Angel Answers Oracle Cards: Review(Pros&Cons)

If you want to know your future and how to change it to a better end, if you want to know what and who can help you in your life, if you want to make the right decision and not be overwhelmed by the choices you are presented with, then you need an Angel Answers Oracle Card Deck.

The Angel Answers Oracle Cards is a 44-card deck that tells you the answer to your questions by letting you shuffle them to get a different outcome.

We have provided the details on the Angel Answers Oracle Cards within the article. Check them out below.

About Author

Best promoting writer Radleigh Valentine has stimulated audiences internally with the angelic messages of natural love and unconditional support. He is the writer of six card decks and three books.

Angel Answers Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook
  • Valentine, Radleigh (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Angel answers oracle cards meanings:

There are many ways to read the cards. You may use them as a fortune teller, a psychics, or an oracle. What strikes me about Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Answers Oracle Cards is that she uses the cards to help people with health, love, and money problems.

She performs the readings for her customers at home and also conducts readings for organizations.

The Tarot cards represent the energy of the Universe and reflect the divine Feminine. They are also known as “angel cards” and are associated with the unseen world, the unseen realms, the spirit world, the spirit realm, the gods, guardian angels, fairy spirits, and nature spirits.

Angel Answers Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and include a Guidebook- Review

Most people are familiar with the concept of oracle cards, but few are aware of Angel Answers Oracle Cards. Drawing upon the traditional tarot card deck, angels are depicted as winged messengers who guide the righteous and those in need of help.

Rather than rely on traditional imagery of winged cherubs, angels are depicted as having a more muscular look closer to how they look in contemporary fantasy art and other recent depictions in pop culture.

This deck is one among the best-selling oracle decks created by Radleigh Valentine, who is that the sole author, and edits of the guidebook and cards make them easier to use. In addition, Radleigh makes this deck simple and easier to understand all the message of the deck, which Marius Michael George beautifully illustrates.

Sometimes we just need a simple answer to our questions. For example, we need an answer about our life circumstances; we need a solution to overcome the Obstacle, and so on.

This card provides you a reliable guide when a short-but-sweet response is needed. In addition, it provided 44 beautifully illustrated cards and bit-by-bit instructions in its accompanying guidebook.

In this revised version, its guidebook and cards have been updated to make them easier to use to get the clarity you are looking for. With the Angel Oracle Cards, you will clearly get a direct and loving message from your guardian angels.

Angel Answers Oracle Cards-features and specifications:

Hay House Inc published this deck on November 19, 2019. It has English language and weighs 10.9 ounces. It has 3.94*1.3*5.44 dimensions of inches.

  • The deck features include a 44-card deck and guidebook that provide all the guidance and solutions.
  • They give us a clear and loving message from our guardian angels.

User’s Experience:

  • The introduction pages three decks in one. The Blue border is for Yes/No; the Yellow border is for timing, and the purple border cards are for others.
  • The deck of the cards is a little bit big to handle.
  • The deck is gorgeous and includes gold gilding.
  • Its illustrations are bright and ethereal and very easy to tap into the cards that speak to you.
  • The borders on the front and back of the cards now come in three colors to reflect those categories (Fuschia, gold, and blue).
  • Some users claimed that its images and actual messages same as the previous versions.
  • The deck works so well with tarot reading and guides the overall reading.
  • The deck of the cards is sturdy and but sticks together.
Pros: Cons:
  • The deck of the card is sturdy and comes with a gold-gilding edge.
  • This deck provides us all the angelic guidance.
  • It includes a 44 card and an accompanying guidebook that provided all the instructions and information.
  • The deck gives us clarity and provides us a direct message from our guardian angels.
  • The deck of the card stock is thinner and is hard to shuffle.


In the angel cards, the person experiencing the reading will connect with the divine feminine and experience a range of energy that will help them interpret and understand their reading. So, we hope you have known all the details on the Angel Answers Oracle cards that we have provided in the article. Then, feel free to choose this deck.

Happy Shopping.

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