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Rachel True is the author of the True Heart Intuitive Tarot, an innovative tarot deck that shows the reader a single card for each question asked, each card linked to a positive or negative emotion. This allows the reader to understand their current situation more easily and allows them to gain insight into their emotional state.

It has become a hit with both new and experienced tarot readers alike. The deck was featured in the February 2007 issue of Tarot Digest Magazine, where Rachel True was interviewed for her innovative idea.

The major arcana cards of the True Heart Intuitive Tarot are based on the esoteric art of the tarot. They show the archetypes of human nature and the universal truths and experiences that make us all the same.

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True Heart Intuitive Tarot Card Meanings:

True Heart Intuitive Tarot, Guidebook And Deck
  • TRUE, Rachel (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

True Heart Intuitive Tarot meaning can be found in this example: The major arcana cards symbolize our positive emotional experiences. When we find ourselves in a situation that triggers an uncomfortable emotional response, we can use these cards to remind us of our positive emotional experiences. This is especially helpful in situations that trigger negative emotions because we can use them to understand why we might feel so upset.

A true heart intuitive tarot reading is a reading that uses the Tarot to get to the truth of your heart’s current situation. The reading itself is a conversational, intuitive, and non-judgemental exploration of the issues that are affecting your life and how you can best face them. True heart intuitive tarot readings can give you valuable insight into your current issues and will show you how to best move forward and make the changes that will assist you in living a more fulfilling life.

About Author

Author Rachel True is an actress and well known for her role in “The Craft.” Along with the actress, she is an occultist too. She has started reading Tarot journey before being cast in a 1990s witchy cult classic. She shares her all experience and knowledge through this true heart intuitive tarot deck along with a guidebook and deck boxed set.

True Heart Intuitive Tarot Guidebook and Deck Reviews

The deck of each card is well made with a multicultural aesthetic design. It comes with a guidebook that provides all the information that helps the reader use the card as she does. The deck provided an intuitive approach rather than defining a literal definition for each card. She explains how cards can be interpreted based on their unique situation for each card to share personal stories from his own experience in Hollywood. The real position is that tarot cards do not predict the future rather they predict possible outcomes based on the reader’s current strength.

In the imagery of this deck, you will find numerous inclusive archetypal references, including a variety of diverse cultures and thoughts.

True Heart Intuitive deck comes with a boxed set that includes 78 cards illustrated and designed by the artist Stephanie Singleton. The card helps you remove mental noise pollution, ego struggles, and constant anxiety plaguing modern life.

The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt published the deck on October 13, 2020. It comes in the English language.

It has a 244 pages guidebook where true explains her own story in-depth about the archetypal hero’s journey included by each of the 22 major arcana cards. Also included how the tarot can be an interpretive tool. She shares her life and career in this true intuitive tarot guidebook. She explains how to use intuition to assign meaning to each card. The deck has a weight and dimension of 1 pound and 5.5*1.36*8 inches.

The Book Provides

True Heart Tarot features over 90 illustrations that are covered with symbols from various cultures and periods. None of the cards depict people or places, and most have no obvious meanings. In contrast, the descriptions of the cards often provide extensive information about their origins and associations. The cards in this deck are almost universally interpreted as depicting emotional states, complex situations, and spiritual truths.

  • All the features in the guidebook are filled with true’s life experiences as an actress to illuminate the card interpretations.
  • Provided information on how to spread different tarot and how to read them and use intuition.
  • The guidebook provided all the easy steps and advice on how to read the tarot.
  • Provided all the steps on how to interpret and spread the cards.
Pros: Cons:
  • The deck comes with colorful bright artwork.
  • The deck of the cards is easier to shuffle and is easy to interpret.
  • It provides all the relevant current time information.
  • The deck is suitable for beginners and are easier to read all the information.
  • The deck of the cards is laminated with a thin film.
  • There is a slight problem with the printed quality.


True Heart Intuitive Tarot is a Tarot deck and an online course taught by psychotherapist and tarot card reader Rachel True. The True Heart Intuitive Tarot is a modern deck that is designed to help you access your intuition and heal your mind, body, and soul. So, we hope you have known and got the True Heart Intuitive Tarot you were looking for. Feel free to choose this deck.

Happy Shopping.

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