Tarot of Dreams Review & Buying Guide

Tarot of Dreams Review

You might have noticed from reading my blog that I have some fascination with tarot cards. It isn’t really clear when it began, and I don’t really know why. I didn’t have a tarot card deck or anything like that until a few years ago. When I bought my first tarot card deck: the Dreaming Way Tarot, you may already know that the Dreaming Way Tarot is a collaborative effort by the author and illustrator.

The Dreaming Way Tarot is a 78-cards tarot deck with a beautiful dreamy outlook. The readers will be in their world of imagination while learning about the tarot deck with it. The classical theme will bring out the inner child delicately.

This article shows the features and talks about the experiences the previous readers had with the Dreaming Way Tarot.

About the Author:

Since 1997, Rome Choi has worked extensively with the Tarot. His meditation practices inform his Tarot presentations, and he attended Transcendental Psychology at the Seoul University of Buddhism. Kwon Shina joined hands with Rome Choi in the Dreaming Way Tarot. He provided his mesmerizing illustration in this tarot deck.

Dreaming Way Tarot
  • Choi, Rome (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Dreaming way Tarot Meanings:

Dreaming Way Tarot is a Tarot Deck created for interpretation by well-trained and experienced Tarot Card readers. Tarot Deck is a source of inspiration and wisdom that can lead us to new horizons in life.

Dreaming way Tarot is a Tarot Deck that focuses on the symbols of dreams and what they teach us about the inner self and the future. Dreaming Way Tarot is a Tarot Deck that contains 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards.

What Does It Mean to See Tarot Cards in a Dream?

Do you dream about what you eat? People often have food dreams, but what we eat might not represent what we dream about.

TAROT CARDS in a DREAM  is a sign that you are trying to determine what will happen and help you find out what will happen in the future and what you need. Or To dream of Tarot cards means you are experiencing a difficult transition and need to decide.

Tarot of Dreams Review

The Dreaming Way Tarot reminds the readers of classic kids’ book graphics. It has a lovely, dreamlike aspect to it. The photos have a sentimental quality to them, and they appear to be rather recognizable.

US Games has released a new tarot deck called Dreaming Way Tarot. Dreaming Way adheres so faithfully to the Rider Waite Smith customs that almost everyone familiar with this Rider will have no problems comprehending Dreaming Way right away.

Choi’s deck is not intended for use by experienced tarot readers. However, it would be a wonderful and enjoyable present for a young woman. Kwon Shina’s artworks have a lovely, delicate style.

  • The Dreaming Way Tarot deck delves into numerical and element-based themes and offers new Tarot readings.
  • This deck would be ideal for narrative and performances.

Dreaming Way Tarot was published by US Games in 2012 on 24 of September. The authors are Rome Choi (writer) and Kwon Shina (illustrator).

This is a Tarot Deck with 78 cards in total. There is a small white-colored booklet as the companion. The card language is English. The item weighs 9.2 ounces, and its dimensions are 2.75 x 1.25 x 4.75 inches.

Past Users’ Experiences:

  • The deck is ideal for contemplation and investigating the subtleties of a subject before getting pounded so over the brain with the over iconography. However, it can still hurl a hard punch when necessary.
  • Although the writing on the cards complements the deck, the mixture of language and soft color scheme appears to throw off photographic attention.
  • Several readers have observed that they can have more than one card in a single image.
  • The cards are 2/34″ x 4 3/4″ in size and have a matte texture.
  • This deck is designed for those who are already acquainted with tarot imagery.
  • The majority of the cards in this deck portray Korean aesthetics.
  • The Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) system is interpreted in a futuristic and fanciful in The Dreaming Way Tarot.
  • The work contains some startling distinctions.
  • The backs of the deck are not reversible.
  • Many of the outfits have black-and-white checkered patterns.
  • The deck’s graphics are pretty attractive.
  • This deck has instructions in detail.
  • It’s a good way to elicit perception, but it may also be exact.
  • Represents and youthful context.
  • The cards can be mixed easily.
  • The picturesque surroundings appear to be haphazard. Some of them have lovely color-washed hues.
  • Some of the images feature a recurring pattern that resembles vintage decor.
  • Not entirely for beginners.


According to the readers, the Dreaming Way can only be used for two things: interpreting for youngsters at a celebration or as a surprise for that lovely lady who enjoys dabbling with the cards but isn’t concerned about it as an analysis.

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