Power Thought Cards Review (Pros & Cons)

Power Thought Cards are designed to stimulate your mind so that you can develop a way of thinking that is in line with your desire to create the life you want. Let’s check the power Thought Cards Review.

The deck contains 64 cards representing 64 different thoughts, emotions, events, etc., that can be chosen to expand your mind. This means the reader can use the deck however they wish.

How to Use Power Thought Cards?

All of us are aware of the power of positive thinking. However, we also know that positive thinking doesn’t always work and that we all need the occasional “kick in the pants.” There’s a reason we all know how to use “power thought cards”: they work! These cards give you the shot of energy you need to get through a difficult situation. I know, I’ve been using them for a while myself!

If you want to learn how to use power thought cards, you have to do more than just read the card by itself. It’s crucial to have a “Power Thought Card” box set.

Power Thought Cards: A 64 Card Deck (Box Set)
  • Power Thought Cards
  • Hay, Louise (Author)

About Author

Louise L. Hay (Author)

Louise is a metaphysical instructor and teacher by profession. She’s the author of the best-selling book called ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ published in 1984 and has over 50 million copies of this book in print sold worldwide.

Besides, she has written more than 30 books for adults and children; many of them are bestsellers. She has over 30 years of relevant experience in her field. She has also helped people worldwide discover the full potential of their own creative powers and for personal growth and self-healing and successfully implement that in their lives.

She has appeared on ‘The Oprah Winfrey’ show and numerous other TV and radio programs both in the USA and worldwide. She’s an inspiring teacher who’s produced numerous audio and video programs, tarot and oracle decks, online courses, and other resources for people to attain a happy and healthy lifestyle and live a joyous and fulfilling life. She has her own website displaying her work and endeavors.

Let’s check out more on Power Thought Cards.

Power Thought Cards Review:

This deck will help you find your intuitive inner strength and help you build up your life. The deck consists of 64 vibrant cards, all designed to enhance the amount of affirmation in your life to uplift your spirits.

The visuals of these cards are for enlightening, inspiring, and bringing joy to your life. Based on the relevant experience of the author working with her clients in real life and providing them with the necessary affirmation they need, these cards are the collection an outgrowth of the experience at those times.

The inner strength that these cards provide can be deemed helpful in many sectors of our life, from building up self-esteem to romance, love, and prosperity. These cards are compatible for a person to use anywhere, workplace, home, or car.

The cards are suitable for gifting friends, family, and loved ones too. Reading and drawing one card from this deck each morning would provide you with the inspirational kickstart you need in your daily life.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the version of cards on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 1st January 1999 by Hay House Inc. it weighs about 8.8 ounces and has a dimension of about 4.25 x 1.25 x 4.25 inches.

  • The deck has 64 unique cards.
  • The cards contain 128 pieces of exquisite art illustrated by five distinguished artists.
  • The deck comes packaged in a beautiful gift box.

Users’ Experience:

  • The package size of the deck is cute and adorable.
  • The deck is very colorful and joyous, definitely giving off positive vibes.
  • The cards have excellent quality, so any spill on the cards could be wiped off.
  • The affirmations are perfectly written and very inspiring.
  • The cards are perfect for healing, and they give elaborate descriptions of the affirmation.
  • The cards are very helpful for the situations faced in real life.
  • The cards all address specific issues and provide a single affirmation on that topic.
  • The cards are easy to store and safekeeping.
  • The cards can connect with the readers easily.
Pros: Cons:
  • The cards are perfect for gifting and even come with a suitable cute and pretty gift box.
  • The cards are thick, sturdy, and easy to shuffle.
  • There’s a short description of the deck in the back of the packaging box, giving an overview of the deck.
  • The cards are shiny and glossy with a good-quality print.
  • The cards are double-sided; one lists the affirmation, and the back gives a lengthy description of it.
  • The cards don’t provide any advice for already stable and mature adults.


The affirmation and inspiration we all need are provided through these lovely cards. Readers should embrace this blessing with open arms to bring about a change in their lives. These cards’ practical and real-life correlation helps them provide a better-suited answer for us to use in our day-to-day situations.

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