The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot Ever by Dusty White

One of the most popular questions I get asked is how to learn the Tarot. And my answer is always the same: get yourself a good Tarot deck and a good book and then start practicing.

But I know that some people want something a little more structured than that. So today, I’m going to share the easiest way to learn the Tarot ever, by Dusty White.

This method is perfect for those who are just starting out, or for those who want a refresher on the basics. It’s easy to follow and doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills.

So, if you’re ready to learn the Tarot, grab your deck, and let’s get started!

This article involves all the ins and outs of the Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot with the pros, cons, sayings from the previous users, and product features and specifications.

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever!!
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • White, Dusty (Author)

About the Author

Astrologers and Tarot experts (newbies, pros, and specialists) are transformed into Zen masters of the esoteric arts by Dusty White. He is the writer of various metaphysical works. He is a native of southern California who now calls the verdant forest above Santa Cruz home.

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot – Ever!!

The Tarot not only allows us to learn how to foresee the future, concentrate on our personal goals, avoid traps, and be away from distractions, but it can also work with us to develop our psychic abilities. The capacity to understand their internal monologue and observe how card interpretations adjust to the subject being asked is the distinction between typical Tarot readers and experts.

Even if you’ve never picked up a deck, this book will teach you how to see how cards combine, affect, and approach each other, as well as how to ask any questions. Furthermore, the entire book functions as a study guide: almost every section is participatory, outlining a technique and prompting you to record your thoughts on each instance card and reading. The book contains concepts like as:

  • What different interpretations your cards could have?
  • What answers do the cards give you when every time you want something to know?
  • How to correctly cast a spread and receive accurate results.
  • When to use the best spreads, how to use them, and when not to use them.
  • What the cards “historically signify” and why it matters, not more than what your instinct is showing you “straight today.”

The first edition was published by BookSurge Publishing on March 20, 2009. The paperback format has 342 pages written in English. It weighs 1.5 pounds and its dimensions are 8 x 0.78 x 10 inches.

Previous Users’ Experience

  • Some people dislike the time-consuming process of learning the cards.
  • “The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot-Ever!!” by Dusty White. Is, without a question, the best book for both new and experienced tarot readers.
  • It delves into novel approaches to learning what the cards signify, as well as the term “card mixing,” which is presented in many books and by many tarot trainers.
  • The lessons are aimed to improve our skills so that we can be confident in interrupting and blending the cards in several ways, allowing us to use even larger tarot spreads that provide significantly more information than simply the usual card boundaries.
Pros: Cons:
  • You can use the internet to perform your workouts, pose questions, and obtain feedback on your performance.
  • It will assist you in mastering the tarot in a fun and casual setting.
  • The entire book is designed to be used as homework.
  • Some users think that they really could not connect with the book.
  • It is like a worksheet, therefore, no colored tarot card is there to enjoy for tarot deck lovers.

It enables you to see beyond what would be directly in front of you. As a result, it can assist you in becoming a more well-rounded and balanced individual.


In conclusion, I am recommending this book to everyone. It is the perfect book for tarot beginners, especially those with a busy lifestyle, very user-friendly and intuitive. If you are learning how to read the cards for yourself, you may lack the confidence, but this book will give you the confidence that you need to become a great Tarot reader.

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