Stress Management Myth Busted!

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Following stress management by the book is not enough. There have various stress management myths, and many people have it in their heads that there are certain step-by-step procedures to follow to keep stress at bay.

While many of these steps help, it is important to find the stress relief methods that are really suitable for your needs. Stress management is not a one-size-fits-all scheme that will work for all people.

Myths for stress-relief:

There are also several myths circulating about the ways on how to relieve stress or tension. Here are some of them:

Stress Management Myth #1: Nutritional deficiencies do not have anything to do with stress

Many people think stress is just all in mind. But your physical health has got something to do with how frequently you can succumb to the effects of stress.

For instance, a person who suffers from poor serotonin and melatonin production might become more prone to depressive disorders, mood swings, and “the blues.” This person might then succumb easily to stress in the workplace or at home.

Serotonin and melatonin are two essential hormones produced by the brain. Nutritional deficiency and a sedentary lifestyle can cause the poor production of serotonin and melatonin.

Also, women are quite prone to stress, especially during their monthly period or during menopausal. This is the time when the hormones are wreaking havoc in your body. A woman becomes more irritable and more prone to depression during these times.

Hungry people are also more irritable. They are the ones that might snap back at you over the least provocations.

A healthy body is equal to a sound mind. To promote a good disposition and keep stress at bay, your body has to be in good condition.

I have been taking Vitamin B12 supplements, and I have felt significantly better. I rarely feel the effects of fatigue and tension even after hours of working. I also tend to think clearly.

Stress Management Myth 2: You have to live the life of a monk

The lives of monks are the epitome of a stress-free lifestyle. Stress management does not suggest you leave the hustle and bustle of city life and go to a mountain to live the life of a monk. Stress is part and parcel of modern life. Unless you are willing to clam up and shun the rest of the world away, you have to learn how to cope with the things that might rock your stable life.

You have to learn how to coexist with stressful factors around you. They will always be around you. The important thing is to learn how to react properly to these stress factors. You can either let them defeat you, or you shrug them off and continue with your life.

Stress Management Myth 3: There is only one way of managing stress

There is no rule book in stress management that you can follow word by word. It would help if you searched for a technique that will appropriate for you. Go over the various suggestions and find the methods that will be more suitable for your lifestyle.

You can even make your own strategies. Hold on to things that make you happy and contented.

To provide stress relief, you have to choose a holistic approach. The holistic approach involves managing stress on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level. There should be a good balance between these aspects of your life.

Stress Management Myth 4: You are alone in managing stress

You can choose to be alone in managing stress. But the best way to really relieve stress and tension is to seek the help of a support group.

People tend to think that living is all about learning how to be independent. But the truth is, we humans are interdependent on one another. We need the help of each other to bring out the best in ourselves. Reach out to people. Interact with them.

There is this saying that if you share your burdens, it will halve, and if you share your joys, it will double.

So don’t be afraid to talk to someone when you are stressed out. An extra set of hands or an extra brain will help you figure out what you are missing out on in life. Stress management becomes easier if you have people who will back you up.

Recommended Book: The Myth of Stress: Where Stress Really Comes From and How to Live a Happier and Healthier Life

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