divination deck for somebody with a basic grasp of the Tarot, it would be of appeal.
  • This card represents a brand new theme on astrology.
  • The original Church of Light deck has been upgraded stunningly and accurately through this deck.
Pros: Cons:
  • The card deck has an exciting revolution.
  • The design is very eye-catching.
  • A detailed representation of zodiac signs.
  • Smaller cards make it easier to carry.
  • The companion booklet has well-structured instructions.
  • The fully colored deck makes it attractive.
  • Has reversible background.
  • Easy to shuffle.
  • Sometimes it seems to be complicated to interpret.
  • Only those who have interest and prior knowledge in Astrology are welcome.
  • Not beginner-friendly.

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I have written about the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Cards which I have found in this deck as a source of enlightenment and inspiration. I have found the cards to be an invaluable tool in my life as I have endeavored to understand my spiritual path. Also, it is an impressive card set to use. The users will find it useful and interesting.

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