Tarot Cards Reading List | Do They Love Me Tarot Spread in 2021?

Psychologist Carl Jung first coined the term tarot cards. He defines the parallel occurrence of the events. This process is also known as synchronicity. According to synchronicity, there is no discrepancy between inner and outer. The choice of card precisely specifies what your higher self already identifies, so it is called conversation with the higher self. The cards continuously work, and it is not magic or dark psychology to manipulate someone or something. Tarot cards are the holy mirror.

Tarot card reading is the exercise of using tarot cards to gain awareness into the past, present, or identification of a stand-in part. Many of the defining personality characteristics are related to the card’s upright and reversed senses. This is like holding up a mirror to explore the subconscious mind and tap into the wisdom (and answers), which we always desire to get in touch with. In this article on tarot decks, you will get an in-depth explanation.

Meaning of Tarot card 

Tarot is a set of cards that are used to play tarot games for fortune-telling. It is a mythical book where contains the story of our life, our soul, and the mirror of our internal wisdom. 

Tarot decks were first invented in Italy at the beginning of the 1430s by adding another four-suited pack, the fifth suet of 21 that was particularly designed called trionfi (“triumphs”), and a card called il matto (“the fool”). 

The tarot card consists of a deck with 78 cards with its own representation, imagery, and story. There are traditional interpretations of every card.

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There is no right or wrong for every tarot card selection, but you should trust your insight and go for the meaning that you think right for you.

Some people may say tarot cards nothing more than ink on paper, but I am surprised in my first game. I also shared with my beloved girlfriend, younger sister, and my nephew. They were also surprised and request me to hide their fortune story from others in our family.

Tarot card list in order

All 78 tarot cards have their own meaning, which represents the future of fortune seekers.

The first 22 major cards are called Arcana, which describe the spiritual and karmic lessons of life. They indicate spiritual self-awareness and show various points when finding greater meaning and understanding in our personal lives. Major Arcana cards show the meaning of the soul.

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Another 56 Minor Arcana cards represent the problems that we face regularly. These minor tarot cards describe the more real facts of life. Also, it can represent the present issues which have momentary or minor impacts in our life.

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In the Minor Arcana cards, 16 different cards represent personality traits and characteristics. There are another 40 cards ordered into 4 suits. 4 suits are Cups, pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Each with 10 cards represents the various situations that we face in our day-to-day life.

Most popular tarot cards names

The top 17 tarot cards include:

  1. The Magician
  2. The High Priestess
  3. The Empress
  4. The Hermit
  5. Wheel of Fortune
  6. Justice
  7. The Hanged Man
  8. Death, Temperance
  9. The Devil
  10. Judgment
  11. The World
  12. and The Fool
  13. The Emperor
  14. The Hierophant
  15. The Lovers
  16. The Chariot
  17. Strength

Tarot cards and book for beginners

The Rider-Waite tarot deck is a popular and one of the best traditional tarot decks you can buy. This was first published in 1909, which is most popular for beginners. This is perfect for beginners as almost every tarot reader. 

Does the tarot card read yes or no format?

This popular reading will give you simple thinking to answer yes or no and straightforward instruction. Your work will be read your question and choice your card and to pick one card. 

Where to buy tarot cards?

You can get buy tarot cards in many online and offline marketplaces. I personally prefer the best market place amazon. Click here to get a popular tarot cards list.

Play tarot cards online free

what’s the best tarot app? You can play tarot cards online for free through various apps. One of the best tarot games websites includes www.evatarot.net. It is easy, and there is no right or wrong. This is a software-based online platform which has built by Eva Delattre. She is a clairvoyant and neurologist researching on tarot cards for more than 30 years.

