Ten of Cups Meaning, Guide and Review

Ten of Cups is part of what the tarot card players call the Minor Arcana in a tarot deck. Latin countries use a tarot deck for playing, but in English-speaking countries where the games are largely unknown, a tarot deck is used for divinatory purposes. The meaning and interpretation of the Ten of Cups card are derived from the original Rider-Waite tarot deck.

Ten of Cup’s Keywords

Upright Keywords:

Divine love, blissful relationships, harmony, alignment, happiness, homecomings, fulfillment, emotional stability, security, domestic peace,  family,  happy families, reunions, family gatherings, marriage, long-term relationships, peace, abundance, domestic bliss, comfortable ever after, caring, children, fun, play, creativity, soulmates, fate, destiny, good luck, blessings,  well-being.

Reversed Keywords:

Despair, broken family, divorce/separation, conflict, unhappy home/family life, dysfunctional family, broken home, lack of security/stability, divorce, separation, conflict, disharmony, lack of teamwork, rocky relationships, keeping up appearances, non-traditional families, not wanting marriage/children, infertility, miscarriage, social services, losing your home, homesickness, isolation, foster families, family secrets, neglect, abuse? Separation, domestic conflict, disharmony, isolation? Disconnection, misaligned values, struggling relationships.

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Ten of Cups Description

In the image of Tenn of Cups, a couple is standing together, hugging each other, and their body language depicts a loving relationship between them. Their arms are outstretched upwards, and their two children happily play nearby. In the distance, their house stands on a hill with a garden and greenery. The image’s overall scenery gives the eye a scenic, relaxing experience. The ten cups or chalices are in the sky, arched, and a rainbow adds more meaning to their joy and happiness.

The Ten of Cups card’s imagery indicates this happy and lovely family with responsible, caring, and loving parents who have a perfect relationship with each other, and their love is everlasting. They have everything they could wish for a comfortable home, their lovely children who are adored and cared for, and most significantly, their strong and affectionate mental bond with each other, which keeps them together and strong.

The family home behind them indicates the family’s stability, assurance, comfort, and security. The backdrop of the card is also adorned with beautiful things to add more depth to the message of Ten of Cups. The grassy fields suggest fertility, while the river’s strong flowing graciously symbolizes the family’s intense positive emotional power.

The rainbow and arched cups can symbolize more than one thing, such as happiness and joy, or depict that the hard times are over and serve as a sign from the divine power that everything from now will be alright.

Although the scenic beauty of this card is laid back and relaxed, there’s some sort of peace in this idyllic daily life depiction of a loving family. Sometimes, finding true love and fulfilling emotional support from a family requires stability and security.

General Interpretation of Ten of Cups  (Upright & Reversed)

Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, in the general sense, the Ten of Cups card depicts happiness, emotional fulfilment, and a supportive family. It’s truly a marvellous blessing and serves as an excellent omen. It indicates that you’ve got certain luck when it comes to domestic bliss, and you’ll be able to live a fulfilling and loving married life with your partner, and your house will be the resting place for your mind.

This Minor Arcana card also depicts children and fertility. Children are a blessing on their own, and though bringing them us is a crushing responsibility, the Ten of Cups in the upright position gives you a hint that your future life, along with your partner and children, will be full of contentment and cherishable memories.

In another depiction, the blessing of the Ten of Cups card spreads from your family to your friends. So, if you get this card upright in a reading, it can indicate you have a helpful and supportive friend circle that’ll bring positive changes in your life.

In its upright position, the Ten of Cups card also sometimes depicts playfulness and creativity. So if you’ve had a creativity block, you have excellent and fulfilling times ahead of you.

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Reversed Meaning:

Generally, the Ten of Cups in the reversed position doesn’t serve as the bringer of good news. Instead, it depicts the opposite messages that the upright position of this card preaches. The love and happy life shown in the normal sense are crooked and replaced with negative feelings and critical situations.

The Ten of Cups in the reversed position indicates having a dysfunctional, broken, or unhappy home. Conflicts, quarrels, fights, and constant neglect and breakdowns may occur. At its worst, the card in the reversed position hints at familial abuse, which can be both physical and mental and equally harmful.

The Ten of Cups card in this position can also suggest that the bond between the family members is toxic and temperamental. Even though they may appear perfectly stable and regular from the outside, there are visible cracks seen all over the relationship within the family.

The secrets, problems, and disharmony among the family members might cause dysfunctional and unhappy family relations. But, unfortunately, fleeing and avoiding the pain and keeping up appearances won’t magically solve any situation you might have in your family.

The alternative and unusual depictions of the Ten of Cups card in this position are- infertility, miscarriage, or probably a non-traditional family such as adoptive or foster homes, etc.

Ten of Cups- Yes or No

Considering its optimistic message, the Ten of Cups card is one of the most assertive and positive in the tarot deck. The card’s message revolves around the blissful feelings of love, peace, security, and stability. As the card is entirely hopeful and spreads joy, the answer to this card in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reading would be a definite and strong ‘yes.’

Symbols, Astrology & Numerology of Ten of Cups


The element of water is connected to the Ten of Cups card.


The zodiac sign of Pisces is strongly connected to the card Ten of Cups. The characters under the sign Pisces are well-known for being the most sympathetic and sensible of all other zodiac signs. This sign is super aware of the people around them both socially and emotionally; they’ll try to do anything to increase the happiness of the people around them.

The planet of Neptune rules over the zodiac sign of Pisces. Neptune is strongly known for being the planet of dreams, magic, and spirituality coming together.


The numerology associated with the Ten of Cups is 10 & 1.

Ten of Cups & Some Important Card Combinations

The Ten of Cups depicts an upbeat message even if combined with the other card in the tarot deck.

  • Ten of Cups & The Lovers:

This combo tells you you’re destined to be with your partner. If you’re already married or have a lover, congratulations; you have someone who’s made to be with you. You’ll stay happy and secure in your relationship and can hope for a happily ever after with them.

If you’re single, the next person you’ll love will be the one you’re supposed to spend your life with. So you’re bound to meet them soon. With this person on the horizon, you’ll be drawn to them, and there’s a good chance you’ll both seem to hit it off immediately. This combination of cards tells you not to ignore the signs and embrace the happiness which will be bestowed upon you.

  • Ten of Cups & Three of Pentacles:

Teamwork is essential to deliver the best performance possible. But our ego and shame forbid us to grab that opportunity and be our best selves. Combining the two cards above tells you not to hesitate while reaching out for help.

Essential teamwork or collaboration is probably on your way, and to ensure your happiness, top-notch productiveness, and good performance at work, excellent cooperation and support are needed.

  • Ten of Cups & Ace of Wands:

This combo suggests pregnancy and fertility.

If you’re pregnant already, this pair suggests that you’ll have a supportive and secure pregnancy and that you and your baby will be healthy. Your baby will grow to be healthy, and you’ll luckily encounter no complications during childbirth.

If you’re not expecting a child, this can suggest the ensuing probability of pregnancy. On the other hand, if you’re not considering having a child, this card combination tells you to reflect on your decision, as having children can change your life drastically and give you endless joy.

  • Ten of Cups & The Chariot:

This combo together hints at the need to mend your severed relationships. No relationship is straightforward, whether platonic, romantic, or familial, but running away from problems or leaving without saying anything will add to the issues. This combination of cards encourages you to mend your bonds with your loved ones.


Love, care, and affection build a family and help it grow and nurture it into a support system for each of us. Therefore, it’s essential to realize our families and relationships’ significance in our lives and manage them accordingly.

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