The Celtic Tarot Deck Review & Guide

The Celtic Tarot Deck offers a unique approach to the Celtic cross, the most famous symbol in the Tarot. In typical Tarot fashion, the images on the cards show scenes that reflect the different areas of life. The cards are drawn with the idea that the universe works through archetypal images and symbols. The Celtic Cross is the female counterpart to the male star-cross or cross of crucifixion. The cross of crucifixion is a symbol that conjures the crucifixion of Jesus. In Celtic mythology, the cross of crucifixion is a symbol that represents the battle between the forces of light and darkness. The Celts believed the cross of crucifixion was a portal to the underworld.

The Celtic Tarot Deck Meanings:

The Celtic Tarot Deck is an expression of ancient and enduring wisdom. While it is not a guide to divination, it can point us toward a better understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. The Celtic Tarot Deck combines lush, earthy Celtic symbols with classic tarot imagery. The deck emanates magic and mystery, enhancing our connection to nature and our intuition.

The Celtic Tarot by Helena Peterson (1990-10-11)
  • Helena Peterson (Author)
  • Aquarian Press (Publisher)


This deck is created by the author Helena Peterson.

The Celtic Tarot: Discover Celtic Myth and Legends in Your Tarot Deck Review

This deck contains each of the cards that have been tied to key characters from Celtic mythology and gods; the Celtic Tarot is a fantastic combination of Celtic art and Tarot knowledge.

This amazing set contains 78 beautifully designed Tarot cards and a companion book that explains the significance of each card and how to interpret your readings correctly.

Helena Paterson’s examination of the Celtic people and their mysterious Druidic faith, combined with Courtney Davis’s world-famous designs, creates an imaginative package whose vibrancy and strength will delight and enthrall fans of mythology, Tarot, and Celtic art.

The Celtic Tarot Deck: Features and Specifications:

  • Included a complete set of 78 Tarot cards illustrated with Celtic artwork.
  • A guidebook with 160-page explaining the meaning and symbolism of each card.
  • 1st edition, Metro Books (January 1, 2009)
  • Language: English Weight of the item: 1 pound.
Previous Buyers’ Experience:
  • The deck is wonderful and soulful.
  • The explanations are easy and well written.
  • The art is beautiful, the colors are soothing, and most meanings are symbolic.
  • Great for beginners.


  • Beautiful artwork.
  • A set with good quality.
  • The display is visible.


  • No cons.

In conclusion, The Celtic Tarot Deck is beautiful. The colorful artwork and the variety of cards make it a very versatile deck. If you’re a fan of Celtic and Celtic-based decks, I definitely recommend this deck.

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