Are Tarot Card Readings True: What Experts Say?

Are tarot card readings true? Before answering this question, we will let you know what a treat card is and what does it mean…

The word “Tarot” comes from the Latin words “Thora” and “Rota.” Thora and Rota mean East and West. In fact, the word Tarot refers to the union of the secret knowledge of East and West. Those who read Tarot cards have to form an imaginary triangle. And this triangle. These are Master, Rosicrucian, or Knight Kadosh. There are basically 6 Tarot cards. The 3rd card of these 6 cards is Master, the 16th is Rosicrucian, and the 30th is Knight Kadosh.

The master represents ‘Hiram.’ In fact, it is still not known who Hiram is. But Hiram is thought to be one of King Solomon’s loyalists who stole a lot of secret knowledge from Solomon.

Rosicrucian is the sacred word that has been sought after for centuries. Only a true reader can find this word and make its triangle.

Kadosh is the word that is the last puzzle of the triangle. Only by knowing this can one know the heart of the Tarot card. In fact, those who read Tarot cards need to know the words step by step. And the last puzzle of the words has to be matched with a triangle.

Learning tarot cards depends entirely on a secret kabali. YOD – HE – VAU – HE. And these four words come from Hebrew. In fact, these four words are numbers such as,

  • YOD= 10
  • HE=    5
  • VAU=  6
  • HE=   5

*Total 26.

3 Best Tarot Card For Beginners:

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Theoretical Vs. Mathematical Learning for the Tarot Card Readers

Those who want to learn tarot cards theoretically, have to solve a lot of mathematical logic. Tarot is not magic; it is a science. And this science comes from Adam’s Bible, which the Gypsies call the Bible of Lord Hermes Trimestigas. From it, the Gypsies find a way to earn their livelihood, a way to make them happy.

In fact, tarot cards are basically a sacred thing. In my opinion, it is the only ancestral property of the Gypsies. “Curse of tarot” is one of the scariest things.

The Tarot card itself does not find a reader to read it. That is why I am telling you not to go to any inexperienced reader who will count the fortunes. If you go, read it, it can happen till your death.

People can be good readers after 15 to 20 years. And nowadays, you will also find people who start reading Tarot cards after a few years. Your future will tell, but the consistency will be awful.

History of Tarot Cards

Some say Greek civilization; some say Egyptian civilization, some say it came from Egypt, but no one has yet said where it actually came from. It has been very popular and common since the middle of the 15th century to see fortune-telling through tarot cards (similar to ordinary cards with different types of pictures), and it is still used today.

There are two sides to this card. This card has nothing to say current. This card controls the past and the future. Tarot cards have a strange, mysterious history through which perhaps medieval people have an idea of ​​humanity, way of life, etc. The seven-fifths of their faith can be seen through all the wonderful, primordial, mysterious images of each Tarot card.

There are usually two types of tarot, such as Italian tortillas and French tortillas.

According to many, Tarot is a cursed card because it can be used to tell people’s past, present, and future. This is the real problem.

A Tarot card reader can never read the fate of himself or his family members. There are many benefits to using this card, but there are also many disadvantages.

According to many, this card could change the future. However, 99% of the people who read the card said there is always a whisper in their ears. Some people think that every card of this Tarot card has genes and carries out activities, while others say that Tarot card reading is a part of Satan’s worship.

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Are tarot card Readings True? (2 Expert’s Opinion)

We will inform you of two opinions of renowned tarot specialist:

1. Simon Haggins (Tarot Reader for 25 years):

Short answer: Yes, if the quarantine sits and waits and works with the readers, what a surprise that the reader can come forward.


Because you’re talking to someone and the focus is on talking around what’s going on. And militant synchronicity. Or two minds coming together trying to sort something out.

Long explanation

I’ve seen them look like anything else in life – open to interpretation by the reader and the quintessence (it’s going to start with two levels of filters), and it may well relate to what the person doesn’t mean at the time, so get fired. Sometimes, it’s about someone who knows the quarter more than his own person, so it can be another level of confusion because the quarter doesn’t know the whole situation about the subject of the spread.

 Wouldn’t it be nice to read a double-blind tarot?

Not really, because it’s not a science experiment. This makes it more helpful for conversations.

Thus, it is beneficial, as it is a neutral third party that can be used as something important for the quarantine for negotiation.

Would you say that the discussion with any doctor or coach is correct?

It’s kind of meaningless because what’s important is to discuss, identify and resolve.

Tarot is a lot like this kind of coaching or treatment-related relationship, but the cards serve as a focus for both the quarantine and the reader.

