Raben Tarot: Set Mit Booklet und Karten Review

The Raben tarot cards are specially designed to work on the Tibetan Buddhist teachings of compassion, love, wisdom, and compassion. The cards also contain images of the three kayas, manifestations of the Buddha, which are the theories of mind, body, and form. These kayas reside within us in mind, body, and speech.

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Raben Tarot: Set mit Booklet und Karten
  • Hardcover Book
  • Cullinane, Mj (Author)
About Author

The deck was created by the author Mj Cullinane.

Margaux Jones (MJ) Cullinane is a Seattle-based writer. He was the magician, especially the ravens, and he was the designer, author, mother, and all the others. These are simple techniques she created to enable photos to convey tales in collages. She has been devoted to this art form for the past ten years. Nature and all of its species are recurring topics throughout MJ’s work. Welcome to Boston; bring your enthusiasm to the village shown in the drawings.

Raben Tarot: Set Mit Booklet und Karten Review

Ravens are knowledgeable and magical birds at the same time. Her aura is powerful and mystical. They can open doors to the spiritual realm and the depths of our souls.

The 78 cards, inspired by MJ Culliane’s imagination, enthrall us and allow us to fly to our intuitive strength. They may be found on their own and in the context of their life questions. The Symbolic is a conventional Tarot deck based on A.E. Waite that is appropriate for both novice and experienced players. Each card has a literary explanation in this book.

Raben Tarot: Set Mit Booklet und Karten -Features and Specifications

The deck is Königsfurt-Urania publisher, edition on (October 17, 2019).

Language: German.

The item weighs 11.3 ounces and is 3.19 x 1.69 x 4.8 inches is the size of this item.

Previous Buyer’s Experience
  • The cards are made of good quality.
  • Easy images with meanings.
  • The artwork is fantastic.
  • The design and quality of the cards are well arranged.
  • Small booklet with beautiful design.


  • The size is convenient.
  • The artwork is beautiful and meaningful.
  • An inspiration deck with colossal information.


  • Hardly any

In summary, this tarot pack is a sweet set. The cards themselves have a lovely patina, with some exciting artwork. They’re also sturdy, which is important in tarot. The accompanying book is also quite good, offering clear instructions and exciting information about the tarot and its history. With its gorgeous art, simple instructions, and sturdy cards, the Rüben Tarot is a recommended tarot read.

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