The Practical Witch’s  Spell Deck- Real Review

The Practical Witch’s Spell Deck is a collection of 100 spells for love, happiness, and career success. The spells are designed to be able to be customized for each individual, whether the target person is a lover, coworker, or anyone else.

Also, the spells are organized into a deck so that you can read the spells in any order you wish. The Practical Witch’s Spell Deck is about more than just love and career success, though.

The spells also include spells for increasing your knowledge, finding new job opportunities, dealing with gossip, and many more.

We have provided the details on The practical Witch’s Spell Deck in the article. Have a look at them below.

The Practical Witch’s  Spell Deck Meaning:

What is a spell deck? A spell deck is a collection of spells used to cast spells or help you with a specific task.  They are just like the tarot cards that are used for fortune-telling.  It is an easy way to collect spells and…to use them.

If you’ve been looking for a book to help you cast a spell or a spell that could use some help, look no further. In The Practical Witch’s Spell Deck, you’ll find 100 spells for love, happiness, and success.

The deck includes spells for the following: Love & Romance • Health • Work • Money & Finances • Children • Relationships • Spirituality • Luck • Emotions • Happiness • Friendship • Career & Profession • Lead etc.

The cornerstone of the Practical Witch’s Spell Deck is the Craft itself. It is the foundation upon which the rest of the Spells are built.

The Practical Witch's Spell Deck: 100 Spells for Love,...
  • This product will be an excellent pick for you.
  • It comes in a proper packaging.

About Author:

This deck was created by the author Cerridwen Greenleaf. She has worked with many shining lights of the spiritual world, including Starhawk, Z Budapest, John Michael Greer, Christopher Penczak, Raymond Buckland, Luisah Teish, and many more.

Greenleaf started instructing herbal, crystal, and candle magic workshops throughout North America.

The Practical Witch’s Spell Deck Review:

This is a witch’s spell deck that comes with a 100 spell card for love, happiness, and success. In addition, the deck comes with 100 delightful collections of spells that are used for love, joy, prosperity, healing, and more with an illustrated card deck. It also provided all the introduction to spells and came with a beautiful keepsake box.

Today, witchcraft has been restored as a source of knowledge, healing, and self-love. This beautiful package is a must-have for anyone with all spell casting and magic levels, featuring gorgeous cards and magnetic closure.

The deck of the card has an elegant look and comes with a simple green color with a flower crown design. In the back of the card, meaning is provided along with the short descriptions.

The RP Minis published the deck on September 24, 2019. The language of the deck is English. The deck has 100 illustrated cards of 2-½” inches into 3-½”.

The deck has a 48 pages guidebook that is mini in size, providing all the instruction and relevant information. This deck is informative and would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection.

The deck can be carried anywhere because of its mini size. In addition, the deck provided a magnetic closure keepsake box for card storage. Moreover, the deck comes with a weight of 8.9 ounces and has 3*1.95*3.8 dimensions of inches.

Let’s check The Practical Witch’s Spell deck a complete full review ( Pros and Cons)

The book provides:

  • The deck brings a 100 spells card-provided charming collection.
  • All the magic and knowledge of witchcraft for healing, prosperity, love, and joy.
  • It includes a mini guidebook that provides all the instructions on how to use the cards.
  • The deck provides live spells, everyday spells, healing spells, alter spells, and spells for the house.
  • The deck provided useful tips for the beginner’s witch.
  • The mini-book can be used for traveling and can be carried through the purse or pocket.
  • The deck of the card is silk and shiny
  • The deck of the cards is easier for shuffling.
  • In the deck, some of the cards have rough edges.
  • There is a little defection in a storage box.


In this spell deck, you will find 100 spells to attract love, money, friendship, happiness, and success. These spells are geared toward a modern-day witch, but the applications are endless. So, we hope that you have got the details on The Practical witch’s spell deck that we have provided in the article. Then, feel free to choose this deck. This will be helpful and beneficial for you.

Happy Shopping.

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