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Tarot Card Meaning

The Emperor Tarot card is one of the most powerful cards in a Tarot deck. It symbolizes strength, authority, and leadership. If you are considering a new project or undertaking, the Emperor Tarot card can be a great sign that you can see it through to completion. The Emperor is also a reminder that although you may be in charge, you must still be fair and just in your dealings with others.

Major Arcana:– 

The Emperor tarot card is the fourth card in the Major Arcana and is traditionally associated with the astrological sign of Aries. The Emperor is a natural leader who likes to be in control and can be resourceful. He is a father figure who can be both protective and demanding. The Emperor represents the masculine principle and is often seen as a symbol of power and dominion.

The Emperor Description

The Emperor is a card of a regular, common tarot deck’s Major Arcana or trump cards numbered four(4). Since The Empress tarot card is the mother praxis and normative, the Emperor tarot card is the father archetype, praxis, and normative.

In The Emperor’s tarot card’s imagery, a man sits over an immense stone decorated with four rams heads. It is a symbolic connection or link between man and the planet Mars and Aries. In the man’s right hand, The Emperor means that man is holding an ankh. This is an Egyptian symbol that means life. In the man’s left hand, there is an orb. Which represents the world upon the planet he rules. That man on The Emperor’s tarot card is wearing a red robe. This implies his power, emotion, and energy for his life.

Underneath it, a suit of armor is worn so that he will be protected from any harm and threat. He has a long white beard. This is a symbol of his age-old experience and wisdom. There is a golden crown on his head, which shows everyone that he demands to be heard.

Just right behind The Emperor or that man’s throne looms a tall inaccessible range of mountain, denoting that he is backed by a problematic and challenging foundation but preventing creating any kinds of changes unless he supposes it necessary. Beneath the top of the small river flows gives the man some hope. Despite his tough and challenging outer, he is still a sentimental being.

The Emperor Keywords

Upright Keywords:– Dominance, induction, stability, concentrate, defense, upkeep, discipline, moderation, practicality, natural, as a father figure.

Reversed Keywords:– Oppressor, cruel, unjust, stiff, uncompromising, lack of discipline, stubborn, reckless, strong.

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The Emperor Upright Meaning

Since The Emperor tarot card is a father figure of the tarot decks or The Major Arcana, The Emperor tarot card suggests that one person is taking up a fatherly role; it does not matter if the person is a man or a woman, providing for his own family, defending and saving the loved ones. The person who is reading The Emperor tarot card may be a character.

The Emperor’s tarot card shows an influential, strong leader Who is demanding authority and, at the same time, respect. The Emperor tarot card tells one person reading this card’s Upright side that — the person can claim his authority as a responsible leader and influencer and rule with a rigid but fair hand. The person should not let others put him down.

The Emperor tarot card reflects a unique and specific process, system, or method bound by some rules and regulations. The person can create laws and orders engaging principles or guidance to a particular situation.

The person has to be more systemic, strategic, and highly combined in his approach. He sticks with his plans till the end. The Emperor tarot card also indicates world knowledge, concepts, and expertise. Through the course 9r period of his life, he will be able to learn more and gain more.

The Emperor Reversed Meaning

The Emperor tarot card’s reversed side shows the person reading many responsibilities, powers, and disciplines. In the reversed position, The Emperor’s tarot card cards can be commanded and behave like a child, tenacious in his thinking.

Since it is reversed, The Emperor tarot care can suggest to one person that he can abuse or excessively use authoritative abilities surrounding him. Sometimes the person needs to consider power’s role in his life. All of these different kinds of energy can be equally and formatively allowed. He does not need to take it from others.

Also, he does not need to give away his own. The Emperor tarot card’s reverse side can signal that other people look to him as their entrusted leader or as an adept in the scope, but he is still shying away from playing the role. Since he is afraid to be seen as a leader, he stays out of the spotlight.

There are some times when The Emperor tarot card will ask a person to stand up to authority. When The Emperor tarot card pops up in a tarot reading, the person reading this tarot must pay more attention to his assurance of his aims or goals and to his self-discipline to get the assignment done.

If one person struggles to see any real and practical outcomes, he has to check his plans, a valuable routine to boost them, and the devotion to see them through. Sometimes one person needs to be tough on himself and do those uncomfortable, hard things and work, which he prefers to avoid.

The Emperor Love Meaning


When it is a love reading with The Emperor tarot card Upright side, it is obvious that it will be positive. Suppose the person reading The Emperor tarot card is single and interested in any man.

In that case, The Emperor tarot card will elude a romantic love relationship with an older man. That man will have tastes like the Emperor, such as —– order, logic, debate, rigid, diurnal, and formation. He will probably not be very good at romance but still better influence the person. He will be protective, trustable, and practical-minded.

If the person reading The Emperor tarot card is single and interested in women, then maybe it is the best time to express his feelings openly to her. On the other hand, those people who are already in a love relationship and facing problems will start to improve this situation and, in a way, stabilize their love relationship.


When it is about a love reading with The Emperor tarot card reverse side, if the person who is reading The Emperor tarot card is already in a love relationship, it will show him inconsistency in their relationship.

This is why his love relationship conflicts, misunderstandings, unhappiness, and problems. In this situation, The Emperor tarot card tells him that in that relationship, one person controls his partner, behaving like a possessive, overprotective, overbearing, and stubborn person. In that case, The Emperor shows him there is a necessity to make balance in his love relationship with his partner. The person has to learn about compromise. Those who are still single, they need to settle up their father issues.

The Emperor’s Career Meaning


When it is about a career reading with The Emperor tarot card, it will tell the person reading this tarot card that all of his hard work and labor will be observed and regarded. The person will get support and reward for success. But still, he has to be careful, concentrated, and preserved.

Most probably, good chances will come with a good formation and stability in his career. He will also get a lot of encouragement, praise, and support from his male colleague or boss. The Emperor tarot card shows one person that he needed to be reasonable and responsible with his finances. one person should not be a tyrant with spending money.


When it is about a career reading with The Emperor tarot card reverse side, the reader of this card will see a lack of coordination. The person will face problems at work if he is trying to find various limitations loaded on him. But there will always be other opportunities and opinions to consider. He will probably get a chance to start a new job, business, or work.

In summary, The Emperor Tarot is a deck based on ancient tarot symbolism. The Emperor card is the king of both the world and the mind and represents authority, confidence, and power. The Emperor card expresses a personal will and charisma and symbolizes prestige, meaning, and power.

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