Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle Deck: Review

“Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle Deck” is a collection of a variety of thought-provoking, energetic, and transformative questions, written on a variety of subjects to help the person who reads them to experience their deep transpersonal and transgalactic knowingness.

“Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle Cards” makes use of the sacred geometry of the 26 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the 26 numbers of the Pythagorean/Pythagorean numbering system, as well as the sacred geometry of three-dimensional sacred Squares and Triangles.

The questions are written on various subjects to manifest the individual reader’s deepest desires and a higher spiritual purpose.

What Do Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle Cards Means?

Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle Cards is a lighthearted meditation on the ancient art of astrology and the sacred geometry of the universe. It is a tool to help any reader connect with the divine on a deeper level. It is a way to look at your life and the world around you with a completely new perspective.

Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle
  • LON (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author:

This deck created by LON.

Born and brought up in Holland, LON attended art school when she was young. Afterward, she worked in the advertising and graphics-art industry for quite some time.

Currently, she resides in San Diego, California. Her work focuses mainly on geometric art images, which feature visual mediation tools and activations, helping people navigate their changing times.

She also offers workshops and intuitive counseling, which helps her clients become eligible for open, new, fresh, and multidimensional thinking.

LON has her own transcendental artistry and her skill of visual chemistry which helps her images radiate the power of the universe.

Her work has been critiqued and praised by Education Transformations, Lion Heart Consultancy, and South American Imports.

She’s also the author of the bestseller Modern Merlin, focusing on magic multidimensionality, energy, manifestation, and much more concepts.

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Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle Deck Review:

Sacred geometry is the language of the soul in which humans can communicate and connect with the endless flowing energy of the universe.

For decades and centuries, sacred geometry has been a crucial part of many cultures around the world. It is the bond that connects us all to the depths of the cosmos. It’s the core of our creation and the blueprints of our lives written in sacred images.

Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle can help one connect their soul to the quantum field of existence and unleash their full potential.

If someone works with these cards, it can help them think outside of the box and create a depth of your thoughts daily with the perk of becoming a powerful and conscious creator.

Features and Specifications:

It is available as a card version on Amazon, and it comes in the language of English. Beyond Words published it on 4th October 2016. Moreover, it weighs about ? 0.035 ounces and has a dimension of about 5 x 1.5 x 6.75 inches.

  • It has 44 activation cards.
  • It has a 160-page guidebook.
  • The cards are glossy with flexible quality.
  • They have high-quality images and illustrations.

Past Users’ Experience:

  • Some users on Amazon have claimed the cards to be efficient and comfortable to use.
  • The customers who had received the product but without the instruction manual were given a few bad reviews.
  • The illustrations and shapes on the cards are very soothing and healing to the eyes.
  • One customer had received the card with molds and machine scratches, but the overall quality of the cards was good enough.
  • Some customers had complained that the cards had repetitive answers and the readings according to the instruction manual made no sense.
Pros: Cons:
  • The cards consist of authentic and radiant geometry drawings and illustrations from an experienced artist.
  • The sacred geometry helps connect the soul to the cosmic universe.
  • The readings and activation of these geometry cards are beneficial for daily basis usage.
  • The shapes and illustrations can also be calming and therapeutical.
  • The cards also deliver accurate and responsive answers per reading.
  • The guidebook is also packed with the necessary information for flexibility and advantage for the users.
  • It’s also usable for novice and beginners.
  • The cards are too illustrated and sometimes give off the overworked vibes.
  • These cards also appear to be flimsy to some users because of their geometry drawings.
  • The cards also appear to be without a container.


This is an introduction to the new series of Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle Cards by LON. Engaging and immersing yourself in the depth of the universe’s divine power makes us useful for soothing and healing the soul.

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