Knight of Cups Meaning, Guide and Review

The Knight of Cups card teaches us very significant lessons which can be reflected in our day-to-day lives, and with the help of the messages of this card, hopefully, we can improve our conditions.

Knight of Cups card is a part of what tarot players call a Minor Arcana in Latin-suited tarot games, including tarot decks. In Europe, the tarot deck is used for playing but in the English-speaking countries, the games aren’t that popular, and the tarot deck is used for divinatory purposes instead. The meanings and messages of the Knight of Cups card are derived straight from the original Rider-Waite tarot.

Knight of Cups Keywords

Upright Keywords:

Creativity, romance, idealist, charming, artistic, graceful, tactful, diplomatic, mediator, negotiator, charm, imagination, beauty, romantic proposals, offers, invitations, taking action, following your heart, chivalry, gentlemanly behavior, being swept off your feet, attraction, dating, affection, warmth, gentle, caring, sensitive, creative, imaginative, psychic, graceful, tactful, peace-loving.

Reversed Keywords:

Heartbreak, cheating, deception, overactive imagination, unrealistic, jealousy, moody, disappointment, tantrums, moodiness, turmoil, avoiding conflict, vanity, unrequited love, heartbreaker, manipulator, one-night stand, cheating, deception,  revoked offers or proposals, bad news, procrastination, obsession, trouble-making, tantrums, homosexuality, lack of diplomacy, avoiding confrontation, jumping to conclusions, creative or intuitive blocks.

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Knight of Cups Description

In the card of Knight of Cups, a white knight riding a horse gracefully can be seen. The knight is adorned with a cloak or a robe draped over his armor which is decorated with the patterns of fish; fishes are the indicator of the element water and represent one’s consciousness and creativity. The helmets are boots of this young knight have the winged feature of a bird on them. This symbolism suggests that the knight has an active and creative imagination and an appreciation for all things lovely.

Additionally, the golden chalice he holds in his right hand graciously symbolizes bearing a  message from his heart.

It’s essential to notice that even though the white knight is riding is a horse; he isn’t necessarily charging forward abrasively; instead, he’s moving graciously and slowly, emitting the aura of calmness as if the air of peace and tranquility surrounds him. The color white is meticulously used in this imagery to add depth to the characteristics of this card. The knight’s horse represents the power, drive, and energy within him. Still, as the stallion of this brave knight is colored white like his armor, it also represents divine qualities like purity, light, and spirituality.

The backdrop of this card is almost empty and not that important to understand the message of this card. But there can be seen trees and a river flowing remotely into the background, which symbolizes the power of emotions and creativity through the river’s current. In contrast, the trees represent the power of creativity to form new life even where it may seem barren.

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General Interpretation of Knight of Cups  (Upright & Reversed)

Upright Meaning:

The upright position of the Knight of Cups card can indicate new offers, proposals (probably romantic ones), as well as good news and invitations to social events or celebrations. Be it any kind of news, the Knight of Cups card suggests that it would also be brought with a lot of excitement and fun; as these are the kinds of offers and invitations we generally like to receive.

Alternatively, this Minor Arcana card in its upright position may also suggest you are being swept off of your feet or finding an exciting potential romance that will surprise you soon; because the knight is known for being an action taker. The Knight of Cups card advises you to follow your heart on this one.

Additionally, the knights are very gentle, considerate, and sensible force, so getting this card in your reading may also indicate that you are receiving kindness, warmth, or affection.

Moreover, the Knight of Cups can also mean being calm under pressure or becoming the negotiator in diplomacy; or you may find yourself acting as the meditator or resolver of conflicts.

Reversed Meaning:

In the general sense, the reversed position of the Knight of Cups is a bad omen to get in a tarot reading. It’s the indicator of bad news, withdrawn invitations, and even revoked offers or disloyal proposals.

In its reversed position, this Minor Arcana card may also signify the emotions of heartbreak, sorrow or disappointment, etc.

Additionally, the Knight of Cups in this position can signify moodiness and tantrums in stressful situations.

The Knight of Cups card appearing in the reversed position in a reading is the signifier that you may need to check before making a certain decision, and it’s rather good not to jump to conclusions and check your facts before believing or taking action.

In the reversed position, the Knight of Cups may also indicate that you’re procrastinating or avoiding taking any action in certain situations. This kind of attitude further pulls you away from success.

Knight of Cups- Yes or No

The Knight of Cups card is a very positive card in the Minor Arcana, and that’s why it answers ‘yes’ to your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ question in reading. The Knight of Cups is the bringer of good news and exciting proposals; that’s why it’s okay to get excited when this card appears in your reading.

Symbols & Astrology of Knight of Cups


The element that the Knight of Cups represents is water. As water represents fluidity, creativity, and gentleness, water is the perfect symbol to be associated with the Knight of Cups card.


The zodiac sign of Scorpio is strongly associated with the card Knight of Cups. The sign of Scorpio is called one of the three water signs and is related to a person who is deemed as obsessive but at the same time charming. There lies strong intuition within the character of Scorpio, and the same intuition helps them embark on a journey of hidden truths. The sign of Scorpio is connected to delving in the deep and searching through hidden layers to unearth secrets and resolve mysteries.

The planet which rules over the sign of Scorpio is Pluto.

Knight of Cups & Some Important Card Combinations

The Knight of Cups can be the indicator of many new and exciting things we may encounter in our life, such as a new romantic relationship or an exciting new friendship, or even a brand new business venture; the Knight of Cups will always show us the news and possibilities that we hope for. But to be more accurate on what kinds of blessings the Knight of Cups will bestow upon us, we have to look more closely at the cards surrounding it in a tarot reading.

Knight of Cups & Ace of Cups:

Together, these two cards hint at the potential passionate love interest being near you.
If you’ve been single for a while now, it’s time to look forward to loving now because your prince charming is right around the corner. This pair also suggests that even if you’ve been hurt in the past or have been heartbroken or cheated on before, letting that get in your way of finding happiness would put your current chance at pleasure at risk.
The combination also indicates that this person will genuinely care about you, and your job is to open your heart and let your companionship be full of joy with the one worthy of your trust.

Knight of Cups & Two of Cups:

This combo calls attention to your love life and indicates that the partner you’re currently with is your soulmate. Through troubles and turmoils and joy and happiness, you’ve been together with each other, and your love for each other shall pass the test of time, and you’ll be able to get the necessary support you need from this person.
If you’re single and looking for your romance, the Knight of Cups and the Two fo Cups cars together suggest that you shouldn’t wait to be swept off of your feet. As your loved one is right around the corner and you’ll be able to meet them soon.

Knight of Cups & Six of Cups:

This pair suggests that a person from your past will reappear in your life, most probably a friend.

People change over time and learn and grow to be better people. That’s why even the friend who’s reappearing in your life has probably hurt you before, this time, they approach you with good intention in their minds, and you shouldn’t be judgemental of them because of their past but give them a second chance. As this person will offer genuine support to you and help you, you shouldn’t push them away.

Knight of Cups & King of Cups:

This combo suggests your success at business and work.

If you’re self-employed, this pair tells you that you’ll soon come us with a business model that will transform your business and help you grow tremendously.

Even if you’re employed in a traditional job, success regarding work is bound to happen if you give it your all. Your result will be satisfactory.

So, when this combination appears, you shouldn’t doubt yourself and deprive yourself of financial prosperity.


In conclusion, the Knight of Cups is a complex card that can indicate he is having a confusing period. But it is also a card that helps one to seek spiritual insights and to trust in the flow of life.

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