Know Thyself: 30 Tarot Spreads- Charlotte Power: Review

Know Thyself 30 Tarot Spreads to Unleash Your Purpose

“Know Thyself: 30 Tarot Spreads to Unleash Your Purpose” is an original tarot journal, based on 30 tarot spreads, that shows you how to make a simple, yet meaningful, change in your life. Discover the synchronicity you already know about. The Tarot cards are your oracle.

Are you sick of wishing you knew what your true purpose is? Or, perhaps your life is a confusing series of events and you want to learn how to make sense of it all. Well, look no further.

In this book, you will find 30 spreads that can help you discover and align with your purpose.

What have in this book?

Tarot is a tool that we draw inspiration from in many ways; whether we are looking to understand ourselves better, learn our path, or just get some advice, tarot cards can be just the thing we need.

This book is the perfect book to get you started using the tarot; it has 30 spreads, each corresponding to a chapter in the book, and each spread has the same questions as the corresponding chapter in the book.

Know Thyself: 30 Tarot Spreads to Unleash Your Purpose (Know...
  • Power, Charlotte (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author:

This Journal was created by the author Charlotte Power.

Know Thyself: 30 Tarot Spreads- Charlotte Power: Review

This journal assists you in discovering yourself by recording your tarot experiences. Ground yourself on your recorded experiences to keep each reading more introspective and meditative.

Disconnect from the world’s noise and chart a path to meaningful self-discovery and purpose. Each spread allows you to keep track of the date and the type of deck used. In the boxes with their respective prompts, record the details of each draw and your reflections.

Additionally, each spread includes space for healing opportunities and your interpretation of the cards. The journal is 8.5*11 inches in size, making it ideal for storing in a drawer or bag. The soft paperback cover features a lovely glossy finish and a soothing pink and blue color scheme.

Know Thyself- Features and Specifications:

This deck was independently published on October 3, 2020. It is in the English language and has 62 pages of a paperback. It weighs 7.7 ounces and has 8.5*0.15*11 dimensions of inches.

  • This journal contains 60 pages for 30spreads.
  • It is a dedicated space to record details of up to 4 cards.
  • The interior’s theme is beautiful flower designs in fine watercolor prints.

Previous Buyers’ Experiences:

  • Some buyers claimed that this book is very basic and kind of like a coloring book but lamer.
  • Some buyers claimed that no indication was provided on how to do different spreads and pretty much repeated content.
  • It is very well thought out and bigger/thinner than expected and works as a journal as well, leaving you space for your thoughts as you try the spreads.
  • The book itself is pretty enough but some buyers claimed that it arrived at it a bit bent out of shape.
  • This little workbook is pretty and whatever spread you choose you can use a pencil to write in the book and the pages can be erased and reused.
  • Its second page allows you to write more in-depth information for each of the cards.
  • Some buyers claimed that there were no instructions provided, no hints, and thought about how to use it.
Pros: Cons:
  • This book provides us with 30 tarot spreads to help us to find our destiny.
  • It helps to bring us closer to discovering ourselves through tarot experiences.
  • It motivates us to unlock our purposes and develop a stronger connection with our cards.
  • The book provided info is basic and its book is like a color book.


These journal spreads are designed to help you dive deeper into the specific energies that are unique to you. Many Tarot readers will understand the concept of chakras, but those who aren’t familiar with this important part of our organism will be able to understand the meaning behind the 30 journal spreads.

Happy Shopping.

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