Hip Chick Tarot Review (Paperback Version)

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Hip Chick Tarot is a form of Tarot that is designed for women that are on the go. The cards are designed to be large and easy to read for on-the-go reading.

The information in this book will teach you how to carry out a tarot reading for yourself as well as for others. Furthermore, you will learn how to read a small card spread called a hip chick spread.

Hip Chick Tarot
  • Strom, Maria (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About the Author:

Maria Strom is an Athens-based Tarot specialist and artist originally from Portland, Oregon. She’s built a mystical and pragmatic deck for females that’s varied and current. Recognizing the Sacred in daily reality is at the heart of Maria’s mindfulness development.

She is awestruck by the Divine’s serendipity and intellectual realizations, but she believes that the actual practice is in our daily lives—how we interact with ourselves, people, and everything that happens to us and around us.

Hip Chick Tarot Review (Paperback Version)

The deck comes in a lovely, sturdy box, together with an accompanying book. All of the card interpretations (such as the “intellectual” and “functional” meanings) are included in the book, along with pictures of each card. Four Tarot spreads are also featured in the book. Allow these wise ladies to assist you in tuning into your third eye when you need help and direction in daily life.

  • The 78 hand-painted and multicolored Tarot cards depicting women will inspire you to develop spiritually, be innovative, feel free, and speak coherently from a feminine standpoint.
  • This deck and accompanying guide inspire you to take risks and make judgments that are guided by your spirit rather than society or other societal perceptions.

The first edition was published by Red Feather on May 28, 2018. The book has 112 pages written in English. The item weighs 1.5 pounds and its dimensions are 6 x 2 x 9 inches. The cards are approximately 4.75” x 3.25” in size.

Previous Users’ Experiences:

  • Some users claim that just looking at the artwork in this deck made them feel like Keith Haring, which makes them feel good.
  • The imagery is simple but effective, and each card tells a whole story, providing plenty of space for individual view.
  • The deck was released by Schiffer Publishing, and it arrives in a very robust container, as do most of their decks.
  • This deck is so cute that it was difficult to choose just a few favorites.
  • The companion book delves further into those interpretations, giving the card a fresh perspective.
  • This is a deck for ladies and men that have an “inner feminism” inside of them.
  • Maria has created a broadcast of female characters who make this a highly approachable deck, whether you’re just getting started with tarot or engaging extensively with its meanings.
  • The cards have a great matte feel, and when rubbed between, they make a pleasant sound.
  • The cards are of good depth and have a lovely smooth feel.
  • It humanizes the outfits and helps the interpretations seem more realistic and grounded.
Pros: Cons:
  • The four suits, courts, along some of the majors are given a new spin.
  • Cards are thick and have a lovely matte surface.
  • Straightforward imagery that is easy to comprehend and connect to.
  • The concept of the deck is somewhat biased.
  • The deck did not care about the males out there, which might be disturbing for the dudes.


The Hip Chick Tarot offers the appropriate combination of advice, understanding, encouragement, and assistance that so many of us require to connect into our instinct and internal analysis. This deck is authentic, current, and rough while still being hip.

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