Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards Review

If you are looking for a new deck of oracle cards, you should try Mystical Shaman. These cards are printed in the U.S., and they have been making oracle decks, tarot cards, and divination decks. These oracle cards are handmade and illustrated by artist Stephanie Noble. Each Spiritual Card contains an affirmation or phrase that is empowering and encourages you to reach your goals.

Mystical shaman oracle cards’ meanings:

In this deck, each card serves as a map to explore spiritual realms and reveal deep insights into your personal life. The archetypal symbols, playful messages, and unique interpretations found in these cards are much like a shamanic journey, whereby you journey into the mystical realms. Your soul’s wisdom will guide you to a deeper understanding, perspective, and appreciation for yourself, others, and life.

This article conveys all the ins and outs of the Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards, including pros and cons, previous users’ sayings, and product features and specifications.

Mystical Shaman Oracle
  • Villoldo, Alberto (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About the Author

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., is a physician and a clinical anthropologist with over 25 years of yoga experience. He has come to the Himalayan Mountains, the origin of India’s sacred waterways, to discover the knowledge of Ancient Hindu shamans, the Yogi. Dr. Villoldo is the founder and director of The Four Winds Society, where he teaches shamanic spirit healing therapy to people in the United States and Europe. Dr. Villoldo is the author of several finest books.

Colette Baron-Reid is an Oracle specialist, thought leader, and most exemplary author of numerous books who has received widespread fame. She is also the face of the successful TV show as a metaphysical communicator. She is a well-known author whose works have been translated into 27 tongues, and her spiritual students affectionately refer to her as “The Oracle Queen.” Her magnificent Oracle Cards, taken from historic spiritual practices and adapted to communicate in a formal language for the modern reiki master, is her most excellent and most-loved goods. Oracle School is her company, and she is the Chief executive.

Marcela Lobos has been introduced into Amazonian and Andean therapeutic practices. She was born and brought up in Chile, where she interacted with shamans from a matrilineal civilization that values maternal wisdom and Matriarch Earth’s compassion. Marcela is aimed at assisting women in finding their authority, elegance, and knowledge by creating “rites of passage” for them.

Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards Review

Legend has it that there were divine emblems once there was the time before there were words. The Medicine Wheel, the Curse, the Eagle, the Jaguar, and other symbols spoke directly to us. They conveyed optimism, and prudence, highlighted potentiality, spurred invention, pursued authority, and integrated ideas in their many forms. Mystical symbols are a part of archetype and the material world, a metaphysical mutual understanding shared by peoples both past and present. When you approach the oracle, you conjure strength and wisdom that can assist you in understanding the current, healing history and influencing destiny.

  • Each of the 64 cards in this deck depicts a religious emblem.
  • The symbols depict the energies and pressures at work and the path in which the power is traveling.

Hay House Inc. published the card edition in English on the 27th of March 2018. The item weighs 1.68 pounds, and its dimensions are 5.69 x 2.34 x 7.88 inches.

Previous Users’ Experiences

  • The packaging is quite strong, and both the box that stores the cards and the more significant case that contains the deck and the guidebook has a beautiful ribbon to make lifting the objects more accessible.
  • The booklet includes a black-and-white illustration of each of the 64 cards and three paragraphs of concise narrative explanation.
  • Some users have experienced that the cardstock is sturdy enough to avoid creases and bends but not so thick that juggling is difficult.
  • The themes of the cards themselves are instructive in providing a naturopathic direction dosage.
  • This is the author’s attempt to help people stop dreading a reversed card and consider it as a tool to assist them in getting back on track in life.
Pros: Cons:
  • The outside coating is made of a stricter stock, ensuring it will last a long time.
  • The cards have a lovely matte surface that feels silky on both sides.
  • The graphics on the cards are breathtaking.
  • You’ll notice that these ageless symbols are recognized and responded to by a deep part of your spirit.
  • There was a shortage of variation regarding physical size, maturity, and talent.
  • The narratives in the article may not seem to have any sense at times.

We may all become visionaries and thinkers in our own right. With the deck, we can communicate directly with the soul, converse with the laws of nature, and speak with the significant archetypes.


In conclusion, this deck is a wonderful way to explore your inner self. The cards depict scenes from nature and provide messages about our inner wisdom, intuition, and inner potential. These cards help us reach our spiritual selves when used in conjunction with meditative practices.

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