Tarot Cards Vs. Palm Reading-100% Real Rating

Tarot Cards Vs. Palm Reading- Rating

Are you getting confused about Tarot Cards Vs. Palm Reading? Well, we have provided the differences between them in the articles. Hope this is gonna be helpful for you.

There are several differences between reading palms and reading Tarot cards. The first and most obvious is that palm reading and tarot card reading focus on different aspects of your life. Palm reading involves mainly the physical and social aspects of a person, while tarot cards may focus more on spiritual or psychological aspects.

A palm reader can hardly tell you anything about your life that you don’t already know. You will know how much money you have, how your career is going, if you are married or single, etc. Having your palm read will not tell you anything that you don’t already know about yourself. However, palm reading does have its advantages. A palm reader can tell you all sorts of things about your personality, your future.

Tarot Cards Vs. Palm Reading

A Tarot card is a deck that is used for fortune-telling. It comes with many cards and all the cards by drawing, spreading, and shuffling cards, we can know about our life. On the flip side, Palm reading is also used for fortune-telling. It is read through the reading hand.

Have a look below for further differences.

Tarot Cards

Tarot is a divination tool that is used for practice fortune-telling. They are known as cartomancy. Tarot is used through several cards. Since the 14th-century in some European countries, the tarot has been available for use, but divination was unknown to all the people. Later in the 15th century they started to use this as a divination tool.

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Tarot reading is done through drawing and interpreting the cards. Tarot has many decks. Each of the decks comes with respective themes and structures. Tarot comes with four suits with fourteen cards and also has a separate 21 trump cards and one single card known as the fool. Each of the cards has a respective symbol and messages that are connected with our life.

Meaning of Tarot Cards:

It’s easy to understand why tarot cards have become so popular nowadays when you consider that the cards can be used for both self-improvements and solving mysteries.  The images featured on the cards are meant to represent archetypes, which are universal images based on humanity’s collective experience.

From the dawn of civilization, humans have relied on their own intuition, senses, and foresight in determining the meaning of the universe. Today, fortunetellers and seers still use the same methods—albeit with far more flashy technology—to help people discover the secrets of the universe. That’s where tarot cards come in. These cards, originally created by the ancient Romans, were developed to help people predict their future and make more informed decisions. Today, they’re used for everything from self-discovery to parties and more.

Palm Reading

Palm reading is the practice of fortune-telling with the study of the palm. It is known as chiromancy or chirology. Palm reading is practiced all over the world. Those who do chiropractic are known as palmists, hand readers, or chirologists.

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Many people assume that a palm reader only uses the lines in the palm of your hand to forecast your future. However, palm reading is actually a very complex science that uses many different body parts. The lines in your palm are just one part. Mainly palmistry is practiced by the Hindus brahmin.

Palm reading is done by reading various lines of the hand. Each of the line sizes suggests interpretations. In other traditions, readers also examine fingers, fingernails, fingerprints, palmar skin patterns, skin textures and color, the shape of the palm, and flexibility of the hand.

In modern palmistry, palmist comes in four shapes; Earth, Air, Water, and Fire and there is a three-line found on every hand considered as heart line, headline, and lifeline. Each line provides messages about the conditions of our life.

Meaning of Palm Reading:

The word “palmistry,” is derived from the Latin word “palma,” which means palm. Palm reading is a popular method to find out about a person’s past, present, and future. The lines on the palm are known as the “life lines,” and the lines which appear on the back of the hand are called the “mounts.” The character of a person, his/her mental and physical health, and even the person’s future can be determined by studying these lines.

One of the most important aspects of palm reading is the shape of the hand. What kind of hand you have, is really a reflection of the type of person you are. The shape of your palm and fingers is determined by your family’s influence and the life experiences you have had. For example, a person with long fingers is usually full of creative ideas and a person with short fingers is often timid and shy. So the shape of your palm and fingers can tell a palm reader a lot.

Review of the Differences Between Tarot Cards and Palm Reading

Tarot cards are used for fortune-telling through drawing cards, whereas palm is used for fortune-telling through reading hands.

Tarot cards are a modern tool, whereas palm reading is an ancient tool.

Also, tarot cards by interpreting through the cards, whereas palm reading is known by interpreting through hand lines.

Tarot cards are known as cartomancy, whereas palm reading is known as chiromancy.

Tarot cards are first used in European countries, whereas palm reading is first used in Europe and Asia.

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Summary In Brief

There is a lot of confusion between palm reading and tarot cards. While there are some commonalities between the two, there are a number of differences as well. For example, many people think that each hand has a meaning in palm reading, but in reality, each hand is the only representative of one’s present situation. Some people also think that only the left hand is used in palm reading, but in reality, both hands are used.

In the end, though, it is best to think of palm reading as a general indication of your personality and life situation, whereas tarot cards are more specific and predictive.

Tarot and palmistry—two seemingly similar divination tools that have their roots in ancient history. Both are based on the idea that a person’s life path is in some way tied to the lines and bumps on their hand or the cards in their deck. But the two aren’t the same, and in fact, there are several key differences that determine which method is best for you.


So, we hope that you have got the differences between the tarot cards and palm reading that we have provided in the article. Tarot cards and palm reading are both used for fortune-telling. Just a difference is that one is done through shuffling and drawing cards and the other is done by reading the palm lines.

You can do divination with any of the methods according to your choices. Feel free to choose.

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