Tarot del Fuego Review & Buying Guide

The tarot del fuego deck is inspired by esoteric, alchemical, and Hermetic ideas and symbols and was created with the idea that the symbolism of tarot can serve as an artistic metaphor for the transmutation of the subconscious thoughts into conscious knowledge. The tarot del fuego deck is available for purchase on tarotdelfuego.com and in tarot shops worldwide.

The Tarot del Fuego has been one of the Spanish tarot decks that have long attracted the attention of readers, authors, and collectors. It is a beautiful deck with rich iconography and an attractive design. The Tarot del Fuego is the Spanish name for Chile, and this connection to the country’s history contributes to its beauty.

Tarot del Fuego Meaning:

Tarot del Fuego, a tarot deck inspired by the tarot card “The Fool.” The Fool card, also known as the “carte blanche” card, is the card of new beginnings and the card of innocence. The Tarot del Fuego deck was created with the “carte blanche” or “fool” card in mind. The deck features 2-3 cards per suit, with suits being symbols that represent the Fool’s journey.

Tarot del Fuego
  • Cavolo, Ricardo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

This deck was created by the author Ricardo Cavolo who is a well-known Spanish artist on a global scale. He has had solo exhibitions in Madrid, London, New York, Montreal, Porto, and Milan.

Tarot del Fuego Review

Ricardo Cavolo’s Tarot del Fuego is a deck that invites you to uniquely connect with the heart of the spirit with high-energy art that pops with bold colors and fiery motifs. Nothing escapes the attention of a reader who reads with this daring deck, its rosy-cheeked figures and omnipresent eyes of fire.

Tarot del Fuego- features and specifications

Llewellyn publications published this product, Multilingual edition, on June 08, 2016. It appears in the English language. The deck weighs 7.7 ounces and has a dimension of 2.5*1.25*4.5 inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • Some buyers claimed that the deck is gorgeous but has some flaws.
  • The deck is best for reading without reversed cards.
  • The deck arrives with vibrant colors and figures.
  • Some buyers claimed that the card’s stock has a little plasticky feel.
  • The card is thin, overly glossy, and slippery.
  • The cards are slick but shuffle well.
  • It is easy to read and seems delicate to all.
  • The cards are laminated, thin, but of good quality with vivid colors.
  • It conveys intense messages when reading.


  • The deck contains figures, and the art is fascinating.
  • Its art is vivid, unique, and engaging.
  • The deck is full of diversity.
  • This tarot transmits direct and abrupt messages when reading.


  • The symbolism is rich in trump, but the card stock is not good.

In conclusion, the Tarot del Fuego is definitely a beautiful deck. The artwork is striking, evocative, and captures the full scope of emotion, both dark and light. The imagery is unique and, at points, downright disturbing. The thickness of the card stock is deceptive, the thickness feeling both sturdy and substantial without being unwieldy. The card stock and tuck box finish are rich, and the deck feels very durable.

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