Mystical Manga Tarot Review (Pros & Cons)

Mystical Manga Tarot Cards teaches you how to read tarot cards, either for yourself or for others, with the help of the tarot deck included in this book. This article involves Mystical Manga Tarot Review with the pros, cons, sayings from the previous users, product features, and specifications.

The book starts with a handy introduction to tarot card reading and includes a special feature that explains the origins of the cards, and what they symbolize.

Mystical manga tarot card meanings:

The Mystical Manga Tarot was created by Barbara Moore and Rann. Barbara Moore is a professional Tarot card reader, Rann is a professional Tarot card writer. They are also the owners of Mystic Manga Tarot.

The Mystical Manga Tarot is based on the fictional Tarot cards that are used in the manga series Magic Kaito, which was created by Hiroaki Samura. The Tarot cards are based on the Japanese tarot card designs found in the manga series. Barbara Moore has created the Mystical Manga Tarot cards to be used in the Magic Kaito manga series for the purpose of Waite-Smith Tarot.

About the Author

Barbara Moore has been using tarot cards for almost twenty years. Tarot captivated her from the outset with its brilliant fusion of folklore, psychology, artistry, tradition, intrigue, and sorcery, as well as its incredibly simple implications. She is the author of numerous finest books. Barbara also consults with individuals and facilitates getaways and seminars across the globe.

Rann is a French writer and artist based in Paris. She served as a colorist for several different comic books. She operated as a personality artist for many years, doing huge events like Japan Expo, and releasing a comic book in three tomes at Tonkam Publishing. Also, she is employed directly as a graphic designer and artist.

Mystical Manga Tarot (Mystical Manga Tarot, 1)
  • Moore, Barbara (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Mystical Manga Tarot by Barbara Moore and Rann

This deck, which is inspired by the gorgeous aesthetic and essence of Japanese visual novels, inspires you to take a courageous step along the path of adventures and explore what wondrous possibilities await you. Each character comes to life because of Rann’s magnificent artistry, which provides you with the assistance you ought to traverse the chapters of your journey. The Rider-Waite technique is used to create this enjoyable, incredibly simple deck, which includes a useful color handbook by Barbara Moore.

  • This deck comes with a box.
  • The deck consists of 78 cards.
  • The booklet is fully colored and has 216 pages.

The boxed version was published by Llewellyn Publications on September 8, 2017. The item weighs 1.67 pounds and its dimensions are 5.5 x 2 x 8 inches. The language is English.

Previous Users’ Experiences

  • The deck’s companion book is exceptionally well enough written.
  • Some users think that the novice would benefit much from reading the book.
  • The packaging is well-made.
  • The figures are animating manga form, as the title suggests, but they also replicate Rider Waite’s symbology, except court cards.
  • The cards are typical, flat, yet neither spectacular nor unacceptably bad.
Pros: Cons:
  • This deck’s box is well-made, with a magnetic clasp and a dip on the interior to preserve the card security.
  • With a satin covering and full color shiny inner pages, the book is likewise quite lovely.
  • The imagery is great, and it closely resembles the appearance and feel of a manga.
  • The pictures have vibrant colors that are highly appealing.
  • The package and guidebook, rather than the cards, clearly received most of the financial plan for this set.
  • They’re slimmer and more polished than most other decks, to the extent of being a little slick.
  • The opinions in this book have nothing to do with the imagery.


Mystical Manga Tarot will excite your intellect and appeal to your spirit, whether you’re a tarot aficionado, a comic lover, or both. Indulge yourself with manga and anime’s mysterious spirit and thrilling essence.

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