It is the collective interpretation that gives the value of a quarter.

Historically, some readers (and therefore queries) consider a text to be a perfect truth that they accept or reject if they do not accept the truth of the reader’s interpretation.

It is a lot like the older version of Freudian-based psychotherapy, where it was the pathologist’s job to set the regular ‘truth’ and apply it to everything that came to the client. A case of ‘I have a hammer,’

Where can I find the nails in what you are saying? ‘

Similarly, people refer to certain rules and meanings on the cards, which means (like the interpretations of Freudian dreams).

This is probably the result of the same period of the rider-weight deck when psychotherapy started to stop.

It’s been a hundred years since then, so the method of tarot reading has changed.

Ironically, the principles of synchronicity are so much closer now that Zhang made some time after severing his relationship with Fred. It has taken a very long time for the absolutist approach to slow down, which is understandable since we all want precise answers to what we see as specific problems.

Tarot helps them to make better decisions and at least find alternative perspectives on what is happening to explore what seems like a common problem to find interrelationships in a person’s life situation.

More than the explanations defined with the Tarot process. If it is better understood about the situation of quarantine, you can say that it is more accurate.

It’s like a way that points you to different aspects of your life that you need to pay attention to.

From the point of view, I think it is quite accurate. But often horribly shaved.

We all want to talk about amazing events that will change our lives and tear us apart.

But tarot is more about taking stock occasionally.

You can display huge events. However, this is often a small aspect of a reading, where yes, a huge upsurge can occur with the arrival of the tower card.

But what then?

Exploration using tarot spreads gives real value.

Some people have a ‘psychological’ experience around performing lessons – which basically means you’re talking to more than two people around as a focus.

What the participants in this option do – soul, aspects of the reader’s personality, interdisciplinary people, guides, inspirations, archeological forms… it doesn’t really matter.

This is another aspect that contributes to the mix.

I don’t get that much, but as a novelist, it makes sense to me.

Inspiration often seems to draw from outside sources, and I have no explanation for where it came from.

So, I stop this disbelief, as Tarot often seems to be a personality of its own, and I have noticed that being open to getting something outside of Tarot is kind of important.

Inspiration is a powerful force that we never find a way to tap into.

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2. Susovan Pal (Tarot Reader and Researcher in Machine Learning from 2001 to present)

No, not for my case. I spoke to a five-star tarot card reader at Thumbtack a month ago, and what he said about my personal life could not stay away from the truth. I did not review him publicly but sent him a private message saying that reading his tarot was extremely wrong. Sad thing: he didn’t apologize for his misreading.

Actually, I reached out to readers of other tarot cards. Many of them wanted too much information, and in the end, useful or very generic information for zero, which is not valid.

So, I was forced to agree with the effectiveness of the Tarot cards as mentioned in the other answers, and my truthfulness of opinion is:

1) Half of them are Charlton and

2) The other half is simply confusing

They think their method is correct, but it is not. At the end and some of them, as I wrote above, don’t even get the courtesy of being sorry if their reading is seen to be fruitful and common mistakes. I will search online for tests for the accuracy of tarot card readings, and once I get these, I will post them here.

Having said that, I’ve only met a handful of (two to three) intuitive practitioners (say their psychology, medium, or a combination of both, the terminology doesn’t matter in this part of my answer), who will remember with accurate information about my present and past, but Not in the future. Sadly, none of them were tarot card readers.

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Can Tarot Predict the Future?

There is nothing that can predict the future. Only Miles board can predict the future:

Can Tarot Predict the Future

There are 2 exceptions that sometimes work:

  1. Past behavior is important to predict future behavior. People do the same thing over and over again, even if those things are harmful to them.
  2. If you have a cause-and-effect relationship and you trigger the cause, you can follow a reasonable result.

At least in face-to-face lessons, Tarot does something interesting:

A good reader will go to your gestures(body language, voice stress, and you can be observed).

The cards that the reader will then read can indicate the “subject” of what they say. The reader can tell you what you are inviting yourself to be.

If you understand how you are inviting your future, you can change yourself and change the future.

Tarot is especially effective as a self-searching tool. When you know who you are, you will see where you are going. You don’t know who you are. Also, you have been acting with programming since childhood, before the age of 7. You act with that childhood perspective and relive your parents ’life with various scenes, costumes, and accessories.


Nowadays, it is a card, but at one time, it was actually a picture – a man has no head, no one has a hand, a horse, etc. No one still knows the meaning of the word tarot, and no one can say who invented the card. However, many people have explained the Tarot card in different ways.

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