Primordial Tarot Review & Buying Guide

The Primordial Tarot deck offers much wisdom about love, careers, and travels. The cards point to strong, healthy, and loving relationships. The spreads are mapped on the circle, which reminds us of a wheel, which reminds us of the cycles of life.

The cards’ meanings also harmonize with age-old beliefs, such as astrology, alchemy, geomancy, and numerology. Get a deck and give yourself some guidance!

The cards are colorful, the illustrations are cute, the iconography is uncomplicated, and the bits on how to do readings (and how not to, if you’re a cranky occultist) are decent.

About Authors

This deck was created by the authors, Pietro Alligo, Manfredi Toraldo and Sergio Toppi.

Pietro Alligo is a fine Italian artist.

Manfredi Toraldo is an Italian tarot artist.

Sergio Toppi is an Italian tarot reader.


Primordial Tarot
  • Alligo, Pietro (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Primordial Tarot Review

Primordial Tarot, a masterpiece by renowned artist Sergio Toppi, transports the reader to the world of early mankind when spirituality and the material world were one. This captivating deck is all about raw emotion: it is extremely loud when shouting and uncannily quiet when whispering. The use of this deck demonstrates that the deepest wisdom comes from a spark of light in the night.

Primordial Tarot- features and specifications

Llewellyn Publications manufactured this deck on August 08, 2020. Its language is English. The deck weighs 15 ounces and has 3.25*2*5 dimensions of inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience
  • The guidebook is jam-packed with unique information and perspectives on each card.
  • It comes in a very nice box, and the cards are very crisp.
  • Ugly, ambiguous, and sharply designed.
  • The seamless design is sharp, unique, and it can be difficult to tell which card is which at times.
  • The cards are thin but good quality stock, smooth, and easy to shuffle.
  • The interpretations provided are brief, and the printing is small.
  • The booklet is of high quality, having been stitched rather than glued.
  • The booklet is not particularly well-organized.


  • The box is a two-part slide-up box.
  • The cardstock is stunning.
  • The instruction manual is outstanding.
  • A wonderful journey is described and profound insights of a different kind.


  • The box is nice and sturdy, but it isn’t fancy.

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In conclusion, the Primal Tarot cards feature a unique image and color that corresponds with the suit and is complemented by a guidebook. The Primal Tarot deck brings a fascinating new perspective to tarot readings. If you’re already familiar with tarot cards, then you’ll appreciate the deck’s unique take on Tarot, including its inclusion of the elemental energies of earth, air, fire, and water. If you’re new to the Tarot, you’ll be introduced to the basic concept of the Tarot: the interpretation of symbols in cards.

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