Dark Passenger Psychology: How Real is the Idea

From the name itself, Dark passenger psychology, we can easily perceive something deep and vicious. Unfortunately, this term does exist in many people either to a great extent or to a negligible value. It can even persist with someone who is considered normal to himself or the outsiders.

If I ask you, have you done things that were negative and later made you regret it? You may find out you did, actually. Most of us had such moments where we have done a bad thing that made us feel guilty afterward.

You may even wonder how you have done such a grievous act, which is very unlike you. Well, during that moment, you are deceived by the dark personality that is lurking inside of you.

Now, what would you name that dark personality which exists even if you do not understand? Yes, you are right. It is the dark passenger inside, and in psychology, the term is established as Dark passenger psychology.

In words from a renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung, dark personality is something that we do not allow to come forward and eventually represses the trait as a shadow.

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Dark passenger psychology scenarios in real life

The drug-addicted people and similar addiction desires could also be regarded as dark passenger psychology. The addiction is something that came out eventually into your personality and which you may regret sometimes.

Someone may be addicted to serious offensive crimes in their unconscious mind, making them feel guilty later.

We have seen the dark passenger concept in the Dexter drama series. Dexter experienced a gruesome event in his childhood, where he saw his mother got murdered and was left in the blood of the pool. This past occurrence of his life eventually led him to become a person who would feel the urge to kill and is always compelled by blood.

The dark passenger trait could also be found in a decent man. We came across many people in our society who earned themselves a position yet pretty abusive to his closed ones. This could be the dark personality he possesses. Have you wondered why this type of character builds up? The prime reasons are mostly due to the environment they were brought up in, where they have seen similar abusive cases on their loved ones by the family’s chief.

Again, some people may not want to commit to a relationship. Try to look closely at his past experiences. Either he is from a broken family, or left by his father or mother, or got cheated from a former relationship.

Final thought!

The dark personalities do not necessarily mean to be grievous all the time. Yes, cynical murderers or abusers are the ones that are in extreme conditions. In contrast, a trivial matter that hurts others could also mean a dark passenger personality.

While the extreme cases are challenging to address and need proper treatment, the small instances could easily be solved by the person himself or with regular advice from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

We also have to understand that dark passenger psychology brings the worst side of us and makes us feel negative afterward. Therefore, if we think our dark side impacts the people around us, we should address the issue as soon as possible.

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  1. My dark passenger is very real. I grew up with an abusive drunk father who repeatedly told me I was worthless, a waste of life. A no good nothing, then would
    Beat on me for the mistakes I’ve made either at school or in the home. That was over 20 years ago. I’m gonna be 35 in march and I still deal with this dark passenger. Even taking it another step farther, like in the snow dexter. I carry conversations with that voice in my head. For dexter it was his dad or his sister. For me it’s just the same. It’s my dads voice. My dads Ridicule. It’s not something I like living with. But idk how to be free of it. Idk if I want to be free of it. You cling on to those thoughts and feelings, especially if it’s all you ever known.. my dark passenger, my drug addiction issues. Never do I wanna harm anyone but that’s only cuz I know where my passenger draws his limit. My passenger doesn’t want to hurt other, only creat self harm. Not physically. But mental harm


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