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Tarot Deck Review

The Wizards Tarot deck is a unique and captivating set of 78 Tarot cards designed and illustrated by renowned fantasy artist, Lisa Hunt. Created with a mystical theme in mind, Hunt has taken an unconventional approach to the traditional Tarot deck and has created a set of cards that is both aesthetically pleasing and spiritually inspiring. Each card in the deck contains its own unique imagery, colors, symbols, and meanings. The symbols, colors, and characters represented on each card offer a unique perspective on the mysteries of life and the potential to explore the unknown.

For those looking to explore their spirituality through the use of Tarot cards, the Wizards Tarot deck is an excellent choice. In this blog post, I will offer an in-depth analysis of the Wizards Tarot deck, including a review of the artwork, symbolism, and meanings of each card. Additionally, I will provide a detailed overview of the deck’s usage, so that readers can gain a better understanding.

Wizards Tarot
  • Moore, Barbara (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Wizards Tarot Meanings:

The Wizard’s Tarot is a unique tarot deck that combines traditional tarot imagery with a modern, whimsical twist. Each card has its own meaning, which comes from a combination of numerology, astrology, and alchemy. The meanings range from the physical and tangible to the spiritual and metaphysical.

The cards can bring insight and clarity to a situation, help set goals and plan for the future, gain insight into relationships, and explore creative potential. The cards allow users to connect with their higher self and access their inner wisdom. The Wizard’s Tarot is an accessible and powerful tool that can be used by anyone looking to gain more insight into their lives.

About Author

This deck is created by the authors, Barbara Moore and Mieke Janssens.

Barbara Moore has been studying and reading tarot since the early 1990s. Mieke Janssens is a freelance illustrator who specializes in characters from fairy tales, fantasy, and mythology.

Wizards Tarot Review

This deck is filled up with adepts, spellcasters, boundless power, and unfathomable mysteries. Each card comes to life with stunning color splashes and dramatic demonstrations of astonishing magic. These magicians will fascinate you with every card turn.

Wizards Tarot- features and specifications

This deck is published by Llewellyn publications on 8 March 2020. It appears in the English language and has 244 pages of cards. The deck weighs 1.75 pounds and has 8.43*2.17*5.75 dimensions of inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • Some buyers claimed that the artwork is powerful, yet it is not inclusive in any manner.
  • The information is standard for a book including tarot cards.
  • The cards are simple to read and flow beautifully together.
  • Both power and beauty may be seen in the artwork.
  • The boxed set is well-packaged, durable, and the companion book is elegant and polished.
  • The card material is flexible, making it ideal for a solid riffle/bridge shuffle.
  • They’re shiny but not too slick, making them ideal for riffle shuffles.
  • Fantastic artwork, with brilliant, vivid colors.
  • The glossy photographs are complemented by a book of comparable quality, all housed in a wonderful memory box with a magnetic Close cover.


  • The paper is light to medium, making the deck easy to shuffle.
  • The book is wonderful and has a huge colorized image of each card as well as information on each card.
  • The cards are colorful, engaging, gorgeous, and well-thought-out.


  • There is some slide defect in the book cover.


All in all, Wizards Tarot is a classic and well-loved deck that can be used for both divination and meditative purposes. It has a strong mythic and magical sensibility, and its artwork is timeless. If you’re looking for a deck that can help you develop your intuition and explore the mysteries of the universe, Wizards Tarot is an excellent choice.

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