How many cards are in a Tarot Deck?

How many cards are in a tarot deck

A tarot deck typically contains 78 cards divided into two groups: the major arcana and the minor arcana. The major arcana consists of 22 trump cards or the Triumphs. The minor arcana consists of 56 cards divided into four suits: cups, pentacles, swords, and wands.

Major Arcana:

Major Arcana is one part of a tarot deck. It has twenty-two cards with names, numbers, images, symbols, meanings, characters, and importance. The 22 cards are numbered in Roman numbers as — l, ll, ll, lV, V to XXI. Though the last number is twenty-one in Roman numbers, Major Arcana has an unnumbered card called The Fool. There are the cards Major Arcana has in a tarot deck:—

 1. The Magician

This card represents recovery, evidence, spiritedness, and a connection with Heavenly.

2. The High Priestess

This card represents the Heavenly feminine, learning mist.

 3. The Empress

This card represents nature, a great mother, considered a route for The High Priestess on Earth.

4. The Emperor

This card represents impression, guidance, durability, capable of rule.

5. The Hierophant

This card represents applied perusal related to natural law and systems, mastering an area of expertise in this life chosen by one person.

6. The Lovers

This card represents a relationship’s complex decisions, challenges, compromises, and growth.

7. The Chariot

This card represents empowerment, winning, defeat every barrier.

8. The Strength

This card represents discipline, harmony, revision, ego, and intuition.

9. The Hermit

This card represents an inward drill, a reflection of one’s inner side, and the importance of being alone.

 10. Wheel of Fortune

This card represents impending, unavoidable sessions and life cycles.

11. The Justice

This card represents bravery, decrease, and moral sensitivity.

12. The Hanging Man

This card represents l consequences, abdication, and motionless.

13. The Death

This card represents closing, harvesting, going onward, and independence.

14. The Temperance

This card represents mortification, self—manifestation, insignificant, and symmetry.

 15. The Devil

This card represents ahead, dark, harmful relationships, and entrapment.

 16. The Tower

This card represents future problems, risks, emersion, and sudden changes.

 17. The Star

This card represents spirituality, joining with Heavenly circumstances, and mastery encouragement.

 18. The Moon

This card represents doubt, blunder, susceptibility, fraud, bewilderment, and hostility.

 19. The Sun

This card represents vigor, enjoyment, lucky fortune, affix, truth, nature, and positivity.

 20. The Judgement

This card represents aroused resurgence and free decisions that must be made.

 21. The World

This card represents significant changes, positivity, and actualization.

22. Unnumbered The Fool

This card represents chances, risks, starting a journey, wonder, and cheerfulness.

Sometimes Major Arcana is called a trump card by some people. This is because there are twenty-two cards included. Twenty-one numbered cards and a single card that is unnumbered. This unnumbered card is The Fool.

The Major Arcana cards often seem like complex, critical, momentous severe terms. But its arrival will have an impact on one’s life and path. Every card shows different importance; every card plays a primary role. Since these cards are connected with our daily life incidents, situations, people, their different personalities, and various theories, it’s beneficial.

Minor Arcana: 

In the Minor Arcana, there are fifty-six cards. These fifty-six cards are divided into four different suits. Every card is different from one to another. Each suit has its imagery, symbolism, theme, characters, importance, and name. Each suit has fourteen cards. Sometimes it’s called Morden Playing Cards by the people.

 Those four suits are: –
  • Wands, Batons, Rods (Clubs)
  • Cups (Hearts)
  • Swords (Spades)
  • Coins, Pentacles, Disks (Diamonds)

This suit has a connection with an element named fire. It’s conducted with everyone’s passion and also everyone’s energy. The cards of this suit are related and connected with different creativity issues. It will be helpful for one’s inner encouragement, hope, creativity, sexuality, and freedom.


The cards of this suit are related and connected with the element known as water. The cards of the Cups accomplice intuition, sentiments, affection, passion, impulses, sense, consciousness and wisdom, love, and knowledge.


The cards of this suit are related and connected with an element known as air. It is a mental realm. People manifest their understanding of rational thoughts. It is suited to accomplices moving, pepeople’sxpression, their thinking ways, their different words, and the actions they made.

Pentacles :

The cards of this suit are related and connected with the element named earth because this suit has to deal with all kinds of material worlds. The cards of this suit sometimes accomplice money, wealth values, business, careers, paths, worth, feelings, or emotions about safety.

Every suit of the Minor Arcana has four kinds of court cards. These are —

  • King
  • Queen
  • Knight
  • Jack

Explanation of Minor Arcana & Minor Arcana cards

These fifty-six cards of the Minor Arcana are connected with our daily life incidents. Our thinking, believing, working processes, and the way we feel all of those Minor Arcana cards picture everything. They are explained in the way of any number. By reading them, anyone can get energy. These cards are about everyday life, people, personalities, and various situations and circumstances.

Though the cards of Major Arcana and Minor Arcana tell us a meaningful story, they’ll become widespread illustrated language. Then all those seventy-eight cards will express, explain their story, give hints, and show their way of guidance massively.

Their importance grows in an observing way. They can help us find answers to all our questions through clues and hints. We don’t need to worry; it’s not any hidden secret mazes or puzzles. It’s not so hard. It’s straightforward since it’s connected with our daily life incidents, situations, people, personalities, feelings, experiences, thinking ways, working processes, and different circumstances.

All we need to do is focus and have proper concentration. We have to understand every single card profoundly and in detail. Then after fully relaxing, we have to ask what we want to know and what’s bothering us. Then find out the answers. Many other people use these cards just for fun. They usually play with all of those cards.

Many types of tarot decks are available, each with unique images and symbolism. Choosing a deck, you feel comfortable and peaceful with is essential. The Rider Waite tarot deck is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced readers. It is easy to use and provides helpful insights.


In conclusion, a tarot deck consists of 78 cards. There are many possible ways of arranging the cards, and the card type determines its placement. The cards are numbered from 0 to 21 (although some decks have an additional 22), with Ace being the highest and King being the lowest. Each suit is numbered between two and 10, with Ace being the highest and Knave being the lowest.

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