Pride Tarot- 100% Authentic Review (Pros&Cons)

The Pride Tarot is a fully illustrated deck of 78 cards, with a dramatic, colorful theme that captures the essence of the traditional tarot. The Pride Tarot is a powerful tool in helping us explore our own psychology, love lives, and our past, present, and future.

Inspired by the celebration of the achievements of the LGBTQ movement and Pridefest, U.S. Games System collaborated and created a 78-card tarot deck called ‘Pride Tarot.’ This tarot deck showcases the unique and creative talents of the LGBTQ members and their supporters and also it emphasizes showing U.S. Games System’s support to the community.

Pride Tarot Meaning

The first deck of the Pride Tarot series is The Pride, whose cards are said to symbolize energy, empowerment, compassion, and the search for self. The cards’ fragility is a metaphor for our inner strength. The images of two women and a bull in the corners of each card symbolize the need to conquer ourselves and never be dominated by others.

This tarot deck also comes with a detailed 192-page guidebook illustrating and describing the cards’ contents, an introduction to artists, and the ‘Parade Card Spread’ instructions.

45 diverse artists from around the world came together and shared their powerful stories which are featured in the tarot deck. Following the ‘Rider-Waite-Smith’ tarot structure, some cards in the ‘Pride Tarot’ tarot deck portray real-life heroes and their legacies along with some other famous role model’s personal real-life experiences.

Pride Tarot
  • U.S. Games Systems Inc. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Pride Tarot Deck Review

The U.S. Games System has shown their strong and upholding support to this community. It has also made a significant effort to improve the individual lives of members of the LGBTQ community. As it is often for many young people of this community to go through horrible experiences like bullying, marginalization, and isolation just because of social norms, the U.S. Games System has decided to donate to struggling people.

The tarot deck provides-

  • 78 beautifully illustrated and detailed cards for tarot reading containing inspiring stories.
  • Includes a 192-page guidebook with complete details of the tarot deck and other related information to its creators.
  • It also provides an extra ‘Pride Flag Rainbow’ card which is also eligible for use in a six-card-reading.

The tarot deck is available in English, and the U.S. Games Systems published it on 1st April 2020. It weighs about 11.2 ounces and has a dimension of 5 x 1.57 x 2.95 inches.

Let’s Check Out ‘Pride Tarot’s’ Pros:
  • The art on every card on this tarot deck is beautiful, unique and symbolizes great stories.
  • This deck is great because it supports and the idea on which it is based is just revolutionary and life-changing.
  • The cards are packed and delivered in top-notch and perfect shape and the quality of the cards in this tarot deck is also high.
  • The cards in this tarot deck focus beyond the human imagery by focusing on nature and abstract symbols. They can give off an ethereal feeling through its illustrations, which the customers highly praise; this tarot deck’s quality is what makes it so unique.
  • This tarot deck is unique in cards and provides a beneficial and detailed guidebook for the users to be used with ease. It also signifies telling the stories behind the making of this tarot deck and its creators.
  • This tarot deck emphasizes the burning issue of the LGBTQ community and their movement and achievements which serves a higher purpose than the cards themselves. It shows the support and helps others are willing to offer to the struggling members of the community.
  • In a review in Amazon, a customer claimed that the tarot deck cards were not only symbolic but also very thorough as his 14-year-old daughter, who is a member of the LGBTQ community, was able to connect to these cards very deeply; according to him, the tarot decks were worth every penny.
Let’s Check Out ‘Pride Tarot’s’ Cons:
  • According to some reviews in Amazon, there were some vague complaints about the box of the tarot decks being thin, but hopefully, the cards were intact and in perfect shape after the delivery.

Moreover, Purchasing these tarot cards will be the personal spending of a customer and this money would be used to make the life of a struggling or distressed member of the LGBTQ community. U.S. Games Systems has taken a step to donate to the foundation which helps the people in need of this community as they might go through many terrible experiences. This foundation aims to help them overcome their life crisis and provide them with sufficient support to better their lives. So, by making a purchase, you can become a supporter of this community and contribute your money for the greater good.


In a nutshell, the Pride Tarot is a set of 78 cards that present a mythological context for the modern world. While the imagery and symbolism may be familiar to tarot readers, the cards are story-based and not specifically associated with a particular tradition.

So, to contribute to a greater idea and be a part of a revolutionary movement and support the cause of the LGBTQ community, you can purchase your tarot decks of ‘Pride Tarot.’

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