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If you’re looking for an expert review of the Saints and Mystics Reading Cards, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been reading tarot and oracle cards for over 10 years, and I’ve tried almost every deck on the market.

The Saints and Mystics Reading Cards are one of the newest decks on the scene, and they’re quickly becoming a favorite among readers. The deck is based on the artwork of medieval and renaissance saints and mystics, and each card has its unique message.

I was immediately drawn to the deck when I first saw it, and I’m so glad I decided to try it. The deck is beautiful, and the messages are truly insightful. If you’re looking for a deck that will give you accurate readings and beautiful artwork, the Saints and Mystics Reading Cards are a perfect choice.

This article involves all the ins and outs of the Saints and Mystics Reading Cards with the pros, cons, sayings from the previous users, product features, and specifications.

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards: (36 Full-Color Cards and...
  • Engracia, Andres (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards Meanings:

Saints and mystics have long used cards to divine the future and interpret the present. The practice has recently become more mainstream, with people of all backgrounds turning to cards for guidance. While there are many different decks and methods, the basic principle is the same: the cards offer insights into our lives, helping us to make choices and find our way forward.

There are a few things to keep in mind when reading cards. First, it is important to be open to the messages they offer. Second, trust your intuition – go with your first impression of the card, even if it doesn’t make logical sense. And finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a friend or professional if you need it. With a little practice, you’ll be reading cards like a pro in no time!

About the Author

Andres Engracia’s earliest encounter with mysticism and spirituality occurred when he was a child and had countless supernatural sightings and forebodings. After his mother’s death, while he was a teenager, Andres’ fascination with spirituality developed tremendously, propelling him headfirst into the occult realm to find answers and unravel humankind’s riddles.

Andres started engaging in numerous information disciplines to build his outlook after uniting with his cultural homeland through multi-cultural spirituality, including forensic and cultural anthropology, shamanic, astronomy and folklore, metaphysical, and emotional treatment.

Andres now uses his energies as a skilled spiritual healer, a qualified Past-Life Retrieval Counselor, and a wise spiritual growth training and programs teacher. He is primarily stationed in Sydney, Australia, but aspires to travel to his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards (Reading Card Series)

Oracle Cards are a spiritual instrument that serves as a visualization of your inner self. They represent your innermost concerns through the energy that flows through your atmosphere, your instincts, and the feelings in your heart. On the other hand, the Saints and Mystics Reading Cards are unique among Oracle-based card sets. They were produced and meant to be used as a petition or summon card, with instructions drawn from the wording and their past and mythical ancestry.

  • Every card is written so that the various aspects they symbolize are easily grasped.
  • The instructions on the cards will not sound like a traditional oracle set, intended to give out straight warnings; instead, the cards will encourage you to explore and engage with their tales and lessons in your special manner, setting new your logical understanding.

Rockpool Publishing published this tarot deck on June 1, 2018. This paperback edition has 120 pages written in English. It weighs 1.05 pounds, and its dimensions are 5.3 x 1.2 x 7.6 inches.

Previous Users’ Experiences

  • The backstories of each character and the significance of each card are well-illustrated and narrated.
  • Some users believe this deck lacks a deeply religious tone. Yet, it provides an accessible and pragmatic view of spiritual practice, allowing anybody to use it regardless of religious beliefs and behaviors.
  • It’s a one-of-a-kind deck that frequently contains oracles about deities, angels, and extraterrestrial entities.
  • Saints and Shamans is a lovely and well-made game, and the card quality is exceptionally good.
  • The cards are wonderful.
  • The design is stunning.
  • Rather than a thorough explanation, the handbook provides an overview and background of the person shown on the card.
  • It pulls the characters and cards to reality with tons of ambient and meaningful backdrops.
  • The deck comes with a box with a magnetic clasp.
  • The cards have a wonderful aroma.
  • Some might dislike getting involved with saints, mysticism, and deities through the deck.
  • Some of the photographs are completely incorrect.


This deck, created by a professional spiritual healer, commemorates men and women who extended our understanding of spiritual consciousness while incarnated in the material universe.

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