Napo Tarot Deck Review & Buying Guide

The deck feels like a friendly guiding hand, not a harsh taskmaster. As your readings unfold, you may find that the cards start talking back, guiding you toward insights you didn’t even know you were seeking — sort of like the Wizard of Id instructing the Cowardly Lion. But each reading is a unique experience. You may get a different card combination each time. The best tarot decks have the flexibility to read exactly how you want, without forcing you to conform to some rigid set of rules.

The cancer symbol on the Napo Tarot Deck makes me think the cards are telling me to “resist negativity” and “avoid toxic people.” While there is nothing wrong with that, I think these cards should instead be telling me to overcome my fears and embrace the adventure of tarot readings.


This deck is created by the authors Napo and Betty Lopez.

Napo Tarot
  • Lopez, Betty (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Napo Tarot Deck Review

This 78-card tarot deck was designed to remind us of our cosmic connection. The Napo Tarot was inspired by Argentine mythology, culture, and history. The woman from the pueblo knows how to intuitively read the archetypal images of the cards, just as the man from the Pampas knows what direction to take in the night by reading the stars. Napo, a well-known Argentinean artist, known for his colorful and distinct art style, has beautifully rendered the illustrations.

Napo Tarot Deck- features and specifications

U.S. Games Systems Inc. manufactured this deck on November 20, 2020. It is available in the English language. The deck has 78 pages of cards. The deck weighs 9.6 ounces and has 2.76*1.18*4.92 dimensions of inches.

It features,

  • It includes 78 cards with titles in English and Spanish.
  • It included 52 pages of booklet with tarot meaning in English.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • Passion and magic erupt from every nook and cranny.
  • Each minor arcana has its illustration.
  • The vibrant colors and endearing illustrations make this deck both playful and sophisticated.
  • The deck included a book with meanings.
  • Each card has a descriptive word on it.


  • Passion, Colour, and inspiration.
  • The interpretations strictly adhere to the Rider-Waite.
  • It contains card descriptions as well as upright meanings.


  • It doesn’t have any cons yet.

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In summary, “Napo Tarot Deck” is an accessible, delightful, colorful, clear, and concise tarot deck. This deck makes it exciting for beginners and seasoned tarot aficionados.

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