The Rogue Witch Review (PROs & CONs)

The Rogue Witch is a fantasy novel about a young woman who stumbles upon a coven of witches. As she helps them to fight a murderous queen, she must choose between her family and the coven that has raised her. This article is “The Rogue Witch Review” with the advantages, disadvantages, previous users’ experiences, product specifications.

This is a quick overview of the different types of magic in the Coven series. This book is about Fae magic, which is the most prevalent type of magic in the Coven series. The Coven series revolves around the Guardian Branches, which are houses that represent certain types of magic. The Guardian Branches are the main focus of this series.

About the Author

Chandelle LaVaun is the epitome of adoration. Her fascination with Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments prompted her to develop her writings. When she’s not producing, she may be found on the beach, lapping up the rays while reading a book.

The Rogue Witch (The Coven: Fae Magic)
  • LaVaun, Chandelle (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

The Rogue Witch (The Coven: Fae Magic Book 2)

It is a lovely novel with a sophisticated plot. Chandelle LaVaun wrote this lovely novel. This writer has created several magnificent novels that are both lovely and motivating.

The author inspires her readers with a mind-blowing plot in this novel. The brilliance of this work is that it comprises various short stories that will keep readers entertained from the first page to the last phrase.

The novel’s characters are all distinct and interesting. Fantastic stand-alone set pieces, likable ones, gorgeous prose, and a soul-stirring glimpse into the varied lives of humans are all present. The author’s method of character development is outstanding, and her characters are well-drawn and intriguing.

Features & Specifications:

  • It’s a one-of-a-kind novel in many ways, but its ideas are ubiquitous.
  • Without a doubt, this novel is a very unique and outstanding work of literature.
  • There is no other novel like it; it’s phenomenal.

Wanderlost Publishing published the book on December 15, 2020. The paperback format has 576 pages written in English.

Previous Users’ Experience

  • This novel was full of laughs, tears (both joy and sadness), and incredible situations.
  • Chandelle is a genuine artist for writing this book in this manner; everyone will be captivated because it is so fantastic.
  • The author’s ability to weave together previous works while also setting up fresh experiences is quite remarkable.
  • The plot moves quickly, and the characters are well-rounded.
  • The novel is written in the first person from a range of opinions.
  • As a long-term reader of the series, the personalities become like family, and we can enjoy spending time with them and learning about their lives.
  • This novel was less action-packed than the others, focusing on Saffie’s return to The Coven and some story development.
  • In the best possible way, the plot thickens all the time.
Pros: Cons:
  • As they prepare for the war ahead, we get a lot of character narrative modifications that span the whole of the book, closing up all the loose ends.
  • The conclusion takes your breath away.
  • A lot of festivities took place that made the book less entertaining sometimes.

This novel contains a lot of action. I’ll warn you now: you’re going to cry. This book was fantastic. Chandelle understands how to make you experience a wide range of emotions. She’ll get you wondering, “What the hell?” It’s a frenzy of adrenaline, intrigue, and mystery as the plot blasts off the pages!


You’ll love this book if you enjoy a light romance filled with witches, shifters, and a plot that keeps you guessing. Unless you are looking for a novel that explores the realities facing women of color, this is not the book for you, at least not the Rogue Witch’s portion.

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