Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck [Reviews]

The author of “Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck” is a professional tarot reader and she is fascinated by the tarot.

She has used tarot as a tool for self-exploration and development and she aims to empower readers to follow their own intuitions and to experience the deeper realms of the psyche with a deck of tarot cards.

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Ethereal visions illuminated tarot deck card meanings:

Each of the 80 card details is provided and images are hand-drawn and colored. The deck included a 48 pages booklet that provides all the reversed and upright cards meanings as well as included astrological correspondence of major arcana. The author included two additional extra cards; 22 The Well and 23 The Artist.

The colors of the deck are soft and all the images follow traditional rider waite closely. In the back of the cards provided reversibly.

About Author

The deck was created by the author Matt Hughes.

Matt Hughes is a self-artist who focuses on the aesthetic approaches referred to today as “The Golden Age of Illustration”.

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Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot
  • With soft colors and a distinct Art Nouveau style, each card in the...
  • This deck includes two bonus Major Arcana cards for additional...

Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck Reviews

The author has created this deck by inspiring the art Nouveau movement. The deck comes with 80 cards divided into two groups: 24 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. This deck is based on the artist’s own journey and of inner reflections and meditations.

The divinely beautiful images of the Tarot Card deck inspired by their interpretation of the cards of the Divine Feminine, a part of the Divine Plan of the Universe. Tarot is a sacred ancient wisdom that can be used for healing, for relaxation and for enlightenment.

The deck was published by U.S> Games system ltd on October 01, 2018. It is composed and available in the English language. It has a 48 pages guidebook and the product weighs 11.2 ounces. The product has 3.5*1.7*6 dimensions of inches.

Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck- features and specifications

  • The deck included two additional extra major arcana cards; The Well and The Artist
  • The deck of every image is hand-drawn and colored.
  • The booklet provided upright and reversed meanings.
  • It features an 80 card deck with a fully illustrated tarot, including a unique sinuous Art Nouveau gold frame.
Pros: Cons:
  • The deck of the card stock is good and the images of the cards are beautiful.
  • The deck explains all the little artist’s visions.
  • This deck is flexible and has a nice sturdy box.
  • The sizes of the cards are regular and are easier to shuffle.
  • There is a slight defect in the images of the cards.


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