Page of Swords Meaning, Guide And Review

The Page of Swords (also known as Jack or Knave of Swords) is a card seen in Latin matched decks such as tarot cards. It’s a component of the “Minor Arcana,” as tarot card users refer to it. Tarot cards are used to play tarot card games across much of Europe.

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Key Interpretation (Yes/No)

Though some readers interpret the Page of Swords as a negative, this Minor Arcana is usually interpreted as a positive, especially when it comes to mental challenges or testing. If you’re asking a question about something academic, pulling the Page of Swords indicates that you’re ready to face anything that makes your business unique.

Page of Swords Feelings

The Page of Swords is a tarot card that depicts someone who is clever and talkative. The couple is interested in learning more about their romantic interest but will proceed with caution because they do not want to be psychologically damaged.

Page of Swords Reversed Love

If you’re in a relationship, your spouse has been neglecting their responsibility to look after your mental health. Your partner hasn’t been much of an ally lately, whether through indifference or outright animosity. They’ve just added to your mental anguish, and it is time to put an end to it.

Communicate with your lover straightforwardly and honestly. Make it clear that you don’t enjoy their recent lack of assistance. You could be able to change things around if they are ready to help shoulder the strain of your romance.

If you’re single, you’ll attract the attention of someone who’s in a relationship. They may even abandon their partner to be with you. If you choose to try this commitment, it will be critical for your unrequited love to disclose their prior relationship to each other.

Page of Swords Advice

When the Page of Swords (or a Duchess in other decks) is in this situation, the issue demands delicate changes to bring it to the ultimate good for all parties involved. Contrary to periods when being prominent and courageous is the ideal way to serve the social purpose, now is the moment to maintain your own company, cover your tracks, and discreetly execute tasks that would be hard to accomplish without seclusion.

Minimize your profile and boost your obscurity, no matter how damaging it is to your self-esteem. Although it would be satisfying to complete what has to be done while being transparent, this is not a focus at this time.

Page of Swords as a Person

The Page of Swords is someone who most people would aspire to be like. If you got this card in a spread, you’re probably a sharp, inquisitive individual who is always looking for new knowledge. You keep one ear to the floor and are always aware of what is happening on in your elite networks.

When folks want to go out for a good night out with friends, they turn to you for recommendations on where to go. Your eloquence has allowed you to charm your way out of trouble and into positions of power.

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Page of Swords Tarot Meaning

Upright: You’re prepared to take on complicated issues and difficulties, according to the Page of Swords. Because of your expertise and experience, you would always emerge victoriously. While you will undoubtedly triumph, do not be afraid to surround yourself with supporters. Your magnetic personality can attract the greatest of the finest to your cause.

Reversed: Once the Page of Swords is reversed, it is an especially devastating sign. You’re about to get some awful news that will throw your plans into disarray. In addition, your sharp tongue may give you problems down the line. If you remember to consider before you speak, you might be able to prevent this.

Page of Swords Timing

The Page of Swords foresees a major notion being turned inwardly, then outwardly to address an issue. This occurrence could happen anywhere between 1 and 11 days.

Page of Swords Health Meaning

When the Page of Swords occurs in your health-related spread, it indicates that you are overworking yourself. Exhaustion can cause a number of health issues, so if you’ve been feeling unwell, it’s most probably due to overtraining.


The Page of Swords card denotes negotiation and vigor. It symbolizes a large amount of mental energy that is best spent by pursuing your curiosity to the deep solutions it will lead directly to you.

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