Steps of playing free online tarot card games:

This procedure contains 4 steps with 2 additional/optional steps:

Step-1: You will need to select the first 10 cards from the “Choose 10 cards from the deck below:”

Step-2: You have to select the next 3 cards while thinking about your strengths

Step-3: Select 3 cards while thinking about your weaknesses

Step-4: Select 3 cards while thinking about your future

Optional 5 and 6 steps:

Step-5: You will ask to select your gender (A man/A women)

Step-6: You will ask if you want to get a free personalized tarot draw from tarologist

At last, you have to wait for a few seconds to get noticed a message, “Please wait, your draw is being interpreted…” Next, you will receive your interpretation of your draw. Finally, you will get your interpretation into 4 categories, which are listed below:

  1. The Empress, Justice, and The Magician
  2. The Star, The World, and The Hermit
  3. The High Priestess, Strength, and The Devil
  4. The missing card: Wheel of Fortune

 The most commonly used tarot card deck in the Western world

The Wild Unknown tarot deck is a card deck that symbolizes fairy-tale and mystery. The cards are mainly black and white. It’s the perfect deck for people who are beginners or love animals. This is also exceptional for the people who desire something different than the usual Tarot deck! The cards are matte, animated, and made of durable cardstock substantial. The diagrams are wonderful, and the artist absolutely identifies how to use colors in a minimalistic yet rich, dynamic way.

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Most powerful tarot decks

The Fool is almost always apart from the categorization of trumps in the popular and historical decks. Still, the historical model is regarded as the lowest trump and as the highest trump. Traditionally, the Major Arcana in tarot cards are sequenced with Roman figures.

In all of the cards, the tarot games, the fool is one of the important cards:

  • As excuse.
  • As the lowest trump.
  • Similarly, excuse and highest trump.
  • As an excuse and wild card.
  • As the highest trump.

Conclusion: We can get our spiritual lesson with the help of 78 tarot cards. When we play tarot cards, we will achieve a precise lesson, which is important for our social, physical, and psychological life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Tarot card means luck?

  • Wheel of fortune—Destiny, prosperity, success, promotion, luck, happiness. Reversed: Growth, wealth, luxury.
  • The Wheel Of Fortune card is the Major Arcana, which differs broadly in representation between Tarot decks.

Q. What is the best beginner Tarot deck?

The Rider Waite Tarot Deck is a standard for a good design. It’s not as attractive as the newer decks, but you can’t go wrong here, either. It’s equally accurate, cheap, and perfect for the beginner.

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Q. How many tarot cards do you pull?

These are two very elementary spreads to try:

  • Three-card reading: One for historical, current, and upcoming.
  • The week ahead: Pull seven cards. (Choose which card embodies each day of the week before rotating the cards completed.)

Q. What does the star tarot card mean?

When the Star card appears, you are feasible to find yourself feeling enthused. It conveys new hope and confidence, and wisdom that the universe actually blesses you at this time.

Q. What does the wheel card mean?

A common aspect of this card’s explanations within reading is to present a component of modification in the querent’s life, such alteration being in station, situation or fortune: such as the rich pretty poor, or the poor pretty rich.

Q. What does the Sun mean in tarot cards?

It is said to reflect cheerfulness and happiness, vitality, confidence, and achievement. Sometimes it is mentioned as the Tarot’s best card; it signifies good belongings and optimistic consequences to present struggles.

Q. What is the wild unknown Tarot?

Each of the 78 cards in Krans’s The Wild Unknown tarot deck is an artwork that discovers the ambiguities of the natural world and the animal realm. Hand drawn in her spare, minimalistic style, the striking pictures invite profound inspection.

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Q. Can you read your own tarot cards?

Reading tarot cards works not only for you but also for those surrounding you. We could not read that we couldn’t overlook to read. Next time if we feel anxious or nervous, pull a card for notification or instruction.

Q. What does the high priestess mean in tarot?

Waite’s Pictorial defines Key To The Tarot, the High Priestess card is connected with: Secrets, mystery, the future as yet unknown; the woman who interests the Querent, if male; the Querent herself, if female; quiet, persistence; mystery, insight, discipline.


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