The Egyptian Tarot Kit Review & Buying Guide

The Egyptian Tarot kit

This is the first release of the Tarot Kit series. The kit includes the cards, instruction manual, and an introductory reading by the author. The cards are printed on the same luxuriously smooth and luxurious heavy stock paper as the Lo Scarabeo Tarot deck. We will provide The Egyptian Tarot Kit Review from this article.

The cards are printed in a very similar style to the Lo Scarabeo deck. The cards have the same dramatic and cartoony style. These cards are printed from very high-quality ink. The cards are printed on a thick, high-quality, glossy card stock. The cards are printed with a special UV coating.

The Egyptian Tarot kit
  • Lo Scarabeo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author:

Lo Scarabeo is the famous creator of tarot decks, oracles and kits whose works have been acclaimed worldwide. His work is valued for the sake of its originality and quality.

Lo Scarabeo is the best in the world of tarot creators there is. With a knack for partnering up with only the best Italian and other internationally renowned and recognized artists and illustrators, each of the decks and oracles Lo Scarabeo creates becomes an exceptional artistically valued piece.

Lo is committed to producing valuable, new and unique decks with new innovative ideas while keeping true to his passion and preserving tarot’s original and rich tradition. He continues to be a favorite among collectors and readers to this day because of his dedication and originality to his work. Llewellyn has the exclusive right to distribute the products of Lo Scarabeo across North America.

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The Egyptian Tarot Kit Review:

This kit is the amazing combination of Alasia’s incredible tarot deck and the deep studies and research of Berti and Gonard. The authors give us a glimpse of the ancient wisdom of Egypt and guide us through the magic in the depths of Egypt’s mysteries and myths. These cards are the living proof of the divine and majestic approach to any Egyptian knowledge and stories.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the book supplement version on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 8th December 2003 by Llewellyn Publications. Moreover, it weighs about 1.25 pounds and has a dimension of about 7 x 2 x 9 inches.

  • The kit has 78 full-color cards.
  • A 160-page guide booklet accompanies it.
  • The companion guide is available in five languages: Spanish, French, English, German and Italian.

Users’ Experience:

  • The cards are of great use for many of the readers.
  • The booklet’s information on the cards and in the guide is very informative, detailed, and useful to the readers.
  • The booklet stays true to itself, and the kit avoids extra talk and doesn’t stray away from the topic too much.
  • The kit stays worldly and earthly and rarely drifts to imagination or predictions.
  • The cards of great history and highlights the knowledge of Egypt.
  • The cards are complex to understand, and users have to spare some time to get used to them.
  • The illustrations of the cards feature the Egyptian gods and goddesses and depict them in their majestic aura.
  • The cards and their writings are also unique, and they avoid frequently or commonly used words and quotes.
  • The artwork in Lo Scarabeo’s deck and kits are as always awe-inspiring and mesmerizing.
  • The cards and booklet are of high quality and good print.
  • These cards and booklet all have genuine and authentic information and details regarding Egypt’s ancient knowledge and wisdom.
  • The booklet comes in different languages, which gives the kit access to a larger audience.
  • The booklet gives the cards’ descriptions and introductions, instructions to conduct readings, and gives necessary information of their meanings and symbolism.
  • These cards can be an invaluable item to a collector for their artistic value.
  • The cards are a bit thinner than the normal cards and difficult to hold and shuffle.


This kit has a high artistic value to the collectors and is an invaluable gain for the readers. Being one of Lo Scarabeo’s creations, this deck is perfect for collectors and readers alike, along with the surprise of the deep and divine Egyptian wisdom and magic of ancient times.

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