The Tower Tarot Meaning, Guide & Review

The Tower Tarot is one of the most feared cards in a reading. It is a card of sudden, unexpected change and can represent upheaval, disaster, and chaos. The Tower can be a warning to prepare for the worst, or it can signify that a major change is coming. However, it is not all doom and gloom, as The Tower can also represent a positive change, such as a new job, a new relationship, or a new home.

Major Arcana:-

The Tower is a Major Arcana card and is often considered one of the most challenging cards to interpret. It is a card of upheaval, destruction, and chaos. The querent is often faced with a difficult situation when this card appears in a reading.

The Tower can represent a time of great change, upheaval, and chaos in our lives. It can be challenging and confusing, but it is also a time of great opportunity. The Tower can be a time when we are forced to let go of things that no longer serve us and to rebuild our lives from the ground up. This can be a terrifying and overwhelming process, but it can also be incredibly liberating.

If you are going through a difficult time in your life, know that the Tower is a card of significant change and opportunity. It is a time to let go of what is no longer serving you and to rebuild your life from the ground up.

The Tower Description

The Tower is one of the seventy-eight cards of a regular, standard tarot deck’s Major Arcana or trump cards numbered 15, fifteen. In the imagery of The Tower tarot card, a tall tower perched on the top of a mountain covered by rocks. The Strikes of lightning set that building out. Two people jump from the window of that Tower, head first and arms outstretched. This position or situation indicates distraction and chaos.

The Tower itself is a strong and also solid structure. But on account, it has been built on one kind of shaky foundation. Maybe it will only take one lightning bolt to bring that Tower down. This shows ambitions and goals which are made by false forethought.

The Lighting indicates an uncertain, sudden surge of energy leading him from insight to revolution. It thrusts into the top of that Tower and knocks off the crown. This is a sign implying that energy is flowing down from the universe through the chakra of that crown.

The people are formidable, furious, and also despondent to escape from that Tower, which is burning. But they do not know what is waiting for them as they fall. Around those people, there are twenty-two flames. Twelve flames represent twelve zodiac signs, and ten flames represent ten points of the tree of life. This is telling one person that there will always be divine intervention when someone is in a disaster.

The Tower Keywords

Upright Keywords:– Destruction, immersion,  inversion, inflation,  embrace, ascendancy, upset, trauma, confusion, disorder, sudden change.

Reversed Keywords:– Resist destruction, averting inversion, repel embrace, delaying irresistible, preventing change.

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The Tower Upright Meaning

When The Tower tarot card Upright side arrives in a tarot card reading, there will be massive, uncertain, unexpected change, emersion, upsurge, chaos, and consumption. Sometimes it also can be the death of a loved one, divorce, health difficulty, financial crisis, natural inversion, mental trauma, losing a job, or any other kind of different occurrence which is shaking him to his interior, affecting him physically, mentally, and spiritually.

There is no exemption or release from it. All of these changes and transformations will tear things up in the way of chaos and inversion. This tarot card will cut all kinds of lies,  illusions, mistrust, assumption, and fearsome, which surround him, drive him in the wrong direction and give him the light of truth and reality.

The most excellent way onward is to let that tower structure self inversion or be destroyed so that the person reading The Tower tarot card Upright side can rebuild and concentrate again. Though he will be accurate like the Tower in The Tower tarot card’s imagery, he still has no option instead to surrender himself to the inversion and chaos no matter how terrible, painful, hated, and unwanted it is.

At this level, change will be a little bit difficult, but all he needs to do is focus and trust in the truth that life is happening for him, not for him, and these are all for a reason. This inversion will access new and powerful growth to flow out, and his soul can evolve.

The Tower tarot card is not always just about pain, combustion, and turmoil; The Tower tarot card can indicate to one person a spiritual awakening or a spiritual revolution. This tarot card shows chances to break free from the old way, the path of thinking holding him back.

The Tower Reversed Meaning

The Tower tarot card’s reverse side tells one person reading this tarot card that he is undergoing a serious and important personal change and upheaval. He will persuade that transformation and appeal to question his initial system of trust, purpose, value, and meaning. He will be able to go through a spiritual revolution.

At the right time, The Tower tarot card will signal that he is preventing transformation and delaying the necessary inversion and upheaval. That person needs to walk through this difficult situation and time to be able to learn some valuable lessons and make development in his life.

On the other hand, if he tries to prevent these transformations, they will only force their way into his life. The growth and change The Tower tarot card brings is irresistible and fateful. It does not matter how much he tries to hide or deny it. This will only get louder with potential more incredible upheaval. The Tower tarot card is abating the impact of the transformations about his entire life, especially if he is turned into his mending and emotions.

The Tower of Love Meaning


When it is about a love reading with The Tower tarot card Upright side, then this tarot card is telling one person who is reading The Tower tarot card that if the person is already in a love relationship, then it is a bad sign such as — break up, divorce, separation, etc.

The person and his love partner are going through a difficult, rough, and traumatic situation and occurrence, which is pushing their relationship to its absolute limit or end. On the other hand, if the person is single, then The Tower tarot card tells him that he may face unexpected, sudden, uncomfortable revelation, which is why he is single. Since this tarot card indicates violence, it is a warning to be mindful of his safety when he meets someone new.


When it is about a love reading with The Tower tarot card reverse side, then this tarot card is telling one person who is reading it that 8f the person is already in a love relationship. His relationship with his partner is as good as over.

The tarot card suggests he not try to avoid closing it for the fright of the pain it will bring to him. If his love relationship is recently changed, it was needed, and he can’t return after that. If the person is single, then The Tower tarot card tells him that he has turned aside a disastrous relationship with someone who is most probably dangerous, volant, and abusive to him.

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The Tower Career Meaning


When it is about a career reading with The Tower tarot card Upright side, then this tarot card is telling one person who is reading The Tower tarot card Upright side that there is a lack of his work, job, or business security.

Sometimes it can be a signifier of an abundance or job loss. It also indicates a sudden change in his present position, which will bring him unwanted stress and make his working path much more difficult. Financially it is risky to invest or use money without thinking about anything.


When it is about a career reading with The Tower tarot card reverse side, then this tarot card is telling one person who is reading The Tower tarot card reverse side that he is trying his best to hold on to his job, work, or business in a difficult situation. By doing this, he avoids losing a job, career, or business. Maybe he is not happy and satisfied with the outcomes. In financial, that person is resisting a financial disaster, but it is temporary. So he should use his money with much care.

In conclusion, The Tower is a story about power, control, and risk. Its symbol is the Tower, which is known as the most fearsome symbol of the Tarot. The Tower represents power, strength, and control, particularly when facing the sky’s boundlessness. The Tower is a place of danger, chaos, and destruction. Its foundation is shaky and unstable. There is a tendency to lose control and feel out of control.

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