White Light Oracle Deck Review (Pros & Cons)

The White Light Oracle is a divination tool that allows you to contact your soul by tuning into the planet’s collective consciousness using a visual representation. This divination tool is a simple yet effective way to connect to your higher self and receive messages from a higher power that can aid you in your daily life. Let’s check White Light Oracle Review.

White Light Oracle Card Meanings:

On the surface, the White Light Oracle deck looks like a hodge-podge of imagery, but each card addresses one of the seven Deities mentioned in the book. Of course, if you choose to sit down with the cards, you’ll find out you’re an expert at divination, but more likely, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you like the images and the insights they unlock.

White Light Oracle: Enter the Luminous Heart of the Sacred...
2,192 Reviews
White Light Oracle: Enter the Luminous Heart of the Sacred...
  • Fairchild, Alana (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

Alana Fairchild (Author) & A. Andrew Gonzalez (Illustrator)

Alana is an Australian visionary author and modern mystic. In her long creation career, she authored 13 books, 20 oracle decks, and 30 albums of sacred music and meditation. She’s a creative who channels the spiritual energy from the light into our bodies to empower and nurture the human body and mind and all around us. Her uniqueness is her vibrant online community of enthusiasts who pledge sacred offerings for global awakening. She once worked on the divine feminine energy in  The Kuan Yin Transmission and her Saraswati Healing. Her music is based on healing and meditation, including Divine Circus and Sacred Rebels, White Light Frequencies, and Rumi albums. She has an impressive social media presence, and her online community is global and influential; offering divine beauty, wisdom, and peace to the world is what sets her teachings apart.

Andrew is an internationally renowned artist and illustrator. His artworks can be found in museums, galleries, and collections worldwide. He’s mostly known for his unique sculpture-like look in his painting and his own personally developed methods. His artwork has a specific power and motivation on its viewer; it also drives the viewer and inspires them from within.

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White Light Oracle Review:

The magical white light heals, and its frequencies can ease and soothe all tensions. It also caters to our surroundings, our planet, the creatures, and all around us. The light is the divine medicine needed for the soul and used for empowering the heart. It can also be helpful for awakening our inner consciousness and clarifying our minds. The stronghold and positive energy it gives us are unfathomable. The gorgeous and glorious oracle deck gives us the enlightening and luminous vision and imagery we need in our lives. The mesmerizing messages and artwork touch the deepest parts of our souls. The author’s signature healing process also helps in this method. Both of these knowledgeable souls gathered their knowledge into one single deck to offer it to the readers.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the paperback and cards version on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 8th November 2019 by Llewellyn Publications. Moreover, it weighs about 1.2 pounds and has a dimension of about 5 x 1.75 x 6.75 inches.

  • The deck has 44 illustrated cards.
  • A 240-page detailed 240-page detailed guidebook accompanies the deck accompanies the deck kit is 5 inches x 6 inches.

Users’ Experience:

  • The deck is very insightful and helpful, especially for meditation and divine energy seekers.
  • The deck is very accurate, intense, and convincing in its messages and affirmations.
  • This deck successfully connects with its users and is very quick to channel the divine white light to the users.
  • The readers can connect to the author through her inspirational writings.
  • This deck is the best among all the other oracle card deck out there.
  • The art of the deck is very soothing and peaceful to the mind.
  • The deck takes work and time to get used to it, but the end result is very satisfying and worth it.
  • The card stock and print are glossy and high quality.
  • The boxed kit helps for the safekeeping of the deck.
  • The deck itself is a healing and meditative cure.
  • The deck’s artwork is not only mesmerizing but also genuinely stunning with its vibrant and lovely colors and patterns.
  • This deck will help grow one’s connection to their spirituality and make them self-aware of their sense of self.
  • Some of the cards tend to stick together, and the cards are a bit hard to shuffle.


The readers have to surrender and believe the power of the white light to gain a better and wishful, satisfying life for themselves. Living happier, always trusting the light as the light heals you and reveals the path for your success and peace.

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