Best Depression Treatment in Bangladesh

The problem of depression affects millions of people around the world every year. One of the biggest reasons people with depression suffer is that they are not able to seek help. A worse situation exists in developing countries like Bangladesh, where psychiatric and psychological treatment is unavailable or unaffordable. It is good to know that there is Depression treatment in Bangladesh that can help you beat your depression for your mental wellbeing.

Depression has a significant impact on everyone’s mental health, and it is no different in Bangladesh. Yet, many stigmas attached to depression in Bangladesh are why many people are not seeking treatment.

Depression treatment in Bangladesh is far from adequate. The situation is grim. Women are extremely disempowered in the country and live under harsh social constraints. Where else can you see a girl of 14 having to drop out of school because of her parent’s inability to afford the school fees? How many parents can afford to send their children to a private school and treatment from a private psychiatrist?

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What is Depression?

Depression is that the most typical complication of almost all chronic or severe medical conditions. Major depression causes chronic medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases, obesity, cancer, etc. It increases the burden of their physical illness and somatic symptoms, causing increased functional impairment alongside increased medical costs.

Depression in long-term conditions affects self-controlling and maintenance of treatment sessions, thus causing increased mortality. Yet, effective treatments for depression exist.

Many factors point to reasons that mental illnesses aren’t adequately addressed, as evidenced by the literature. Medical care services got to improve ways of identifying depression related to particular chronic diseases.

We must develop new ways to understand the extent of this mental state problem and optimal ways to gauge manage and treat depression in patients with other co-morbid medical conditions.

Depression Treatment in Bangladesh

Symptoms of Depression:

Initially, the patient assesses in the outpatient room and considers the mode of treatment. If the patient has any psychotic features or suicidal thoughts or attempts, the attending psychiatrist will consider admission.

Measures should be taken to stop self-harm by the duty doctors, nurse, ward boy, and caregiver attending to the patient all thetime(if the patient have suicidal thoughts).

If the patient isn’t harmful to others intractable violent behavior, they do not need seclusion. It is better to stay inward, but it needs extra precautions during the recovery period when patients usually try to commit suicide and regain insight and energy.

The restrain modes in the hospital of Bangladesh are Pharmacological(Chemical)Restrain by Majortranquilizerand/or antipsychotic and Physical Restraint by fastening or tying the patient to their own bed for a couple of hours with some special soft belt/long clothes etc.

Psychiatric Treatment:

No structured guideline or algorithm is present, but all institutes and psychiatrists follow almost the same treatment pattern.

Most often, TCAs, SSRIs, and other newer antidepressants are available in our country. Also, have several centers with ECT facilities. To manage depressive disorder in Bangladesh, the psychiatrists consider the severity of the symptoms then plans the management.

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Depression Treatment Goals

The goals of depression treatment are to reduce symptoms, such as anxiety, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, and physical discomfort, and improve quality of life. Depression, also known as clinical depression, is a medical condition defined as a persistent low mood affecting one’s thinking, feeling, and behavior.

The condition is often treated with medication and behavioral therapy, including psychotherapy, counseling, and cognitive behavioral therapy. These are the most resistant depression treatment.

Options for Depression Treatment

Depressive disorders are among the most common problems for which patients seek mental health services. Unfortunately, this illness is often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Depression is a common disability that often has devastating effects on an individual’s life.

There are many treatment options and methods for depression, such as talk therapy, which can refer to cognitive behavioral therapy, wherein the therapist examines and attempts to correct distorted thinking and maladaptive behavior in a patient, and interpersonal therapy, which addresses communication skills such as assertiveness and interpersonal skills, and helps patients develop skills in these areas.

Depression Treatment for the Elderly

When you are depressed, take care of yourself and prevent further pain by getting help from a doctor specializing in depression treatment for the elderly. It affects elderly people at an alarming rate.

The patients often find themselves in a situation where the only treatment options are the most outdated and ineffective, leading to a downward spiral of depression and loss of independence.

Depression Treatment for Teenagers

Depression is not just for adults anymore. Now that teenagers are making the transition from childhood to adulthood, new social anxiety — depression — has become more common among this age group.

Teenagers can suffer from mood swings, anger issues, and even suicidal thoughts, leading to depression. So what can you do to help them? A child psychologist or clinical psychologist can help them with proper psychotherapy and counseling.

Depression Treatment in Pregnancy

Depression can be devastating both for the person suffering and the ones that care for them. I know that myself as one of them. Depression can have a significant impact on a pregnant women’s mental and physical health. Many women are not aware that depression can be treated in pregnancy and that if treated, the impact on the developing fetus is minimal.

Few physical exercises, counseling, proper self-care strategy, healthy food, vitamins, diet, and proper professional advice can be a good treatment for depressed women in the pregnancy period.

Depression Treatment Hospital in Bangladesh

There are numerous treatments available for depression, but one of the most effective is the combination of anti-depressants and therapy. As such, hospitals and clinics worldwide are seeing an increase in their demand for therapists.

Most of the mental health hospitals are in Dhaka. You can get govt hospitals like DMC, Midfort hospital, NIMH, etc., in Dhaka.  In the recent corna pandemic, experts provide treatment over smart devices. You can find various private hospitals to treat depression. Some of the popular treatment centers are Dhanmondi medical, SIBL Hospital, etc.

If your depression is periodic, then it can be treated at a small cost. The professional visiting charge depends on their experience and experiences. Their fee range is 500-1500tk for psychiatrists. Moreover, the fee range for psychologists is 500-4000 per 45 min.

Since the demand for therapists is growing fast in Bangladesh, it is time to become employed as a mental health professional in the country.

In conclusion, depression is a treatable psychiatric disorder. Still, due to the lack of proper resources and willingness to accept and support individuals suffering from the disorder, help is far from the people who need it.

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