Oracle Deck vs Positive Affirmation Deck REVIEW

Oracle cards and positive affirmations do not have to be mutually exclusive. Both can be useful, and both can be used in complementary ways. Some people may prefer one style to the other, while others may find a hybrid approach is most effective. Finding the right tools for your specific needs and using them in a way that fits your personality and your life is the key.

When you first start thinking about Oracle, it seems all the methods are the same. How many cards to draw, how many cards to shuffle, and so on. There are many methods available, but I think a big problem people have is actually deciding on which method is right for them. When I started, I was also confused about which method to use. I decided to try reviewing the Positive Affirmation Deck and the Oracle Deck, and it was the best decision I ever made. I like many things about the Oracle Deck, but the one thing I like more is the Positive Affirmation Deck.

The two decks are different in their results and their philosophies – or so both parties would have you believe. The positive affirmation deck comprises short positive affirmations that you read aloud to yourself and put on a note before each day’s cards. The Oracle deck is made up of more complex processes that you must follow. However, the results from the cards are the same – the wish card you got that day is the card that comes true.

Oracle Deck

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Oracle is interrelated to tarot cards. These decks of cards are beautifully illustrated like tarot cards. It included a guidebook that provided all the card’s meaning and information and instruction on how to use and shuffle them. Despite having this similarity, they have some variations.

The Oracle deck contains unnumbered cards. They may contain 38, 79, or 80. They have a goddess angel theme. Also, they provide messages of angels, goddesses to mankind. There is no method or skill needed to read oracle cards. Using these decks brings a positive change to one’s life.

Positive Affirmation Deck

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Positive affirmation decks are said to bring positive thinking, calm, and confidence into one’s life. They contain 42 cards in a deck. They assist you in pondering thoughts that leave you with a greater sense of serenity, tranquility, and clarity than before. It applies a positive shift in attitude, energy, and intention while reading.

It is a highly beneficial tool for the mental well-being of those who are stuck in a rut or feeling sad. Reading the affirmation deck every day inspires your days and week with good intentions.

Review of the differences between Oracle Deck and Positive Affirmation Deck

  • The Oracle deck contains unnumbered cards, whereas the positive affirmation deck contains 42 cards.
  • Oracle deck provides guidance and brings positive changes into one’s life, whereas a positive affirmation deck with positive thoughts clarity brings positive thoughts and hope into one’s life.
  • The Oracle deck provided messages from angels and messengers, whereas the Positive affirmation deck provided only positive messages.
  • There is no rule needed to conduct an oracle deck, whereas you need to follow the instructions to conduct a positive affirmation deck.
  • Oracle deck messages predict our future and guide us to our purposes, whereas Positive affirmation deck messages bring hope and trust that peace and love will come in your way.


In summary, I tend to see the oracle deck as a neutral and impartial companion, while the positive affirmation deck is an active and helpful advisor. Both decks can be used as a tool to communicate with the higher self and draw insight and guidance from the universe.

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